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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mommy Confessions: I Got Nothin'

Last night was rough.

I was supposed to teach voice lessons, but my student got tickets to see a Cirque du Soleil show here in town. Lucky girl I tell ya!

So just as I am about to leave work I get a phone call from Momm, who had kindly helped me out by picking up Boomer from school.

Boomer was in the background screaming her head off.

Then she lied to me about her behavior at school.

*Side note, I could never figure out how my mother ALWAYS knew when I was lying. Last night though as soon as the words left Boomer's lips I knew they weren't true. It's like this totally awesome Mom Super Power!*

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She hung up on me. Twice.

I got to Momm's house and realized the entire freak out was because Boomer didn't feel like doing her homework, and had lied to mom saying she had none.

After a very stern talk about telling the truth and trust, I sat down at my mother's dining room table with Boomer to do her homework. After about 20 minutes of tears, 1 Barbie taken away, 1 stuffed animal taken away, and the loss of TV privileges indefinitely, she finally calmed down enough to finish her homework. 

I am convinced this is some sort of karmic payback for the many times I sat at the same table bawling my eyes out with my mother. Momm...I'm SO SO SO SO SO sorry.

*When I'm writing about my mother I always spell 'mom' with an extra 'm'. Its an homage to my teen years when I always referred to her in my very annoyed angsty teen voice as 'Moooooommmmmm'.*

Then it was time for dinner and another round of tears because we told her she couldn't have potato chips unless she ate a sloppy joe sandwich first. (She finally ate it, and got her chips.)

I finally got her home and got her to bed.

I went to bed about 10pm. For whatever reason woke up at 12am and spent the next 4.5 hours obsessing about money and bills. I actually got up out of bed and looked at every single transaction from the last 30 days and categorized it in my banks tracking tool. I mean, who does that at 2am? 'Oh I can't sleep, let me just get up and budget.' Because its not at all stressful to look at money two days BEFORE payday. 

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So today I have a headache. I'm tired as all get out. Oh and I just got an email from Boomer's teacher telling me she hasn't been eating her lunches. Because I packed 'the wrong peanut butter'.

By nature I am a 'wallower'. I get in a mood or a funk and I just wallow. Kind of like Eeyore. Its not one of my more redeeming character traits, and its definitely something I'm trying to overcome. So I had a few conversations with trusted friends this morning.

My cousin who reminded me that Boomer is A LOT like me. I have to just keep working with her. She's adjusting and things will level out.

My bestie, who reminded me to consider where I was last year at this time. Even if I'm broke, I'm happier.

My work wife, who reminded me that its Greek Platter Day at work. Hummus makes everything better.

So I'm going to put on my big girl panties and deal. Not wallow.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to manage Boomer through this whole not eating/tantrum throwing I'm SO open to that. At the rate she is losing toys and privileges she will basically be living in a nun's cloister soon. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What Whitney Wore Wednesday...and I Need Your Help!

Hey Guys!

Last week, in an effort to encourage myself to dress like an adult, I decided to document my outfits. The plan was to take a picture everyday and feature it today in a What Whitney Wore post. Happens that it's Wednesday. What can I say? I have a thing for alliteration. Its fun.

Ok Monday.

Guys! Look! Its the blogger bun. Couldn't resist. Ok that dress is from my mom and she got it at SAMS CLUB?!?! I LOVE IT. Its got long sleeves which you can't see under my jacket, but I'm thinking with tights and boots this can easily be a fall outfit too. The denim jacket is Express circa 1999...I keep stuff forever. The purse is Loeffler Randall for Target. Sandals, and earrings are Target too. Love me some Target.


I got bored Monday night and decided to straighten my hair. Hadn't done that...since my friends wedding in April. That shirt is Express, it's got a cute racer back. Those jeans are Gap, bought on sale on impulse. They fit terribly, but I'm ballin' on a budget. Shoes and cross body bag are Target.


It was Boomer's first day and MY old school, so I felt the need to be a little dressy...I dunno...I guess I thought it would make me look like a more 'with it' mom. Dress and bag are both Target. I'm sensing a theme. Those shoes are Nine West and they are the most impractical, sparkly, ridiculous shoes. I don't care. I look at my feet when I wear them, and I'm happy all day.


