Friday, April 26, 2013

Its Friiiiiiday!

Hey Ya'll

I still can't get enough of this site!!

Since last time we were backin that ass up with Whitney I chose the song that was #1 my senior year of high school....This time I went to the #1 song when I was in 8th grade.

Find the #1 song from any day at

This song brings back many memories.

So its a little slower...but my little 13 year old mind just KNEW this song was freaky. So I was going to grind my little booty to the max.

My 15ish year old mind finally figured out what the song was about, and decided I loved it even more.

Please bear in mind that I was a virgin. Like EVERYONE knew I was. I was sainted. One guy tried to convince my friends I was sleeping with him and they all laughed at him. That's how virginy I was.

This song had really fallen off my radar, but I just listed to it again just now....and I'd like to know. When she say's she feels a little 'boo comin thru....on you' she really talking about what I think she is talking about? If so that's nasty. Like really nasty. Like I better not feel that ever when I'm dancing with you.

Its finally wedding weekend!!!!

One of my dear friends from high school is getting married and I have the absolute privilege of singing for their ceremony.

Then you bet your sweet little buns, I and my high school buddies will be backing out asses up all night long. Can't wait to show you all pictures!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mommy Confessions: I don't do it all.....

Hey Lovelies!

Quite a few people IRL have made statements to me lately along the lines of 'Gosh Whitney, I don't know how you do it all!'....'I couldn't work and be a single parent.'....'Whitney, how do you do it all?'

The quick answer to that is I don't.

Right now there are dishes in my sink, laundry on my floor, and toys everywhere. I'll probably get to the dishes tonight after dinner, and I might do a few loads of laundry tonight because I had to wear boot cut jeans from 4 years ago to work today.

I get more cleaning done in the 30 minutes before the baby sitter comes over than I do all week.

Sometimes we have popcorn, berries, veggie sausage, and a Carnation Good Start nutrition drink for dinner. Well not we...Boomer has that....I have whatever I remember to eat before I pass out.

Sometimes I have makeup on when I leave for work, most of the time I'm just glad everything matches and I'm socially decent.

Sometimes I let Sponge-bob babysit Boomer for 30 mins, so I can sit ALONE for the 5 or so minutes in between commercials. Because you bet your sweet buns as soon as a commercial comes on Boomer flies up the stairs to 'check' on me.

I also have an amazing helper.

I literally could not do what I do everyday without my mother.

Yesterday I called her at 5:20pm....10 minutes before I was supposed to leave work and pick up Boomer and asked her to please grab Boomer from school so I could finish up a few work items. There was no hesitation, she just said ok.

A few weeks ago I was sick as a dog, and couldn't even get up to feed Boomer dinner. Boomer called my mom, and she came over and fed Boomer, medicated me, and got us both in bed. (My mom is terribly allergic to cats by the way, so anytime she comes to my house she is guaranteed an asthma attack, and she still comes.)

Mom told me when I told her I was pregnant that she was never going to be the kind of grandmother that raised my child. I never expected her to be, but in the past 6 months, my mother's help has been a game changer. I appreciate her so much, and make sure to tell her whenever I can.

So that's my confession this week. I don't do it all, but I do what I can.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fear, Faith and Hope

I will be 28 in August.

In those 28 years, I have seen the World Trade Center bombed once, and then leveled on 9/11.

I have seen the Oklahoma City Bombing.

I've seen anthrax attacks, mail bombings,

I've seen Columbine, and Virginia Tech, and Newtown, Aurora, Lancaster Chardon,.......

In the past two years alone, I have had to explain 2 school shootings to my daughter. Then this morning a bombing.

As she sat in the back of the car on the way to school this morning, I asked her if she knew what happened yesterday. I'd kept her away from the news last night, and I'd rather her hear these things from me. She told me she didn't know so I explained it to her in the simplest way I could.

'Mommy, I should pray for those people huh?'

'Yes, I have to drive, but you can pray.'

