Monday, November 28, 2011

Just Popping in....

Hello lovelies....

No MMM today. I'm a total stress case as this is my last week of undergrad!


That being said I have so much work to do. Senior Seminar paper to complete and three exams to prepare for. In addition to work, and momma/wife duties. *sigh* So I'll be catching up on your bloggies as I can this week and I'll more than likely be back to posting on a 'Katy' regular basis next week. I know I'll have lots to talk to you guys about, because I'll have family in town, Boomer is insisting on helping with Christmas decorating this year, and I'm involved in two blogger swaps. And just wait til you see the Grad outfit. No not the ugly shapeless black mu-mu I'll be wearing (Although I'm totally excited about it!). Anywhos check ya later!

Monday, November 21, 2011

MMM: Vol 9

Hey lovelies!

Its another Monday! Clearly I'm a little late with this today. My life is Cray Cray!!!

GRADUATION IN 20 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just had to get that out there. Anywho....this is actually a color that you've seen before. I borrowed OPI's You Don't Know Jacque from Indy when I went to see the Maroon 5 concert this summer. Then one of the beauty supply stores in the mall was going out of business, so I went in and snatched one up for 70% off. I love a good deal. This is a color that my mother would have given me a weird look for back in high school. There was a time when every lipstick or nail polish I purchased she referred to as looking like post mortem lividity. Basically they made me look like a corpse. *sigh* Gotta love high school.

OPI You Don't Know Jacque
I confess. I like the Twilight series of movies. I'm not obsessed. I didn't have to see it at midnight Thursday...but I did go Friday with Boomer. Yes I took the five year old. Her eyes were covered for a few choice moments of the film, but I didn't think it was to risque for her and there were plenty of other young kiddos at the theater with us. I have to say I really did enjoy the film. This was the first time Kristen Stewart wasn't well...wooden and lacking a personality.

Image Via
There were some funny moments in the film as well as some heartfelt moments as well. Boomer enjoyed it. Her comments were as follows:
'Momma, Bella's shoes are amazing!'
'Momma...why does everyone like Edward?'
'Momma, why is the baby so freaky looking?'
I always enjoy going to the movies with Boomer. I call them our girl's only date nights.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Confessions of a Mommy: Sometimes.....

Sometimes Boomer makes me crazy. Certifiable, bat-shit (excise my French) crazy. There I said it. Whew.

Sometimes I feel like in blog world, we talk about roses and daisies and all the wonderful things in the world. And that's fine. No one wants to read a blog where all you talk about is how awful your life is. I mean maybe someone does, but I sure don't. This post is not going to be a bashing sesh about my child. But I have to level with ya'll. Sometimes Boomer takes the cake.

Exhibit A:

These are two lipglosses of mine. Now I'm sure you're wondering 'Katy, why are you posting pictures of almost empty lip gloss tubes?' Welp, I'll tell ya. The MAC Dazzleglass (Money Honey) was a gloss I bought myself for my birthday with some birthday moolah from my pops. (Thanx Daddy!) It disappeared about a week after purchase. This is not unusual. I have a lot of purses, makeup bags, and well I lose stuff everyday. (Like my keys. Literally EVERY morning. But that is a whole 'nother post.) Anyway....I decided to ask Leila just off hand if she'd seen mommy's lipgloss. She said ....."nnnnnnnnnnnnnnno". Which is shorthand for yep, and I've still got it. I finally got it back from her and she'd used up MORE THAN HALF. I was livid. Like snorting, couldn't talk for a few minutes livid. The e.l.f. gloss was a free gift that came with something I ordered, and they only cost a dollar each anyway. However Boomer asked if she could use 'some', and I said yes. Thought nothing of it until I found it in her back pack practically empty. Now I was much more upset about the $14 MAC gloss than the free e.l.f. gloss, but dang it all its the principle of the matter! I now store my Chanel polish on top of the bookshelf in my living room just so I know she can't get it.

Exhibit B:

This one I don't have pictures of because I just couldn't take one. My child took panty liners (un-used) from the bathroom, unwrapped them, and then just randomly stuck them on things in her room. And I quote 'They're like big, fabric stickers Momma.'