I read a post awhile back from Megan about how she was loving high pony tails. I don't have enough time in the day to get ALL my hair into a high pony, but I figured I could do half. Then my work wife told me I looked like Jasmine, from Aladdin, when she's all done up as Jaffar's slave. Awesome. The skirt is another gift from mom; not sure where from. Wife beater is from Express, and the woven shirt is from Old Navy. I really like this skirt guys, I love the color and its so comfy, but both times I've worn it, its come off less trendy, more sister wife.



I wore a Ohio State University shirt and jeans because football season starts soon. I didn't take a picture because it was hard enough convincing Boomer to do it the other four days of the week, why waste it on a tee shirt and jeans. Seriously. Do you know how much candy/TV bribing it took to get those FOUR photos?


I need your blogger help! I ombred (is that a word?) my hair earlier this spring. There was so much bleach. Oh the humanity! I've been babying it and doing minimal heat styling but the ends are FRIED. I really don't want to lose a lot of length, and I know I need a trim. Any holy grail products to help salvage my hairs ya'll? I was all ready to chop it off for something different, but then I straightened it and kind of fell in love again. Seriously. Thanks to being a card carrying member of the itty bitty tittie committee I could wear my hair as a shirt. This is a skill that cannot be lost due to bleach.

That's all she wrote!

Monday, August 26, 2013

.......MTV VMAs 2013....

I've really been trying to wrap my head around what it is exactly that I want to say about last night.

I'm still experiencing some sort of post traumatic stress I think.

See the VMAs to me used to be amazing. I'd stay up late to watch them, or sneak to the basement after my mom fell asleep. Then spend the entire next day discussing with my friends which performances were amazing. Whose outfits we'd steal. What was the 'moment' of the show.

I guess that hasn't changed too much. I stayed up way too late last night to watch them. I had to wait for Boomer to fall asleep, and I have spent much of my morning....discussing what the hell happened last night. We all know what the 'moment' was.

Here is my biggest difference or distinction. When Britney Spears came out and danced in a sparkly nude outfit, she was pushing envelopes sure, but she put on an AMAZING performance. Same with the 'Slave for You' performance. Madonna writhing around in a bridal dress, and then years later kissing Christina and Britney. Those were iconic, showstopping, GREAT performances. When Rihanna does her thing she is putting on an EPIC performance. She's not trying to be a bad girl, she just is these days, and she's good at her job, which is being that bad girl Rihanna.

Miley Cyrus last night was just a mess.

I'm not hating. I'm not bashing. That performance was trash. She was out of breath and off key. She wasn't dancing, she was doing some mess you can see in a club on any given weekend in any given town. That wasn't avant garde. That wasn't pushing an envelope. Hell, that wasn't ANYONE'S definition of sexy. And Trish, yes we saw you in the audience smiling, so I have some thoughts for you too. Let me tell you RIGHT NOW, if Boomer becomes a famous pop star and tries to do some mess like that.... I will stop it. It will never get past rehearsal. I don't think my mother would let something like that happen to me NOW.

Even Britney's worst VMA performance EVER gets a pass. Home girl was CRAZY when that happened.

Miley you are not. You are not on drugs. You are not going through a public divorce. You're not in the midst of a mental crisis. You are just trying too freaking hard. You're like the 25 year old who has never drank in their life and now can't stop talking about how 'super drunk' you got this weekend.


Its fine to be trying to find yourself. That's cool. We've all been there. I actually like your song. I think its catchy, and if that's your scene these days ok cool. As an artist though, what you put out into the world last night wasn't a good performance. It was just a mess. I've seen you perform that song better on a few occasions. You dropped the ball last night so bad.

Robin, I'm disappointed that you let that happen.

Paula, I'm disappointed you let that happen to your husband.

Every rapper who keeps giving Miley 'street cred' and 'ghetto passes'...stop it.

Now onto the good stuff...yes there was a bit.

Lady Gaga. I feel like I need to do every workout that lifts your butt. Say what you want about Gagaloo, she's weird and crazy but she puts on one helluva show!

Justin. Wow. Miley should take notes. Did you guys see how EVERYONE in that audience was up dancing and singing along with him. That's was good music, and great showmanship does for you. He put on a great show, as he always does. To see all my N'SYNC boys together again even for 30 seconds made my little 90s girl self so damn happy. I actually hurt myself. Can't turn my head to the left this morning. So worth it. Don't even care.

Bruno. Bruno Mars could sing me that song any day of the week and he could get it with his short little self. I heard it live earlier this summer and felt the same way. I mean...just. Yes.