Now as we've discussed, I'm not overly religious. I believe, but I'm not mom for instance. She has a prayer and a verse for everything and I respect that. Somehow, I am raising a very spiritual six year old. I'd like to paraphrase her prayer for you guys because it did touch me this morning.

'God, please bless the injury people from the race. Help them to heal quick. Help the doctors to know how to fix them. The people that died should go to heaven, cuz they were just running. They didn't do anything wrong. The person that did this isn't a bad person God, they just made a bad choice. Maybe tomorrow they will make a good one. I don't want to tell you what to do God, but be with all the people that are hurt, and sad. Amen.'

When things like this happen our immediate reaction is fear. Which is natural. It's scary to think that even at school, or at a movie, or the mall, or running a marathon we aren't entirely safe. This is, however, exactly why terror and terrorism works. Because of the natural human reaction to trauma and traumatic events which is fear. Our next move is to faith. Pray for Boston. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Even the supposedly 'faithless' have faith. Its an act of faith when you set your alarm clock each night. You have faith you will wake up again to turn it off.

Boomer's prayer gives me faith and hope. The innocence of her childhood tells her that people aren't bad, they just make bad choices. She has however been touched by death and knows that that is sad and awful. Her immediate response to want to pray for ALL the people involved gives me faith and hope. Just like seeing pictures of people running not away from the danger, but towards it to help gives me faith and hope. The hundreds of people who offered their homes and food to anyone that needed it yesterday, that gives me faith and hope

I hate that I have to explain these things to Boomer. I hate that these things happen. I hate that human nature is inherently evil, and selfish. I love however that everyday we transcend that nature and do good. I am scared, and sad, but I have faith and hope. My thoughts and prayers are with all who were affected by yesterday's tragedy.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans and stuff

Hey all!

How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty uneventful.

Friday I left work early to have and EMG test, which is basically this nifty test they do to make sure your nerves work right. They stick a needle in your arm in a bunch of different place, that is an electrode. Then they make you move the different parts of your arm, or whichever body part they are testing. The doctor said it would feel like a bug bit I just wasn't expecting. Which is exactly like that time I was in labor, and the doctor told me I would feel a little pressure. Basically all doctors are liars when it comes to pain.

Bright side though, my nerves are all fine. Which is a relief.

Then I went to a friends birthday happy hour, which then turned into dinner. I deserved a treat after being stuck with electrified needles. I'm just saying.

We went De Novo, which is a really cool restaurant here in downtown Columbus. The decor is kind of out there, but it a really interesting way and the food was amazing. Our server's name was Nicki and she was awesome! This was my desert. (Tiramisu)


Saturday I was pretty lazy with the Booms. Like we are most Saturdays that I don't gather the gumption to make it to church.....

Sunday, I promised Boomer a movie because she had a stellar week of behavior at school. She picked G.I Joe, and she wanted to see it in 3D. Which by the way is freakishly expensive! Like really? I also lost interest in the movie soon after they killed Channing. Sorrynotsorry.

Then I came home and cleaned. And cleaned. And washed clothes. And cleaned some more. My cleaning moods don't come often, (I'm messy....not nasty), so I take advantage when they do.

Then it was off to bed for Boomer and I got to live tweet all the goodness (or lack there of), that was the MTV movie awards. Here are my final thoughts.

Image Via

Rebel: Ok...she's funny. In a really awkward way....that doesn't translate well to live TV. Also...continually making jokes about your anatomy...male or female just isn't funny after awhile.

Image Via

Mackelmore: Thank you for performing Can't Hold Us. That has been my go to morning anthem for awhile now, and I'm so glad you're showing the world you aren't a one trick pony. Here's to another successful hit.

Attractive White Males: Chris, Liam, Tom, Bradley, I thanked God for you all last night. No seriously. Wow.

Image Via

Attractive Black Females: Ok... really just Kerry Washington for this one. I want to be you when I grow up. I am not a fan of this dress could have just done a short yellow skirt....just saying.

