Monday, October 21, 2013

'I don't cook!' ... and other lies I tell.

Hey All!

This weekend kicked my booty!

On Saturday, my mom hosted a dinner party for some our friends from church. It was a lot of fun, but its also a lot of work. My mother is a great cook, and quite a baker. She also sews, plays piano and has a wonderful singing voice. Oh and has....3(?) advanced degrees. Seriously she's wonder woman. 

Anyway. I was her assistant with this dinner party. Which involved last minute runs to Kroger for ice cream and whole wheat baguettes. And also making the punch. I made this really yummy pomegranate lemonade. However because this was my mother's dinner party, making said lemonade involved REAL lemons, and REAL pomegranate seeds. The seeds that had to be pounded with a mortar and pestle for their juice. I kid you not friends, I kid you not. The perk for all this help was that I got to eat an AWESOME dinner,, I'm still full I think.

Here's where the lie comes in. I made the punch, and I have no problem telling people that. I, however will never tell anyone that I can cook. I mean in real life. I don't care if my readers here know.

People assume, because they never see me having people for dinner, or hosting after church dinners, that I can't cook. Also they make this assumption because I'm thin. You know. Skinny betches can't cook. I let people assume this. I'm fine with it. It means people don't ever ASK me to cook. WINNING. For the past 3 years I've cooked the entire Thanksgiving meal for my family with the exception of a side or two. I'm a good cook. I did it for a living at one point in college. If anyone asks though, I play dumb. Same with baking, although to a lesser extent. I can throw down. I just tell people it's boxed mix, or that I followed mom's recipe. Its safer this way.

Sunday was my Grandmother's 99th birthday.

99th GUYS!!!! How wild is that?

We had cake and Momm got her some spiffy new clothes that she actually said she loved. This is unusual because my Grandma is as picky as they come, so we were really excited to get such high praise. Boomer read grandma all her birthday cards which made for a really sweet moment.

Momm usually isn't too keen on my posting pictures of her on the interwebs, and if you follow me on Insta you've already seen this, but I'm sharing it again. (With Momm's permission of course.)

I found quite possibly my holy grail of lipstick while going through mom's collection on Sunday. I mean it is perfect. Wouldn't you know it, the woman forgot where she bought it from?!?!?!? I've found it online, but I mean I know she bought it in town so the hunt is ON!

Seriously...localistas??? Help!

Boomer and I were being silly, but seriously how pretty is that red? It's called vixen. I NEED IT.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Don't Talk About My Mommy! : Judge Judy and Lupus

Hey Lovelies!

Apparently, all it takes to get me out of a blogging hiatus is to get really really mad.

On October 11th, Judge Judy was a guest on the show The Kelley File on Fox News. Usually I like her straight talk no nonsense approach to things. I appreciate that she encourages people to take responsibility in their own lives. However on this occasion she lumped people suffering from the disease Lupus in with drug addicts and alcoholics as people expecting government handouts.

Here is the clip, if you fast forward to about minute 6 its when she puts her foot all in the poo.

I find Judge Judy's ignorant and misguided comment about Lupus INFURIATING! My mother was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus a year before she became my mother, and to lump her in with people who simply 'don't want to work' so they can be cared for by the government is insulting and upsetting. 

Anyone who knows my mother knows putting her in that kind of group is false. She didn't just go to college she got SEVERAL degrees! She is a published author. She was an accomplished professional before she became disabled. She raised me ON HER OWN following my parent's divorce. This is not a woman that expects to be cared for by the government or anyone else. My mother did all these things while suffering from complications from Lupus including diabetes, several strokes, thyroid issues, and arthritis to name A FEW.

I understand that Lupus is often misunderstood and MANY people assume that nothing is wrong with my mommy because you can't SEE it. However for a public figure like Judge Judy to go onto a nationally televised show and make such EGREGIOUS comments about something she clearly knows very little about makes it even harder for people who suffer with a legitimate disease. 

I am very disappointed in a woman who I have generally admired in the past. I hope that she sees the error of her statement and issues as apology to those suffering with this 'invisible' disease. As a young woman I testified before the legislature of this great state of Ohio to explain how my mother suffered and why this disease needs attention, funding and research. I also spoke at many Lupus Foundation of America awareness events. Clearly this is something I will be getting involved in again.  

 You can also go to the Lupus Foundation of America's website to see their open letter to the judge. You can also find more information about Lupus and its effects there as well.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I'm not dead.

I'll be back with a real post soon!