Thursday, November 21, 2013

If My Parents Only Knew?

So I think this post idea is genius Erin and Rebecca. Genius.

Except here is the thing.

My mother. Well, she knows ALL.

Its scary how much my mother knows.

Also...I have this tendency to confess. To everything. I'd be a terrible spy. I've been known to confess to something that happened 10 years ago. Something I've clearly gotten away with. 

Do you know what happens when I make these confessions to my mother?

She smiles at me ever so sweetly and cocks her head a little to the left and says, 'Yes Whitney, I know. I've always known.'


Like when I confessed about losing my Vcard.

'Yes Whitney, I know. I've always known.'

See...I've always had a lotta hair.

Like when I ate the tops out of every layer of red velvet cake that my mother was making for a dinner. And I blamed it on a mouse. Who was trying to be helpful. By making the cakes level. I ate the tops.

'Yes Whitney, I know. I've always known.'

*And then she made me eat THE WHOLE CAKE. It sounds like it would be good. But an entire frosted red velvet cake will make your 8 year old stomach not want red velvet again for like....20 years.*

To be clear, I was a good student. A nerd basically. I stayed out of most trouble, just the usual kid/teenager stuff. My worst offenses were my smart ass mouth. Which got popped more than I like to admit. In the grand scheme of things, if Boomer is like me, I'll be ok with that.

Our Momma's were besties so we are too!
At the end of the day, I'm good with Mom's freakish knowledge of me, her only child. She knows all there is to know, and she still loves me. Also...she has passed on this strange super power to me.

When Boomer was a wee little thing, any time she started breathing a certain way I knew she was being naughty.

House eerily quiet? Boomer's doing something crazy.

Boomer pulling left ear, while telling me about her day? She is either leaving out something important, or straight up lying.

So maybe...all these things you think your parents don't know...they really do. Chew on that.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sh*t Boomer Says : "Mommy...I hate my hair."

Hey all.

Its been awhile since we had a Sh*t Boomer Says around here. Unfortunately today's addition to this series isn't a funny one.

See a few weeks ago as I was doing Boomer's hair for school, she told me that she hated her hair. That she wished she was born with her hair straight like the other girls in class.

I was stunned. Standing there with my halo of wild curls, that I have come to deeply love, that my kiddo didn't feel the same love for her own hair. That she didn't think it was cool to be able to have crazy, fun curls, but also flat iron it to be sleek and straight.

'But what about Mommy's hair Boomer? Isn't Mommy's hair cool?'



So. I decided right then and there we were nipping this in the bud. I was going to help this child love her locks if it killed me!

I went and requested a bunch of books from the library for her to read.

Then I put away my flat iron, and personally committed to not straightening my hair for the rest of the year.

In Boomer's defense, I've been kind of lazy with her on the hair styling front. I've been quick to just put it in a few boring braids and call it a day. So I've been getting inspiration from pinterest and trying it out on myself first.

 I've been reading different natural hair blogs too, to get ideas for children's hairstyles.

Some of them Boomer really likes. (The left, and top right). Others she isn't so sure about. (Bottom right.)

I've also been able to experiment with some new ways of styling and products!

I have also learned...that by day twist out just needs to be retired. (Last pic)

And that Instagram has seen far too many selfie shots from my bathroom lately. Speaking of Instagram, I sort of created my own hash tag in this whole process. #operationhelpmychildloveherhair If you want to follow along you can find my Insta HERE. Boomer has really enjoyed seeing everyone 'like' her different hairstyles and loves reading all your lovely comments too! So a big THANK YOU!!!! I think its definitely helping her.

So far so good I think. I've gotten a few smiles, and one hair style she actually said 'Mommy I like it!'. Now I know it took me a long time to get to the point that I LOVED my hair, but I'd like to save her some angst if I can. I want her to feel special. Unique.

Guys I miss my flat iron.

So how far would you go to help your kiddos love themselves?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

So I'm a Crazy Cat Lady...

Hi Lovelies!

I can't tell you how excited I was when Jackie and Karly announced their pets link up. I am not at all ashamed of my crazy cat lady status at this point in my life. Jack is the man in our home, and we just love him to bits.

I have a confession. As much as my divorce made me sad, I was kind of excited when I moved out because I knew I could FINALLY get an kitty. JJ is not a cat person. At. All.

Anyway if you've been reading awhile you know that Jack came to live with us last year. He was Boomer's gift the last night of Hanukkah.

Except...cats are weird, and even though he was Boomer's gift, Jack kinda decided I was his.

His First night in our home.

Not that he doesn't love Boomer too.

He just prefers her when she's sleeping. So basically unconscious and immobile.

Sometimes I catch him doing weird stuff.

Like drinking out of toilets. (I thought only dogs did that) Or just hanging out in an empty tub. (He does this every morning after I shower.) Or eating with his butt in the fridge so I can't close it. Or bogarting my coffee. 
I can't imagine our lives without Jack though. We love him somethin' fierce.  I think he's lonely though, so we may add to our little family soon. 

Also I'm really proud that I only posted 11 pictures. I originally uploaded 26. And a video. CRAZY CAT LADY OVER HERE.

Anyway can't wait to hop around the link up!

