Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Almost a Century

Ok guys this post is more than a little random, but I had to share this with someone other than my five year old who just does not appreciate it enough. 

My grandmother is 97 years old. That's pretty amazing to me, and you need to know that for the rest of this story.

JJ was involved in an accident about two weeks ago and so we have a rental. Yesterday and today I was allowed to drive said rental. Brand new, beautiful Dodge Charger. With bells and whistles. As in push to start ignition, which is freaking cool.

I was explaining to my grandmother why there was no key on my clicker. Because all you have to do is push a little button and the car starts. She thought it was amazing. And then I stopped to think. The year my grandmother was born cars looked like this.

Image Via
That is a 1913 Model T! I'm pretty sure you had to get out and crank that thing to make it start.

When my mom's brother and sister were younger they didn't have automatic transmissions!

When I was born cars didn't come equipped with CD players.

Boomer will expect all cars to have touch screens!

When you really sit and think about it, in the past almost century my grandmother has seen some truly AMAZING things happen. Women got the right to vote, the Civil Rights movement changed this country, and she saw a Black man elected president in a country where her parents had been enslaved. Its just amazing. Sometimes we take for granted the older people in our families. I encourage you to sit and listen to their stories because when they leave us, so does their history.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Whatcha doin Katy?

K....Momma's been a bad blogger. Life has kind of gotten in the way this week. Well....life....and my new subscription to Netflix. Whoa....game changer.

Confession: I love One Tree Hill. Kind of a lot. And my new Netflix subscription allows me to watch every episode ever of the show. I've made it through the entire first season and part of the second. Oh the angst, the brooding, the love triangles. Guys...I'm kind of in heaven.
Image Via

For my local Buckeye girls....Did ya know we have a free standing MAC store in Polaris Mall now? I did not know. And now I do. And now I will be spending far too much time/money in that store. I was actually pretty well behaved and only purchased : 
Image Via
Image Via
Oddly enough I've never had the Fix Plus before, even though I could practically run a MAC counter. I tried it out today and I really like it so far. I'll use it for a few more days and give you guys an official review. Pop Mode is a lip gloss I've had forever. I had rubbed off the name of it on the bottom and every time I went into the store they said it was discontinued. Super Sad Face. Then when I went into the new store and asked just off hand, the lady took one look at it and said "Pop Mode". Yippee.

Well its just a few more weeks until graduation. I bought my dress for the ceremony today. I'll be sure to post pictures this week if I get around to it. And I'll be making the rounds to comment and read everyone's new posts. 

Monday, October 17, 2011


Happy Monday guys. This is going to be a little short, because I have to run to work but here goes.

I generally don't like black nail polish. Recently when I got my Ulta rewards I let Boomer pick out our nail polish. She chose Little Black Dress. Its actually very lovely.

Ulta Little Black Dress
Ok so I need to work on my photography a bit. Boomer did a good job with this pick though. It has these great glitter effects in it that elevate it from just your average black polish.

Movie time! Boomer stayed on green all week at school. We decided that a movie was a great way to celebrate. We went to see Real Steel. Boomer literally talked about it all week. The movie didn't disappoint either. Hugh Jackman makes everything better. Even that horrible X-Men Origins movie. But I digress.

Image Via
The movie kind of sucks you in. I found myself rooting for the robot and relationships just as much as my five-year old.  It was perhaps 20 minutes too long, but I didn't mind it too much. The robot boxing was actually very cool. Like all my Rock 'em Sock 'em dreams brought to life. Well Happy Monday everyone. Let's have a great week.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pickles, A Fork, and a Five Year Old

Today we aren't talking about fashion or beauty...but I hope you'll read this anyway as it was on my heart to share it.
I am very lucky that we live not even five minutes away from Momma Boom. I am also very lucky that Momma Boom and Boomer have a very special relationship. Today I want to share a story with you that Momma Boom told me.

My mother has a lot of health problems. The year before she and my father adopted me she was diagnosed with Lupus. She's also a diabetic. About 2.5 years ago when she had low blood sugar she fell down the stairs and broke her arm. Because of her many health issues Momma Boom doesn't heal like the rest of us, and is usually faced with many complications in situations where someone like me would just bounce back. She has had multiple surgeries on that arm, and it still isn't 100%.