Exhibit C:

She is going through this phase where she cries....about EVERYTHING. I can't even get mad truthfully because for years my nickname from my mother was 'Whitney Whine-ans'. (Like the Gospel group the Winans, except I was just a chronic whiner.) (Oh and did ya catch my real name? It may never happen again.) Its just really frustrating because my child has always been very verbal even when she didn't have sentence structure down, and now that she has it down completely she's stopped using her dang words.

Usually when I have reached the end of my rope with her though, she does something amazing. Like the time she spilled an 8oz glass of water on the laptop I had just bought the day before. After I literally lost my mind, she came down the stairs with her piggy bank, handed it to me and said she would buy me a new laptop. It was so precious and selfless that she was willing to give me all the money she had in the world. Or when I told her the other day that I was very stressed out with work and school, and she told me I was the best mommy in the world. Motherhood is an underpaid, undervalued occupation, but every once in awhile you have these GREAT moments with your children and even though its completely cliche, it does make it all worth it. And Exhibit A and B are at least good for a laugh now. Bye lovelies!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Hey Lovelies!

Happy Monday!

This weeks mani is a combination of a color I already used, Butter London's and OPI's Silver Shatter. I call this look 'Mixed Metals'

The Full Monty & OPI's Silver Shatter
I couldn't seem to get this mani to photograph well. Its lovely in person though, and so much fun. The metallic trend has been so much fun so why not mix two together!

Of course the opulence of gold goes along well with the movie that I watched this weekend. Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette is certainly not a new movie, but it was new to me. I honestly can't believe I never watched it before now. The costumes and the sets are so rich and gorgeous. It's just a decadent escape.

Image Via 
Now as you know my degree (4 MORE WEEKS!!!!) will be in European History. So the historian in me was watching and thinking, well that's not what happened. Oh that was years apart not days.... This is actually why most of my friends do not watch historical movies with me. *sigh* Whatcha gonna do?

Let's have a great week Lovelies!

Monday, November 7, 2011

MMM: vol7

Hey Lovelies! Yes after a two week hiatus I am happy to say MMM is BACK! Sorry I was a bad blogger. 

This polish is actually a cheapie that I bought to go under Sparkle-icious, a glitter polish from OPI's Burlesque collection. It was really pretty together. Kind of like fireworks in the night sky. I'll have to see if I can find a picture anywhere.

Its blurry and a pic from 2 years ago....but I found it!
  Any who I haven't worn the blue alone ever and I saw it in my bin and said lets DO THIS!
NYC Skin Tight Denim

Alas now I know why I've never worn it alone. I said its cheapie...and well its cheapie. A lot of bubbling, and I did the manicure last night and as I'm typing this at about noon I'm already noticing tip wear. For reals???? Its a fun color. Maybe I'll try and find a dupe in one of my other fav brands. It did somehow take me back to my favorite mid 90s nail polish. It was called Moon over Miami by OPI. Heck...I'm going to ebay search that sucker.

Onto the movie ya'll. This weekend I watched Star Trek...again. I have a confession guys. I.....I am a Treky.

 Its all Momma Boom's fault you guys. She used to watch Star Trek: Next Generation with me and somehow I got hooked. I've seen them ALL. The originals. Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, the movies, and Enterprise (even though I don't care for it). Now don't get it twisted, I'm never going to show up at a convention dressed as a Klingon (not like its never crossed my mind though) and I don't speak any of the languages on the show. But when Boomer started showing a love for all things ears....I admit I did start calling her my little Ferengi. (Proud Mommy Moment) review necessary but here goes. I LOVED THIS MOVIE. All six times I've probably seen it. It brings in classic Star Trek lore, without deviating dramatically from the cannon.(No Will Shatner, you cannot be in this movie your chacter is died....remeber???) The visuals were great and so was the story honestly. Don't even get me started on the cast. Even if you aren't a Treky, you'll probably enjoy this movie. Its like a western in space. Who doesn't love that? Oh and I promised you guys a pic of my Buck Nut earrings. So here they are.