Macklemore. You were a black preacher in your last life. Your performance was great, your message is great, I love what you do and stand for. Good move popping out with Jhud too. Took us all to church.

Katy Perry.... I love your song girl I really do. It gives me church moments too. The performance was just a little...meh.

So that's my two cents about all that....

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Throw Back Thursday : High School

Hey All...

Once again I wasn't going to post today, but Bon drew me in. Especially considering what's going on in my world with Boomer it is an especially timely prompt.

To preface all this let me tell you something. Columbus public schools are crappy. That's no dig to teachers, because I KNOW they are trying their hardest in severely over crowded class rooms where all they can really do is teach to a test. It's a recipe for disaster. Add to that the fact that Boomer is very smart, and very active...and well. You get a lot of notes sent home.

When we moved, we moved into a slightly better district performance wise, but I knew Boomer would still be in large classes, and still be expected to perform to the tests. I wanted other options.

You guys have seen me write on several occasions about my high school experience. How I graduated with 19 other kids, and how most of us are still pretty close all these years later. See my high school was part of a system of several schools here in town. I started at one of the sister schools when I was in 3rd grade. When I reached middle school, (6th grade), I transitioned to the school I eventually graduated from.

And now Boomer will graduate from there one day too!

I'm so beyond happy/pleased/grateful that I know have the opportunity to send Boomer there. She is the schools first ever legacy or 2nd generation student. When I saw her in the same uniform plaid that I wore all those years ago yesterday morning I was so overcome. I know that she will now have access to the amazing teachers and opportunities that I did. I know that she is in an environment that will allow her to grow and learn and reach her fullest potential. She's in a place where I felt safe and nurtured for 10 years.

I can't tell you what it felt like to walk through the halls of my high school as a parent. There were even some other parents there whose older children were in elementary when I was in high school, and whose youngest are still in attendance. They recognized me, and said it spoke to the uniqueness of the school that I was sending my child there now. My former teachers all joked with me about not being able to get rid of me, and my former principle (or head of schools) warmly said welcome home as we walked in the front door.

When I picked Boomer up from school, she gushed the whole ride home about how much she loved the school, her teachers, and her new friends. Again I was overcome. To go from her not wanting to go to school, to her now telling me she never wants to leave is such a blessing.

So not to be entirely serious I'll leave you with a conversation that took place between one of my former middle and high school teachers when I stopped in to say hi.

So this happened this morning when I poked my head in to say Hi to Mr. Mike and a classroom full of 8th graders... 

Mike: Whitney used to be a student here. Can you guess what she's doing here today? 
Student: Teaching? 
Mike: Nope. She's a parent now.
Students: OMG, wow, ect.... 
Mike: I had Whitney for 8th was a reeeeally long time ago. 
Me: It wasn't that long ago....what...1999? 
Students: OMG, WOW!!!
Me: wait....when were you guys born...? 
Students: 2000 
Mike: *chuckles* 

Please excuse me while I go cry in my coffee.

*Sorry no pics, Cbus is a big city, but I'd rather not have random Internet strangers be able to Google Boomer's school plaid and figure out where she spends her days.*

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mommy Confessions: This morning...I lost my shiz...or at least I wanted to.

* I wrote this yesterday, when I was still freshly angry. 
I re-read it today, and I still find it*

This morning....there was a tube of black ink/paint in the wash.

In the load of half dry clothes.

Which means I've essentially baked in the ink.

Which means the clothes are ruined.

I know I had put it out into the universe that I wanted new clothes.

This is NOT what I meant.

This is one of those moments in parenting where you really want to ask your child: 'Da fuq?!?!?!?!'

No I don't talk to Boomer like that. But I really, really, really wanted to.

For Example: 

  • 'Where in 'da fuq' did you come up with this tube of clothing killer?'
  • 'I found it on the floor at Mimi's house.'
  • 'Why in 'da fuq' would you just take something from Mimi's house?'
  • 'I don't know Mommy.'
  • 'Who in 'da fuq' is going to buy me new clothes for work?'
  • silence....
  • 'What in 'da fuq' is the matter with you?!?!?!?!'
  • 'Sorry mommy...want to pray about it?'

So...we had the who, what, why, where conversation minus all the Eff bombs. Then she drops Jesus in the mix.