Boomer LOVES pickles. Apparently the only place she can get them is at Momma Boom's house. For some reason I just don't buy them. While spending the day with Momma Boom about a week ago she asked for some pickles. Momma Boom was of course willing to oblige, as she generally does with her only grandchild. However she informed Boomer that she had a new jar of pickles and was unable to get it open. (Its surprising how little things like opening jars one takes for granted when you have two arms that work as they should.) Momma Boom told Boomer she had actually been trying to get it open for a few days with no luck.
Image Via

Its this next part of the story that really gets to me. Boomer told Momma Boom, "Pray about it. God will help you open the jar." Then she walked into the kitchen opened up the silverware drawer and got herself a fork. Then she sat down at the table with her fork and napkin waiting for her pickles. She had absolute faith that once she and Momma Boom prayed about the pickle jar, God would open it right up. Momma Boom tried to open the jar again and it popped right open.

My child's simple faith touched me. How often do we try and solve our lives problems ourselves. If God can take the time to honor a child's request about pickles, think about what he can do for problems on or job, with finances, with relationships. He just is waiting for us to ask.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stripes on Stripes and A Lil Awkward Awesomeness

So this week I decided to participate in Elaine's rule breaking link up. Stripes on stripes are pretty easy for me, just because stripes are appealing. So without further ado here is the outfit.

Sweater: Banana Republic Top, Jeans, Belt: Express Purse: Brahmin (gift)
Hamsa Earrings: Karavan (Short Noth) Shoes: Express

I look kind of mean in all of these pictures. Not because I am mean, mostly because I was looking into the sun, and I was running late to work. Elaine should be proud of my modest styling skills. I usually consider myself pretty modest. Because of my religious up bringing you will never see me in a halter top and booty shorts. Halter top and jeans maybe...but no booty shorts. I didn't even wear shorts between the ages of 10 and 25 but that's a whole other post. Anyway the point of this ramble is that the shirt I'm wearing is actually a dress. I'm kind of tiny up top so I purchased this in an XS...then I washed it and we were in street walker territory. So I threw on some jeggings and I was safe! You guys can hop on over to Elaine's blog and like your favorite outfit.

Awkward &Awesome

So I've not participated in and A&A Thursday before, but I've had such gems happen to me this week I had to share.
- Going into the bathroom in Smith Laboratory and seeing an open stall (Yay!! Never happens after class which makes me miss the bus). So I proceed to open the stall to find older lady mid squat telling me 'Someone is in here!' Yes I see that now lady, but wouldn't it have been easier to...I don't know...LOCK THE DOOR!

-The guy that sits in my class and snorts and then audibly swallows his mucus....EVERYDAY. Everyone sort of nervously looks around at each other and the professor, but he just keeps on 'a snortin'. Did I mention that somehow I've had class with this guy for three quarters in a row now. Yummy.

-Reaching into the feminine trashcan at the same time as the person in the stall next to you. Nuff said.

-Knocking loudly on the men's fitting room door, waiting, and then unlocking it to find a man half dressed pulling up his pants. This happens to me at least once every shift. Men just don't answer.

-Making the appointment with my advisor to fill out my petition to graduate. Its really gonna happen ya'll!!!!

- Telling Boomer that I was stressed out and sad, and getting the biggest hug and hearing 'Mommy, you'll be ok. You're the best Mom in the world.'

- My mom getting a smart phone and sending me her very first text. And now receiving strangely abbreviated messages at least once a day. (Love you Momma Boom)

Monday, October 10, 2011

MMM: vol5

Hey guys! Happy Monday. Sorry this post is getting up so late but its midterm week. Oh the joy though because this is my last midterm week of undergrad EVER. That graduation date is just creepin on up and I couldn't be happier/more petrified.

Anyway, I really enjoyed last weeks mani color the OPI DS in Radiance. That super shiny metallic silver was just so much fun. So I went to Ulta searching for a gold dupe. The sales girl that was helping me suggested one by butter London. I walked out with 'The Full Monty'.

butter London The Full Monty

I have to be perfectly honest, the shine factor of this polish didn't quite hit the mark as far as what I was looking for. It's a nice enough color, but I'm basically feeling 'meh' about this color. It also isn't wearing as well as I'd like my polishes to. Perhaps its the metallic polishes in general that don't hold up, because the DS didn't wear all that well either. I'm not entirely giving up on the butter brand. I'll try it again with another color. Even if it is a little pricey at $14.

Movie time!

Boomer and I watched I am Number Four.