Talk to you lovelies soon!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Its Friday!!!!!!

Well lovlies its Friday. Woot Woot!!!!

So glad its the weekend although I will be studying my little behind of all weekend. Except during the hours of noon and 4pm when I will be watching my Ohio State University Buckeyes take on Indiana. I can't even explain to you guys who aren't Buckeye or football fans, how I'm still blissed out over last weeks amazing game against Wisconsin. I mean that's a new rivalry for the Big Ten if I ever saw one. I'll be wearing my Buckeye gear including my legit Buckeye nut earrings! (There will be pictures.)

Image Via
Image Via
The second picture need a little explaining. See I collect rubber duckies, and all things rubber ducky. Underwear, socks, soap, tee-shirts, tissues...yeah its bad. My grown woman adult bathroom that I share with a boy is rubber ducky. I've been trying to figure out how to pilfer a duck crossing sign for years. I feel that to own a Brutus (our mascot) duck would just be the ultimate. So if anyone knows where I can get my hand on one of these let me know.

Image Via
Or one of these :)

Have a wonderful weekend guys! GO BUCKS!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thirsty Thursday: An Outfit and Yummies

Hey Guys!

Not sure why I picked that title. I'm certainly not drinking. Well I am, but its herbal tea. I have school in the morning. Though I do love this song :)

But I digress because that is not the purpose of this post :

I bring you lovelies yet another Boomer styled shoot. If you're wondering why my 5  year old takes my pictures its because JJ and I are ships passing in the night. He comes home I go to work and vice versa. And I don't have a tripod. And letting the 5 year old take pictures is just fun!

Boots: Bare Traps, Jeans, Cami, Scarf, and Ring: Express Sweater: Target
The Boomer Pose!
Boomer made me do it.

Watch: Charming Charlies
 And then I came home to this in the mail......

SURIOUSLY GUYS!!! Erin from Living in Yellow sent lil' ol' me COOKIES. And they were soft, and chewy, and wonderful. And yes I know you're wondering if I shared them with the 5 year old. Yes I did.

This week has been crazy and insane but all in good ways. Everyone tells you to get a job BEFORE you graduate, so I've been working to do just that. Katy wants a big girl job ya'll!!!! And thanx to some serious chutzpah on my part (I love that word) and some movin' and shakin' from the man upstairs (Thank you Lord), this lil' Katy has an interview on Monday with a company that I REALLY want to work for. So if you believe in prayer please send one up for me. If you believe in good thoughts I'll take those too. If you are however a negative Nancy, keep it movin' sweethearts.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Recap

Hey Guys!

I know I've been a little MIA. My camera was broken, then missing, and well between school, Boomer, and work my life just gets in the way of this here bloggy. I have some fun pictures of Halloween to share with you though so here goes.

I usually don't dress up or go out for Halloween but for some reason this year I really wanted to go out with my friends. So I borrowed a dress and some accessories and voila sexy devil!

Dress: xxi
My camera phone is a little crappy, but bear with me kiddos.

Eyes: MAC De-Vil (How appropriate right?) Brun and Carbon Liner: L'Oreal HIP
Yay!  A better picture. That devilish shade of red is Make Up Forever Moulin Rouge. I did my hair with my new Hana Pro flat iron that I got after reading Raven's Post a few weeks back. Guy's its life changing. I'll be posting a review soon.
Me and my buddy P. She was a Panda. NOT A CAT. This was a very big sticking point ALL NIGHT.

P's BF was the Brawny man which made me laugh all night long. We then ran into some buddies we went to school with. That's Pete in between us. (Love him!) 

Of course I have a little person in my life who celebrated Halloween as well. I had to work last night for beggars night. SUPER SAD FACE. But she went out with her dad and dressed up as Cinderella. You can't see it in any of my pictures but she had on glass slippers that light up as she walked. AMAZING.

Yep that's my baby! These are the poses she tries to get me to do for outfit posts. *sigh* But I love that she gets so into and loves it. JJ went as a Dead President.....the picture explains it all.
I know...creepy right?
Hope you guys had a great Halloween! See you all soon!