I want my clothes not to be messed up. I want for my kid to not be the most full of mischief seven year old in Columbus. I WANT to throw an tantrum.

I didn't. I told Boomer I needed some time alone. So I went upstairs, and took another shower. You can never be too clean, and the water calms me down.

I got out. I told her I loved her very much. She apologized, I told her I forgave her, and to stop being a klepto. Then we all went about our morning.

Good day all.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What's Wrong with Thank You? : Women and Compliments

So a long, long time ago Camila, of Camila's Closet, tweeted me a link to this video.

If any woman reading this post tells me she can't relate...well sweetie you're lying.

The video may be extreme but we've all done that.

Why do we do this though?

What is so wrong with saying thank you or acknowledging a compliment?

Take for example this conversation I had with a coworker:

'Whitney, I love your curls! So much beautiful hair.'
'Oh....thank you. *shaking my head* It took me a long time to love this hair, its so crazy' 

Wait, what?!?!?! Why did I have to throw that in there?

Or this conversation I overheard in line at lunch.

'Oh I LOVE that dress!'
'Ugh, it used to fit so much better before the baby.'

Umm...ok...that might be true...but why tell that?

So here is my theory. As a culture we are used to tearing people down. We do it on the daily. We read celeb magazine just to see what awful thing this weeks celebutante is wearing. We relish in the downfalls of politicians and socialites.(The 24/7 coverage of Paula Deen and Anthony Wiener anyone?) In a society of mean girls (and boys) isn't it easier to just beat them to the punch? On the flip side of that is the problem of the 'good girl'. Good girls are quiet and retiring. Good girls support others in the spotlight, they don't take it themselves. Good girls dress nicely, but not to call attention. Good girls, essentially, fade into the background.

You know what though? Good girls are polite. So the next time someone pays you a compliment? Say thank you and leave it at that. If you're feeling like being a bad ass though you should still say thank you. Throw them off their game like the girl in the video.

P.S. I'm giving away something shiny and pretty over HERE today, with some other awesome ladies and prizes.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Who am I? : And other metaphysical musings....

Hello lovers.

I'm not recapping my weekend. I'm bored to tears with weekend recaps of drinking, and parties...and also my weekend was boring.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about who I am. What defines me.

Its strange that my friends and people around me have no issues describing me.

If you ask my friends to describe my style they will say something like 'Black Audrey Hepburn, with a little edge, and a little boho.'

If you ask them to describe me they will say things like 'sassy, speaks her mind, doesn't take sh*t from anyone, loud, outgoing...ect.'

A longtime friend told me this weekend, 'You always seem to get what you want...I've always wondered how you did that...'

My mom asked me to describe my home decor style. I think I said some crazy bull about mid century modern. Then today I found myself looking at this Versace plate.

And suddenly I want to do my whole living room in black red and gold. Last week I wanted to paint my bookshelves white. In my bedroom, I want a tufted headboard and a crystal chandelier.

But I want to dress exclusively in black leather.

And dye my hair dark purple.

I was raised by a lady. A true lady. My mother was a debutante. So was I. I'm sure Boomer will don a white dress and waltz in circles one day too.

My mom also chopped all her hair off, had an afro once, and I'm pretty sure she had a blond phase too.

I guess I'm wondering...why does it have to be either or?

Can't I wear full skirts, and pumps one day, and leather and studs the next?

Yes...I'd wear both of these....

Can't I be a 'lady' and still not take sh*t from anyone?

Why are we so consumed with definitions? Can't Whitney just be a study of opposing parts and contradictions?

I'm 28 years old and I still have no clue what or who I want to be. Added to that is the pressure is that I'm supposed to teach Boomer how to be an adult.

Is she confused by my confusion? Is this normal? Am I just having a delayed quarter life crisis...?

I'm not expecting to come to any sort of conclusion...just thinking...

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Throwback Thursday : First Kiss

Leave it to Bon to come up with a post prompt that brings up post traumatic memories...well here goes.

I couldn't tell you the exact date it happened.

I know it was around my birthday, the summer between 8th and 9th grade.

I know this because he asked me what I wanted for my birthday. Thinking I was being clever I responded with, 'It starts with a K and ends with an S.' I was so smart.

Anyway this guy...let's call him..Sean, said 'Oh. You want a kiss.'