Jade and Oak

Monday, November 11, 2013

Well Hey There Monday

Hi all!

Remember that annoying happy mood I was in Friday?

Well it kind of came to a screeching halt Friday afternoon, when I discovered that I didn't get my whole check. See when I got promoted I was supposed to switch to a salaried employee. For awhile I kept clocking in and out, just out of habit. However last week I stopped, because I was reminded I no longer had to. Wouldn't you know it...veeeeery tiny paycheck deposited into my bank account. So now weekend trip for me.

I could have let this get me really down, but I didn't. Because my bills were paid, and we have food to eat, so why stress? Indiana isn't going anywhere.

Also, because of some sort of snafu with Starbucks rewards, they sent me a e-gift of $5. So more free red cups! Yippee!!

This weekend Boomer and I were pretty lazy. Ok, I was lazy. Boomer was busy being Boomer.

Sunday though we went over to help mom rake up her leaves. Ok, I helped mom. Boomer did this.

I told her if she kept making that face it was going on the blog...

So in conclusion. I'm still pretty damn happy!

Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm annoyingly happy this Friday

Hey Ya'll!

Happy Friday peeps!

I'm in an especially happy Friday mood for the following reasons:

1. I got a free Peppermint Mocha in a Red Cup this morning.

2. I got an artisan breakfast sandwich for $2.

3. I got gas for $2.76.

4. I'm going to Indiana to see my bestie tonight!

Also...backing that booty up with my lover Whitney. I've been obsessed with this song for awhile now. Which explains why Boomer was singing:
'Baby..last time callin' me baby. Last time calling me crazy...crazy..crazy.'

Bon Weekend Lovers!

*Look who posted 3x this week...*

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dear Boomer : Vol3

* I found this in my drafts and wanted to share*

Dear Boomer-

Rocking your FAVE Team Boomer shirt!

You are officially a first grader. I am officially that mother that cries on every first day of school. You've only had three so far (daycare, kindergarten, 1st grade), but I cried at all of them.

I hear people tell me all the time how fast it goes, but it really has gone by so quickly. You were a tiny helpless infant, and now you're this six year old person telling me I'm 'the worst Mommy EVER!!!!', because I wouldn't allow you to wear hot pink MAC lipstick to school.

Can I PLEASE wear makeup!?!?!?!

You're so funny. You crack me up everyday. The other day you told me that you didn't like my favorite college football team. While I got a little crazy eyed you started to giggle and said 'Mommy I LOVE the Buckeyes!' You giggled the rest of the afternoon about how you made mommy almost lose it.

Thank God!

You're sweet. Lately we've had several friends and family members with all sorts of boo-boos and hospitalizations. You sent them letters and pictures you drew to help them feel better. You always are ready with a hug or kiss if I look sad or upset. I love, love, love that about you.

My Angel making angels!

You're going through this phase where I wake up with you in my bed every day. You ask to sleep with me every night and I tell you no. And then I wake up and there you are. I want to be mad, but its so sweet how you're cuddled up to me and all.....but you gotta stop waking me up at 3 and 4 in the morning. If you can get in my bed without waking me up, cool.

We love our Starbucks!

I wish you could stay little forever. I know you can't, but I still with you could.

I love you.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween Recap and November Goals

Better late than never right?

I'm back to feeling inspired to blog, hopefully I can keep the mojo going because I'm supposed to sponsor someone way cool at the end of this month. Don't want to sponsor her with blank pages over here in Katy-ville.

So Halloween!

Boomer is slowly but surely working her way through all of the Disney Princesses. She's already told me she wants to be Snow White next year. Oy vey!

On beggars night here in Columbus the weather was super nasty, and I'm sorry I'm not letting my kid get sick for some candy. So in 30 minutes (the drive home) I tried to come up with a fun night for her and roped in her dad and my mom. Et Voila!

Nerdy Dad

Kitty Momma

My mom dressed up as herself circa 1972, but ya'll know how she feels about me using her image on the interwebs, so you'll have to just imagine.

Look ma! A dinglehopper!

Side eye. Learned it from my momma.

We always take the silliest pics.

Daddy daughter love.

Jack and Jill!

Boomer was surprised first when her dad got her out of the car. (Dad night is usually Wednesday, not Thursday.) We told her she could pick a restaurant and that we were picking up Mimi too. She chose Olive Garden and the whole restaurant called her Princess Ariel all night! It was so cute, and she just glowed every time. 'Would you like some cheese on your spaghetti Princess Ariel?' I also happened to have a large bag of candy that a vendor sent my office, so she didn't go without a sugar high. 

So everyone has been posting goals for the month lately and I'm thinking about what some of mine will be:

1. Read more. This goal is for Boomer and myself. We need to not be so attached to screens. Also I just miss a good book.

2. Stay in my budget. I downloaded some awesome software that is really helping me get my financial house in order so to speak, and I want to stick with it. I've told Boomer no tweaking (i.e. eating out on the run, buying 'stuff'.) Poor kid is already sick of hearing about the budget.

3. Exercise once a week. I know that doesn't seem like much, but if I do it I'll be proud.

4. Get at least 2/3 of holiday shopping done!