Jamie Fox: You somehow manage to reach Hulk Hogan levels of awkwardness with your daughter last night. Stop it. Really.

Image Via

Selena: Ok. You sang live. Pink does that too....and she sounds waaaaaaay better. Just saying.

Did you guys watch? What were your thoughts?

Off to blog hop now!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Whitney made me do it....

So I decided to back my ass up today.

Randomly...I stumbled upon this site that tells you whatever the #1 song was on any certain day.
{Edited to add the site specifically for Whitney: Birthday Jams }

So 10 years ago today I was a senior. Getting ready to graduate. This was the #1 song in America....

Yep....and I knew all the words. Pretty sure they played this at prom and I backed my ass all the way up.

My mom will be so proud. I've used ass 3 times in today's post.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Music is Life....

Hey Guys!

I'm really sick of all the blogging drams rolling around. So today I'm posting about something that always makes me happy.


These are some songs that have been in heavy rotation for me lately.

Bad- Wale this is essentially a slut anthem, and I'm no slut, but I can't help but love this song. Some of what Wale is saying in his verses about women is deep, the hook is catchy, and anytime there is a squeaking bed in the beat I'm sold.

Radioactive- Imagine Dragons

This song is old. Its been out for about....a year and a half (with the album), and I was truly sick to death of the bands first single. But this! This song I love! Listened to it over and over yesterday at work. I realize that its used in the trailer for The Host, and also some commercials....but this is one I can't let go of. I also may or may not relate to the pink teddy bear in the video.

Pink- Give Me a Reason

Pink does no wrong. Ever. Period. I've loved her since her first album, and this song is just perfect. Its also helping me teach Boomer how to harmonize.

Rihanna- Stay

I was super irritated with her at the Grammy's, but when she sang this it reminded me of how talented she really is. Despite her personal issues, this song is haunting, and relate-able. I get it. Just sing it to someone other than Breezy boo.

Calvin Harris- Sweet Nothing ft. Florence Welch

A combo of two artists I'm crazy about. This song is on EVERY morning on my way to work. I crank it up load and it gets me pumped up for my day. The lyrics really resonate for me. 'Its not enough to tell me that you care, cuz we both know that words are empty air....' Florence is such a unique voice and artists, and Calvin has had a really great career and I love his collaborations with other artists as well.

Alright so those are my songs right now. I'm super corny and when they come on the radio I say things like 'OMG, this song is LIFE!' Yep, I'm that girl. So what is in heavy rotation for you?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mommy Confessions: I'm an asshole

I'm not THAT kind of mother.

My friends say that to me all the time.

I laugh and say 'I know! Right?'

Because I'm not. I'm the kind of mother that keeps it real. That doesn't care for other people's children. That thinks that if Boomer CAN do something for herself that she SHOULD. That when she falls, or trips, doesn't allow her to have a meltdown. You don't have time for meltdowns over skinned knees.

See my mother, is THAT kind of mom. She packed my lunch everyday and put in cute little notes. Or drew detailed pictures on the outside of the brown bag. (I've actually kept some of the really great ones.) My mom stayed home with me. She took me to extracurriculars. She was very present and involved in my life. Sure my mom had friends, interests, and a life outside of me. But she just was THAT kind of mom.

Which is why the following two stories appalled her. And cracked me up.

Boomer stayed with Mom during her Spring Break for a few days. Boomer would have to accompany her Mom to her acupuncture appointment. Boomer would have to behave and be quiet on said appointment.

Now Boomer is active anyway. However lately we have been having intermittent bouts of some behavior that Momma (myself and Boom) doesn't like. I know that divorce is hard on kiddos, but Boomer has the chain.

So while my mother is calmly and sweetly explaining to Boomer, how she knows she is good girl and that she can behave during her appointment, I am giving Boomer side eye. And once my mother finished her nice cop routine, this is what I told my daughter.