See I was really into this guy. We had kind of flirted our way through 8th grade. As much as you can as 13 years olds. I think the bulk of his appeal lay in the fact that he was taller than me. I was a giant. I've essentially been the same height I am now, since about 8th grade. So while I was wearing heels and hovering around the 6' mark in them, the boys were still in the 5'2"-5'5" range. Not Sean though, he was taller when I had heels on. He also played sax in the band, and I played flute so we were around each other all the time. Although, he never changed his reeds so they were always black.....

Anyway Sean leans in for the kiss. I'm ready. Ready for butterflies, and kicking up one foot a la Princess Diaries. I'm ready for movie magic.

Image Via

It. Was. Awful.

It was sloppy, he tasted weird (probably due to all those black reeds), and he stuck his tongue into my mouth like right off. For the record I still don't like that crap.

When it was all over he leaned back and said, 'Ok see you at school.', and walked away.

I felt violated. I thought if that's what kissing is I don't want anymore of that crap.

I went ahead and 'dated' him though, for the first half of school. Sean is also responsible for my first hickeys. That awful, humiliating episode took place at my freshman homecoming and culminated in him having to write my mother a letter of apology and me not being able to go to another dance until junior homecoming.

Luckily someone else, we'll call him...Mark, came along a few months later and then I got the butterflies...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hey There! You new around these parts?

Well Hi all!

If you're popping over to visit from Life of Bon, HI!

If you're a newish follower in general, HI!

If you've been reading for awhile, HI!

I'd like to introduce myself a bit.

Yeah....I'm not in 4th grade anymore...

I'm Whitney and I blog a little here at Katy Goes Boom.

I'm a divorced (recently) mommy of one 7 year old little girl, who we call Boomer here in blogland. We also have a man in our lives. His name is Jack.

Yes, I'm a crazy cat lady.

I took the long road through college after having Boomer at 20, but I graduated from THE Ohio State University in 2011. (I like proving people wrong, so everyone who thought I wouldn't finish can suck on that.) I've lived here in Columbus, where OSU is located, since I was 6. (Minus the two year $40,000 vacation to an out of state school in Tennessee.....yikes) I am a nutso Buckeye fan. To the point that Boomer usually doesn't talk to me during games. I get a little intense.

Here on the blog I write about all kinds of things. The crazy stuff Boomer says and does. The sometimes serious thoughts that pop into my head. Also the not so serious thoughts that pop into my head, because let's face it there is a part of me that is still 17. I like to make my readers laugh a little and think a little too. If you're looking for a place to start you can click into The KGB Files and read through some of my favorite posts and my readers favorites too!

Basically, I am trying to figure out this whole life thing, be a good mom, figure out how being single works again, and keep all the plates spinning. So thanks for reading along!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend....come back....please


Sami's Shenanigans

Of course I'm linking up with Sami to tell you about my weekend, but can we back it up to Wednesday? Will you be mad? Ok, cool thanks!

So Wednesday I went to the Promusica Chamber Orchestra summer music series with my bestie Amanda who was home on a break from grad school. Its a free concert that they put on at the Franklin Park Conservatory, which a beautiful local park/garden near the downtown area.

It was a perfect evening. I can't wait to go back next year, hopefully with Boomer who was out of town.

Of course after beautiful music, we were famished at headed to Tip Top for some of their awesome mac and cheese. No really guys, this stuff is amazing!

We realized it was about 10:20pm, and Jeni's, another favorite local spot, closes at 11pm. We wondered if we could make it?

Of course we did. Jeni's is awesome and I got my two favorite ice cream flavors there. Riesling poached pear, and Ndali Estate vanilla bean. Boomer's favorite at Jeni's is the Queen City Cayenne, which is a rich chocolate ice cream with a little kick. See why its a favorite spot? 

Thursday night, a few work friends and I won some tickets to see a Columbus Clippers game. There was a slight rain delay but it ended up being a pretty beautiful night. We didn't stay for the whole game because we all needed to be back at work bright and early for a meeting. Boo.

So remind me again why I was excited about looking at apartments this weekend? I hate moving. I hate looking at apartments. Ugh. I especially hate doing so with Boomer. God bless that kid, but she has more energy than a nuclear power plant.

Basically we looked at many apartments Saturday. One smelled like a toxic dump. One cost the amount of a large mortgage payment. One had a second bedroom the size of a small closet. still a contender. The more I think about it though....the more staying put for just one more year sounds like a good idea.

