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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Adoption Day #28

Hi Lovelies!

Yesterday was Adoption Day. The day that, 28 years ago, I left my foster parents and went home with my mom and dad. The day everyone's (well at least in my family) life changed.

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If my parents hadn't adopted me, there wouldn't be a Boomer.

I think how different my life might have been.

I've never felt outside. Not a part of my family. I feel SO MUCH a part of my family.

I look like my mom. Boomer looks like her too. (It's almost scary.) I also look like my cousins, aunts and uncles. I am a good bit taller than most of the women in my family, especially on my dad's side. One of my cousins married a really tall guy though and her kids are evening the score. My extended family never made me feel different. I was always welcomed. The first time my grandfather met me he told me 'You can let your hair down now. You're with your people.'

When I think about the idea of mother, I've technically had three in my life.

My birth mother, who gave me the gift of life.

My foster mom, Ann, who took amazing care of me for the first 7 weeks of my life. ( should see the notes she kept on my eating and sleeping that she gave to my parents!)

My mommy. Momma Boom. My best friend. My cheerleader. My tough talker. My...everything. She made me who I am.

I've technically had three dad's too.

My birth father, who stood by my birth mother's choice, and left me the most beautiful letter at the hospital explaining how loved I truly was.

My foster father, Vic, who I was named after for awhile (Victoria) and who made sure, along with Ann, that I was at church the very first Sunday of my life.

My Dad, Rick, whose shoulders I rode, who has cheered my every success, and loved me unconditionally.

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I was so blessed. I was so well cared for when I left the hospital. I never had the negative foster experience that some children do. I'm FB friends with my foster parents, and we send each other cards and updates to this day. I was adopted very quickly. I literally know no other family than the one I have. My birth mother, though she knew she couldn't raise me, took excellent care of me while I grew inside her. So very blessed. That is the one thing I think about this time of year. How different things could have been and how blessed I was and continue to be.

So happy Adoption Day Family!

P.S. National Adoption Day is November 23rd. You can find out more about it HERE.

Monday, September 23, 2013

So I have NEWS!!!!!!!

Hey All!

I've been sitting on this for a few days now.

I hate being one of those bloggers that hints at news, or a big life change, and then says 'but I'll fill you all in soon'. So I just blogged nothing. It was easier that way. I have a hard time keeping good news to myself and not everyone was in the office this week, and like I've said before I'm starting to notice more IRL people know about my little Katy Korner of the world. Ooooh Katy's Korner....that sounds like a future feature. Look at all that alliteration.

Oh right! My news!



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I've talked before about how much I really enjoy my job, and how blessed I feel to have it. Well on Wednesday of last week we had a big department meeting (that I was late to, thanks Boomer!), about some changes that would be coming. Head count ect. We were getting called into the big bosses office one by one, and when it was my turn I assumed I was just having all the big changes explained to me.


I was offered a promotion. I still haven't entirely wrapped my head around it, but I'm so incredibly excited for the opportunity. I'm also very humbled by the fact that people above me have seen potential in me and want to help me reach it. Very very very excited!

Ok so weekend stuff to link with Sami. I actually left my house this weekend and did some fun stuff so let me tell you about it.

Saturday I actually got my butt out of bed and went to church.

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I figure He's hooked me up with this awesome new promotion. It would be rude not to head over and say thanks. I even managed to attend choir rehearsal Friday evening so I sang with the choir Saturday morning service too! (This is a big deal. Seriously. Ask my mom.)

After that I took Momm and Boomer out to lunch at Crackerbarrel. I'm not sure why, but we've been going there semi often lately, and its not like that dang place is close. Its in SUNBURY. (Which is about a half hour drive away.)

Sunday I went to the New Albany Classic. Its a yearly event here in Columbus, put on by Abigail Wexner. Yes, that Wexner. As in her hubs is Les Wexner and owns Limited Brands. The New Albany Classic benefits The Center for Family Healing and Safety. You can read all about their mission HERE. I think it says a lot about the Wexner family that they are so committed to philanthropy and this city. The Classic includes a Grand Prix horse show, which is pretty cool. The course here is on par with international competition courses. There are also rides and fun booths. Of course there is also a concert! This year Ariana Grande was one of the performers and Boomer LOVES her. So I took Boomer and one of her friends and we were not disappointed.

Yeah...that's the best I got :)

She's just as adorable and cute in person as you would imagine from the show. That girl can sing too!

There were a few other performers, but the girls lost interest after Ariana and just wanted to eat and go on the rides. So we did.

Never letting her get a license.

Then we got home and I wanted to pass out, but Boomer wanted to play with a neighborhood friend. (I'm not one of those moms that just lets the kids run wild.) Then Jj came over to spend some time with Boomer. Then finally, blessedly, at 930pm, I went to sleep. It was beautiful.

Happy Monday!!!!!!!!!

