Thursday, August 1, 2013

I'm 28 what?

Hey Lovelies!

I thought about doing one of those 28 things I've learned in 28 years posts....but decided against it. Instead I present you with the stream of consciousness that was my morning thoughts.

I woke up before my alarm, and wished myself happy birthday.

Then I thought...Boomer starts 2nd grade in a few short weeks.

That means I have 10 years left to help her become a functioning adult member of society. Crap. The past 7 have gone super fast so I'm really going to have to cram a lot into the next 10. Also....we need to do back to school shopping. Crap.

I wonder if I should be really irresponsible and use my tax refund for a boob job next year.

I should really get my passport.

I should really get up.


(Finally out of bed now....looked in the mirror...)

Hmmm is this what 28 looks like? Not to shabby there Whit!

Ok...that's enough of my inner monologue. I sound like a weirdo. (Not that I'm not a weirdo....)

My mom used to ask me on every birthday how it felt to be that particular age. I always told her that I felt the same as I had the day before. I don't FEEL 28 today. Honestly I don't feel that much different than I did when I was 18 even though I know it was 10 years ago. Sure I've grown up, and been through some things and changed, but I'm still me. My grandfather told me that once, when I asked him how it felt to be in his 70s. He said ' Dutty, (another nickname), I feel like I did 20 or 30 years ago. You'll always be you no matter how old you get.'

"No, I regret nothing!'

So I guess that's the lesson I've learned in 28 years. I'm still learning 'me', but I like her. I am in a much better place than last year at this time. I'm happy with the choices and changes I've made. The amazing friends I have. (And the cool people that read my word vomits!) So......let's continue the slow march to 30.......


Monica @ The Empty Teacups said...

Happy Birthday!!! I love the inner monologue. It made me giggle

Nikki Mitchell said...

Happy Birthday!!! Time flies when you are being awesome!

Gwen said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

Misty said...

Happy birthday, biatch!

Sevi {Ware is the Vodka?!?} said...

Happy Birthday Whitney!!! I hope you have a lavish 80s outing!

Maria Camila said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You look beautiful, 28 suits ya gurl! Loved your grandfather's wisdom & I personally think that finding & defining yourself is the best part of our years in this earth! Xo

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!! hope you have a great time celebrating this weekend (because birthdays are actually birthweeks, right?) :)

-kathy @ Vodka and Soda

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday girl!

I think Boomer will be fine! 2nd grade crazy!

I will be 29 in a few months and I'm like you I don't feel that old (until I get sick or hurt or something LOL definitely don't bounce back like I used to.)

You look great!

Laura Darling said...

I have similar monologues! :) Happy belated! Hope it was fantastic! :)