Thursday, April 17, 2014

When You Watch Too Much CW and You're Single

Hi I'm Whitney. I used to blog here. Starting to again. So here goes.

Do you know what happens when you watch an entire season of the CWs Beauty & the Beast over a weekend? You start to get moony eyed over what is clearly a dysfunctional relationship.

I mean she has to lie to everyone she cares about. She commits illegal acts, like evidence tampering, and SHE IS A COP. She rationalizes her boyfriend killing people, because, well they are criminals. See! Dysfunction. And I was all....

Then I moved onto Hart of Dixie, because, well the CW is just hittin' 'em outta the park. (Don't judge me.) So...girl gives up life and career to live in a small town. Falls for engaged guy. Engaged guy leaves his evil fiance basically at the alter only for Zoe (main character) to tell him he needs time to heal...or whatever. (Then proceeds to be princess crazypants every time he dates someone.) She then falls for and dates the town screw up/sleeps with everyone and then is shocked and heart broken when he hurts her. (umm...duh) Once again I looked at all this relationship drama like so....

Which brings me to my point. I have CLEARLY been single too long. I'm staring to look longingly on dysfunction and drama. Hell, I read an old diary and looked fondly on an ex-boyfriend. ( See! Single too long. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my 'me' time. (SEE HERE) But...its been well over a year since I even went on a date.

Here is my dilemma though.... How do you actually meet new guys at this point in life? I got to work and then I go home. I take care of Boomer pretty much 24/7. I don't really go out to bars and I'm passed the whole 'we met in college' phase of my life. I've hinted to my friends for a set up....but no dice.

Which lead me to staring at a profile I can't commit to. I hate my screen name, I have no clue what to write about myself, and pictures? Also...does it even work? Sigh...guess I'm dipping my toes into the dating pool again...stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It was Kind of Like a Government Shut Down...

I really didn't mean to abandon KGB...

In times of high stress, I shut down. I do the minimum to survive. Eat, feed Boomer and the cat. Shower, bathe Boomer...well Jack washes himself religiously. Sleep, make sure Boomer sleeps. The basics.

It is a not so great part of my personality, that I really don't like. I don't talk to people. I avoid my phone. I just get so overwhelmed. The thing is, the way I react to stress is a flashing red light for the people around me who know me well.

I can't tell you how many 'What is WRONG with you?!?!?' texts I've gotten over the past month. 'Why are you being weird...and avoidy?' I even got a few emails from you lovely people that read my word vomit.

There was just a perfect storm of crap. Taxes that hadn't been filed (ain't divorce grand?), fees owed to school, forms to file for next school year, meetings, work, deadlines, and getting ready to go out of town for a friends wedding. All that added up to completely overwhelmed Whitney. Who did what she always does and shut down.

The four days away in Georgia though, seemed to be what I needed. I'm back and a little rested, refocused, and re-energized. My best friend had a a beautiful wedding, and I was there for it. My baby brother is doing some amazing things and I got an update. I also got to sleep in some really comfy hotel beds!

So a little look at somethings that have been happening while I've been on hiatus.

Boomer got to meet Fifth Harmony, one of her FAV pop groups.

I went to see this girl in concert!

She is amazing live. Simply amazing. Made me cry, goosebumps amazing.

Then I headed off to Georgia to watch my bestie walk down the aisle.

I also lent my vocal chords to her reception...hopefully there isn't video of that anywhere. I LOVE to sing, and wish it was a viable career option for me, but I HATE watching or listening to myself sing. Hearing my song on the radio would be equal parts awesome and torture.

Now its back to normal. I discovered a few things after my long weekend in Georgia. Columbus, I have wanderlust big time, but I'm not over you yet. We have some unfinished business. Boomer, you are a serious mommy's girl with separation issues. No overnight camps for you! Whit...sometimes you just need a break. You can't be all things to all people in all aspects of your life, and that is OK.

I'm glad to be home, and back to this little corner of the interwebs. I missed ya'll.