Sami's Shenanigans

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Girl's Night: Movie night with Momma Boom

Hey Ya'll

Last night I was able to go see a pre-screening of the new Sandra Bullock movie Gravity courtesy of a Klout Perk. 

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I had to option to bring a guest, and as Momma Boom and I don't get many 'just the two of us' outings anymore, I asked her to be my plus one.

So after work we mosied on over to the Lennox AMC here in Columbus, and got in the longest line. It was like...Black Friday, but for a movie.

We got in, got our snacks, and settled in. Then Mom dropped a bomb shell on me.

'Oh this movie is 3D?'
'Yeah, uh, I guess so.'
'Oh. I've never seen a 3D movie before.'

Say WHA!?!?!

So then the idea of a 3D movie started to make Momm a little uncomfortable. Yeesh, I was feeling kind of bad. The very first 3D preview was for the new Hobbit installment. Some weird J.R.R. Tolkein creature goes scooting across the screen, all up close and comfortable 3D like, and Mom gasps and looks at me like 'What in the ever loving hell Whitney?!?!?!' Except my mother doesn't curse.

Anyway the movie started, and she was fine.

The actual movie was pretty good. Not exactly what I was expecting. There was no build up or back story; the action starts pretty much 5 minutes in and then you're not out of crisis mode until the end. 

See....Crisis. Image Via
The use of sound in this movie is really interesting as well. I read in an article online, and I'm sorry I don't have a link to it, that they wanted it to really be like in open space. There isn't really sound there. Not in the way we experience here on earth anyway if that makes sense. You know how they're always saying 'In space no one can hear you scream.'? Well there's a lot of that. Just silence. Not a lot of big music in the background to build up your emotions. Just real, rawness, and it works. Its a pretty gripping story, and I was really invested in the story. This definitely isn't an 'escape' movie, but definitely worth seeing. Also see it in 3D, it adds to the whole space experience part of it. (Think floating water and tools, flying debris ect.) Sandra Bullock gives another really great performance showing Blind Side wasn't a fluke, and George Clooney is wonderful as always. (Mom and I LOVE him. Love him.)

So it was a great girl's night out, and we both enjoyed the film. Thanks again Klout peeps! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Blogtember : A love letter

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My Dear One-

To say you changed my life would be cliche. It wouldn't say enough, but its true. You changed it in every way possible. From the minute I knew you existed, everything shifted.

You motivate me daily to be the best version of myself. To not be selfish. To love completely.

Your love is pure. Unadulterated. You love so fully and completely and truly.

When I looked into your eyes the first time, I thought the world stopped moving. My heart broke into a million pieces. You made it explode from being so full. I'd never felt a love like that. I've never felt anything like it since.

You are my best friend. You are so much of me.

I wish that I could shield you from every hurt you will encounter. I wish I could save you from disappointment, and heartbreak. From betrayal. From loss.

I wish I could give you everything.

I can give you everything I have, all my heart, all my love.

I'll love you forever.
I'll like you for always.
As long as I'm living.
My baby you'll be.

Boomer. I love you.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Songs That Define Me...

Helene in Between

When Helene first posted that she was doing this link up I was psyched!

Then I sat down and thought about how this could possibly be the longest post I ever freaking write...

Then I started to think. Are these songs that I just like? Do they define a moment? Do they define me?

Then I thought, I'm probably thinking way to deep into this.

So here goes.

Bittersweet Symphony
If you were alive at a certain time, this song brings to mind our angst filled teen years. Oh, and Cruel Intentions. Still was Sarah Michelle Gellar's wardrobe from that movie.

I Love Your Smile
My dad used to sing this song to me when I was little. Anytime I hear it I break out into giggles and smiles.

Friday Night
This song reminds me of a class trip I went on in 9th grade. I was in love with this guy Trent, who was a Junior, and he sang all the words to this song and I loved him more.


Sophomore year of college. Dancing on a bar.

Lonely Night In Georgia
Sophomore year of college. In a long distance relationship. Basically tortured myself with this song.

Break The Ice
Britney was going crazy when this was out. As a new, stay at home mom, I could kinda relate. So I danced fiercely in my living room for Baby Boomer to this song.

Come Away With Me
This always reminds me of the summer before my Junior year of high school. Reading A Prayer For Owen Meany, and listening to a burned copy of this CD my bestie made me. I think of him any time I hear this song.

Deacon Blues
This, and anything Donald Fagan or Steely Dan just makes me happy; thinking about dancing around the living room with my mom, or road tripping with her. She's the best.

So that's a few that I could think of off the top of my head this morning. I'd add more...but html is giving me a headache. Can't wait to hop around and see what else is out there :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Two roads diverged...

Blogtember day 6 : Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn.

When I was about 16/17 I thought I wanted to work in merchandising. I loved clothes and fashion and trend spotting, and my friends and family will tell you I'm the go to stylist, and a fountain of knowledge on hair and beauty. (Though I can't always dress myself...irony.)