'I'm sending a note with Mimi. The note will say that if you act up, the acupuncturist has my permission to stick needles in your eyes.'

Yep....I'm an asshole. gets better. While Boomer's eyes are effectively as big as saucers and her bottom lip is shaking I continue with my story.

'When they stick needles in the corners of your eyes it paralyzes you. You won't be able to talk or move around anymore. I'll also call in to find out how you were. If I find out you were naughty, not only will they stick needles in your eyes; I'll also schedule a follow up appointment for you with the acupuncturist.' (I HAVE actually thought about taking her for acupressure....)

Boomer was freaked out. To the point that she was silently eating. She is never silent.

Mom was giving me a disapproving look.

I was satisfied I'd scared her enough for her to behave.

Then Mom calls me the morning of her appointment to tell me that Boomer is so upset that she won't eat because she thinks they are going to stick needles in her eyes.

So I had to eat crow.

I apologized and explained to Boomer that I wouldn't let anyone put needles in her eyes.

Turns out she behaved quite nicely for Mom without being scared out of her mind by me.

Then yesterday morning.....

Boomer was having an EPIC tantrum because I told her 'No you may not watch TV, you need to get dressed.'

'I HATE YOU!!! You're the worst Mommy EVER!'

Then she slammed the bathroom door.

Now back in my didn't slam doors. Ever. Not if you weren't paying the bills.

I was about to get up and give her a piece of my mind....and then I heard it.

She was rattling the door back and forth. She was STUCK!!!!

Oh did I die laughing....and then text my friends about it....and laughed some more.

Boomer was crying about being stuck....and I let her for a second. Because I'm THAT kind of mother. I don't want her to learn from her mistakes. I'd prefer that she learn from other peoples. However, if you learn not to slam doors in my house because you got stuck in the bathroom, so be it!

I'm an asshole.
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Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Update: Eastah

Linking up with Sami for another weekend update!

Eastah.....that's what we call it around here. As a joke, just to clarify I am well aware that its actually EastER.

So Saturday I actually made it to church. I'm sure there were angels that got really excited about that because it hasn't happened's February. Boomer was very excited to wear her Easter dress. I personally was trying to channel a modern Easter egg.

Sometimes we clean up pretty well!
OMG! What is on your face?!?!

Mommy! Can we be silly?

Saturday night I went to watch the OSU game with some friends. We lost so I was sad, but I actually ended up having a great time catching up with my friends. See this a part of the group I went to high school with and somehow we ended up playing all of our old school hip hop favorites. We were a little disturbed at how dirty some of these songs were in retrospect.

Sunday Boomer woke up at 730am. She tried really hard, but I didn't actually get out of bed until about 930am. I convinced her to cuddle with me for one of those hours, and then she convinced me she HAD to watch Spongebob for the other hour. Compromise people.

We finally made it across the street to Mom's house for brunch and baskets. I'll let you guys know now that I am not the 'orchestrate and elaborate Easter egg hunt to find an equally elaborate basket' kind of mother. I'm just not. I'm the 'put together a few thoughtful things and play 'hot/cold' to find it' kind of mother. Boomer doesn't seem to mind. Its also not like she's never had a fun Easter egg hunt.

That little girl cleaned up too. She got goodies from Lush (from me of course), candy, stuffed lambs (her nickname is 'little lamb'), some accessories fit for a little lady (from my mother of course), and some neat puzzles. She was quite happy with it all. *Heads up to my Columbus blogger buddies* I got the scoop at the Easton Lush location that a store will be opening in Polaris this summer! Now I only have to drive 5 minutes to get my fix!!!!

We spent the rest of the day being lazy at home. She put together her puzzle and I watched basketball.

I know everyone is talking about that poor young man Ware. I saw it, and it was truly awful. That's a post for later this week.

Also saw the Walking Dead finale. I love Daryl.....and now I have to wait another six months for new episodes. Not cool AMC, not cool.

Oh yeah, it was actually sunny and 57 degrees in Ohio this weekend!