Sunday I took my favorite girl, (Boomer...duh), to see a play at the Columbus Children's Theater. This is all part of my thing to explore and enjoy the city. She had a blast! It was a production of The Little Mermaid Jr, and it was much like the film with a few extra songs which were great. The little girl who played Scuttle really stole the show. Boomer can't wait to go back and see the production of Shrek the Musical. (Its this September if any of my local blog pals are wondering.)

That's Flounder if anyone is wondering....

We ran over to the North Market following the show and I chowed on some delicious Indian food. Boomer really wanted McDonalds, but I convinced her to eat some of my food and she also got a pretzel. I'm trying to expand her horizons a little...but boy is it tough. I shouldn't be surprised though. I only ate vanilla ice cream for 18 years.

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

Friday, August 9, 2013

It's we listen to 90s Hip Hop

Hey Lovers!

First of all I want to say THANK YOU!!! For making yesterday's post the most read post ever on this here little blog. Like, whoa. You guys commented, was like a big internet hug. Woot! Awesome! Yay!

Today is Friday. Which makes me happy. I'm happy because tomorrow I'm going to go look at a new apartment. There are some exciting happenings here the KGB world. The possible new home is just one of them.
Can I confess something to go along with my Azz Backin? This morning the radio was on....and I thought I was alone in the bathroom....but as my readers know I'm never really alone. Backstory. There was a time when we didn't 'twerk'. Before Miley was doing it in internet videos. Back in the 90s when we called it 'poppin'. Poppin' the booty. So I was in the bathroom...and this song came on.

When this song came out I was in 7th grade. I had no booty. Nor could I, despite a valiant effort, figure out how to pop it.

Well, I've got a booty now. Also I finally figured out how to pop it. (I actually figured this out sometime during 9th grade.) So, I assumed, incorrectly, that Boomer was downstairs watching her morning shows. That is what she had asked permission to do. So I'm in my bathroom. In my jeans, and my bra. Singing into my hairbrush. Twerkin' (poppin') my booty to 'All About the Benjamins'. Then I hear:

'Umm...Mommy...what are you doing? Why is your bottom moving like that? Mommy get your butt out of my face. Eww.'

Oh. Good. Lord.

In my defense my butt wasn't in her face. She was a good three feet away from me. I still kind of want to die a little.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

How to properly judge: A hater's guide

If you must hate/troll here is your step by step guide.

1. Read the blog in question.

2. Do you disagree with this person?
  • Ok, don't read their blog anymore.

3. Is this person offending God?
  • No? Ok, don't read their blog anymore.
  • Yes? How the hell do you know? Oh, and don't read their blog anymore.

4. Is this person hurting you?
  • No? Didn't think so. Don't read their blog anymore. 
  • Yes? Ok I'm not sure how....but don't read their blog anymore.

5. Is this person hurting themselves?
  • No? Ok don't read their blog anymore. 
  • Yes? See follow up question.
    • Follow up question. Are you their mother? 
      • No? Ok don't read their blog anymore. 
      • Yes? Talk to them off the internet.

6. Is this person breaking the law?
  • No? Ok don't read their blog anymore. 
  • Yes? See follow up question.
  • Follow up question. Do you work for law enforcement? 
    • No? Ok don't read their blog anymore. 
    • Yes? See follow up questions.
      • Does your work in law enforcement cover blogging? 
        • No? Ok don't read their blog anymore. 
        • Yes? WTH kind of job do you have?
      • Will your boss laugh in your face if you try to arrest and or prosecute someone for their blog content? 
        • The only answer to this is yes. Ok so don't read their blog anymore.

7. Is this person hurting your child? 
  • No? Ok, don't read their blog anymore. 
  • Yes? I'm not sure how some random internet stranger is hurting your don't read their blog anymore. 

8. Does this person in any way shape or form really affect you daily life? 
  • No? Ok, don't read their blog anymore. 
  • Yes? Go get a new life because apparently yours sucks. Oh, and don't read their blog anymore.

9. Are you a grown adult? 
  • No? Ok, well you probably shouldn't be reading my blog. 
  • Yes? Act like one.

10. Are you fully capable of hitting the little 'X' in the right hand corner of your browser? 
  • No? Well please find someone to help you do so. 
  • Yes? Ok, so don't read their blog anymore.

Now if you made it through all that congrats! Now go read this well written post by Patricia of Patricia B in France about spreading blogger love, because its a much more mature approach than my silly post.