My junior and senior years of high school though I had also fallen in love with history and law. So as I trotted off to college I chose to major in history.

We've talked about my two year $40,000 vacation before. (i.e. My first two years of out of state college.) After that disaster I found myself back in Columbus. Six months later I was married. Six months after that I was a mommy. I knew I needed to finish school, and I had already started my path towards a history degree so I decided to follow through.

My third quarter at OSU my advisor and I were looking over my credits and we realized I was only about 3 classes away from being able to have a geography minor as well. (This would have been beneficial if I decided to do a teaching track.) One of the classes offered that quarter looked really interesting. Economic Geography. The entire first half of the class was all about sourcing. (How we get products from other countries, and also how they are made here domestically.) I sat there in rapt attention. I was fascinated. I read all the reading, the books, the extra credit. (This was a little unusual for me...if it wasn't history or English I generally did just about the bare minimum for my A.)

This was one of my text books. Great read, but it will make you feel like a filthy American consumer.

One day in class, while listening to the lecture, it just hit me. THIS was what I wanted to do. I didn't really want to teach. I didn't really want to spend another 6 years chasing down my PhD. I also knew I had a little person who needed me to take care of her. I wanted back into Fashion Merchandising. I told my mom and my family and they fully supported me.

Columbus is actually headquarters to A LOT of big retail companies. (Abercrombie, The Limited, Express, Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret, PINK, Henri Bendel, La Senza...just to name a few big ones) So I set out to find myself a job in a floor set/flagship store. (A floor set store, is the store that determines how all the other stores in the country will be set up.) With each new set of product I was able to meet merchants from the company, and also put a bug in any one's ear who would listen that I wanted to work in merchandising. With my crazy, random history degree I knew I was going to have to hustle hard to get a foot in the door. I made a lot of good contacts while I was there, and even got the EVP of the company to look at my resume and offer suggestions and also set up a mock interview for me!

A few weeks after graduation there was a job fair on campus. I went, and I talked to the company I was working for. I spoke with reps for several other local companies. Finally as I was about to leave I saw the desk for my current company. I hadn't thought about them really, because I really wanted to work for the company I was currently with. The HR rep told me they didn't have any entry level spots, but that she would keep my info and get in touch.

I left feeling kind of bummed out. I had finally graduated, and I had worked so hard proving myself at the store, but now it seemed like it was for nothing.

A week later I got a phone call from the HR rep at my current company asking me if I could come in for an interview. 20 minutes into the interview they asked me if I could start the next Monday in a temporary position for 4 weeks. That 4 weeks turned into 6 which turned into 8 which finally turned into being offered the full time position I have now. I love my job. It's interesting, and fast paced, although its not nearly as glamorous as some people think. Believe me when I reference my sample closet, its nothing like Andy's in The Devil Wears Prada! I absolutely love what I do, and feel very blessed to be here.

Fantasy Sample Closet....
Closer to reality sample closet....

All because of Economic Geography.

Monday, September 9, 2013

So I'm an ENFP...what are you?

Oh hey there bliggity blog. I missed you. I was so excited to do this Blogtember thing, and then I got sick.

So I'm a week late, but here goes.

Today's prompt from Jenni was about taking this personality test and seeing where you fall.

I am : 44% Extravert 38% Intuitive 50% Feeling and 44% Perceiving

ENFPs have what some call a "silly switch." They can be intellectual, serious, all business for a while, but whenever they get the chance, they flip that switch and become CAPTAIN WILDCHILD, the scourge of the swimming pool, ticklers par excellence. Sometimes they may even appear intoxicated when the "switch" is flipped.

Uh...yeah. I do that. Drives people nuts.

Basically, I like people a lot. I like to talk to them and share stories. I enjoy making people feel at ease and making people laugh. This is spot on. I like to connect with people I meet, even strangers. I've had some really awesome conversations waiting in line, with Starbucks barista's, and other random people I encounter.

I base a lot of my decisions in life on feelings. This may or may not be a good thing, but its definitely true. Apparently I'm a more mature ENFP, because I don't do crazy things like quit jobs based on those feelings. (Mom will be so proud.)

It did reinforce some things about my personality I need to work on. I'm not a detail person. I don't like to be bothered with things I perceive as mundane or trivial. Like schedules, bills, and household tasks. One of the write ups specifically said this is difficult for ENFP's family members. This is so true and an area where I often butted heads with my mother, and even JJ. There are things in my day to day like that I literally don't see. Because its seen and unimportant/boring it just doesn't exist or get done. I don't really like that about me, and this reinforces its something I need to work on. I can't teach Boomer to be an organized person, or expect her to follow through with chores and things of that nature when I don't. ( I wonder how many ENFPs are also diagnosed with ADD/ADHD?)

Also...this chick is a famous fictional ENFP

I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Back on the blog train so I'll see you all tomorrow!!!