Image Via
The movie stars Alex Pettyfer, Dianna Aragon, and Timothy Olyphant. I'm kind of in love with Timothy Olyphant by the way. Hitman....Justified....yeah love him. Anyway the movie was pretty decent. Good vs Evil, aliens with cool powers, high school drama and angst and the like. Alex's character John is kind of like Superman. His home planet was taken over by bad guys, and he fled to Earth to grow up and defeat the bad guys. He falls in love with Sarah, Aragon's character, who is a cute photographer in small town Paradise Ohio. The Mogadorians are the bad guys....they look kind of ...well strange. The have these weird gills on their faces and they are huge and tall with crazy head tattoos. Not exactly scary but what are you gonna do? All in all it was a decent film with some adorable man candy.

Friday, October 7, 2011

In the Garden

Hello all!

Shirt: Alfani, Dress: nümph via Milk Bar   Belt: Express Shoes and Tights: Missoni for Target Purse: Loeffler Randall for Target

I got a new haircut....what do you guys think?
The obligatory Boomer Pose
Boomer of course had to show me the right way to do it.
Boomer Momma Love
 Oh my goodness ya'll. Three posts in one week. What's going on here? I said I was going to try and do better. So right now that's what I'm aiming for. At least three a week. Anywho. I love this dress. I found it when I went to the Short North when Indy was here visiting. I got it at Milk Bar boutique, check out their store at the link above. Clearly rocking my new Missoni duds as well, which I love....a lot. I actually didn't even think about the fact that my purse was another collection for Target until I started this post.

This is also the first post with my new haircut which I'm loving....let's just see if I can recreate it on my own. I recently bought a new flat iron that I'll be reviewing next week.

Last thing and then I'm off for the weekend guys. Monica over at F&ML is having a Clairsonic giveaway. Which I think is pretty amazeballs! You should just check out her bloggy anyway. She is a fashion student in New York City and writes about fashion and her life's adventures. Ch-Ch-Check it out.

Alrighty all have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

BDID: Animal Prints

I'm new to the bloggy world in the sense that I started my own in May. I've been stalking everyone else though for about two years. That sounds kind of kreepy, but anyway. When Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly announced her newest challenge I was super excited. Told the hubs and everything. He really doesn't get the whole blog thing.

Anyway...it got really cold here all of the sudden, and alas the majority of my animal print wardrobe is summer pieces. (This must be rectified immediately.) However I was able to throw a lil somthin' somethin' together and Boomer jumped at the chance to do another photo sesh with her Momma.

Scarf:Express Dress:Jones New York (thrifted) Jacket:Target Tights: Express Shoes: Forever21 Purse:Coach (gift)
She isn't wearing animal print, but she's my little lamb and she wanted in on the picture taking.
Boomer thinks this should be by go to pose!
Nothing to do with prints or fashion....but c'mon...how precious :)
So there you have it. I really do love this infinity scarf I'm wearing in the pictures though. I've paired it with EVERYTHING....kind of like those commercials for Frank's Red Hot Sauce....except I won't type what they say. Google it if you don't know.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Hey Ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday. This week is going to be a lot more chill than last weekend and I'm all for that.

So this weeks mani is brought to you by Chanel's Peridot.Let me take you down memory lane for a sec....

Back in the days of my youth (high school I think) Chanel released Vamp. It was beauteous. Everyone wanted it. And it was sold out. For. Ev. Er. I mean I was in high school, so there was no way I was buying Chanel nail polish anyway. But I wanted it. BAD.

So Chanel released their fall colors. Yummy. Aaaaand Peridot just happens to be ma birthstone. So I bought it. It was sold out online, luckily when I called the counter they held one for me. Its gorge.
Outside light, no flash
Inside with flash
Guys my photography does not do this nail polish justice. It reflects green, gold, blue, and shades of red. Its like a faceted gemstone on your nails.

And the movie....

So Boomer and I had movie night at Momma Boom's house. Shuffling through on demand we realized Boomer had never seen The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Image Via
So I actually hadn't seen this in awhile either. Umm...this movie was a little deep for a kiddie Disney movie. I mean I'm into studying European history so I probably saw things here that most wouldn't. (People cannot watch historical movies with me. I thought Momma Boom would kill me when we were watching the Other Boleyn Girl.) There were issues of religion, class, and race in this movie that I just don't remember from my childhood. 1996? Dang I'm getting old. Aaaaaanywhos. It was a good movie for a girls night, and we enjoyed ourselves pigging out on Donato's Pizza, Momma Boom's popcorn and soda.
Here's to a great week guys!