Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 2013 in One Picture

It took me all of about 30 seconds to think about one picture that would encapsulate my 2013. As soon as Jena announced the link up, I though 'OMG, this is cool, but its going to be so hard!' I took so many pictures this year. There were so many great fun moments. It wasn't that hard though. I knew this would be the picture. Boomer happy, smiling, arms extended to show me she was flying.

This was a year of change for us. A year of new starts, and climbing to new heights. I feel like both of us are taking flight in a lot of ways. Not everything about this year was easy. The asphalt is stained, and cracked. Boomer's hair is fuzzy from a day of school. Despite the hard moments though there were so many bright shining ones. We are unique girls, who always find a reason to wear animal print, and pink. We are happy and silly. We love superhero movies. (She was pretending to be Captain America in this picture.) This picture clearly shows a girl in motion. We are girls in motion. Girls moving forward. Catch ya on the flip side 2014!

Keep on Keepin' On.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Everybody's Doing It : Wrapping up 2013

Hello Readers!

So all around blog land everyone is wrapping up their 2013, so let me just JUMP on that bandwagon.

First let's catch everyone up on my goals for December:

1.Keep Reading More! WIN
     I read:

Insurgent by Veronica Roth (Book 2 in the Divergent series)

  • This was a good, fast read for me. I'm going to start the third book as soon as its available at the library. It better not be like Mockingjay.

Bringing up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman
Bebe Day by Day by Pamela Druckerman

  • These were both interesting looks into parenting, something I'm always trying to learn more about and improve :)

Fingersmith by Sarah Waters

  • This was...interesting. A good twisty story!
2. Drink More Water
We'll just call this a work in progress.

3. Finish Christmas Shopping
Obviously I finished, but not until the 24th. I've got to do better next year.

4. Continue to stay on top of my budget, and save $50 into the emergency fund. WIN!
I know for most people saying I'll save $50 seems like no big deal, but for a single mom trying to get out from a MOUNTAIN of debt this was a pretty big accomplishment. I want to continue my momentum so in the new year I'm going to do this:

January Goals:

1. The water thing...come on Whitney!!!!
2. Weekly Savings Goals
3. Read something non-fiction. You majored in History for crying out loud.
4. Open a savings account for Boomer and start talking to her about money. It's never to early!

Ok so recapping 2013!!!!

So much stuff happened this year so here are the highlights I guess.

I went on a a few dates with a guy. It lasted just long enough for me to realize I wasn't ready to be dating.

I sang at one of my dear friends wedding, and we all partied for an entire weekend. I realize I am lucky to have such amazing wonderful lifelong friends.

I got a job teaching voice lessons as a result of singing at their wedding. I realize music is a huge part of my life that I'd been neglecting up to that point.

I got officially divorced. Finally. I realize that I am much stronger than I give myself credit for. I realize that I am surrounded by supportive friends and family, and that Boomer and I will be ok.

I changed my name. I realize that I like me. No, I love me. Even though a name change is a silly detail, it is a big part of getting me back.

I got promoted. I realize that hard work pays off. That going for your dreams and desires is scary but ultimately worth it. I realize that I have proved all the naysayers wrong.

Boomer changed schools. I realize that even though we aren't rolling in money I am able to provide a pretty decent life for this kid. I realize that the sacrifices, the tears, and fighting for her is always worth it.

My grandmother turned 99. I realize she will not be here forever and neither will my mom. I realize I cherish them so much. I realize that many parts of me come from them.

A loss of life touched me. I realize I put off a lot. I put pressure on myself for unrealistic 'someday' goals. I say fuck someday.

I celebrate the holidays with my family. I realize that this is the last year Boomer will be a little girl. I realize that she is a thoughtful child. I realize that I only have a short amount of time to help her become a thoughtful woman. This scares me, but I realize I've done my best so far.

I tweeted earlier today that I'm not going to say 'New Year, New Me!'. Like I said, this year I have learned to LOVE me. I want to keep growing this next year. I want to keep singing. I want to keep learning how to manage my money. I want to keep learning how to be a better mom. I want to keep learning how to be a better woman. Erin at Love Fun and Football  wrote about a theme for the New Year. The other day I posted this on my Instagram account, with a caption basically saying how I am in love with the life I have right now.

A friend of mine from high school posted this underneath : 'Love this! Keep on Keepin' on!'

So that is the theme going forward.

Keep on Keepin' on!

And just in the spirit of wrap ups here is a nice little compilation of the most read/my favorite posts of 2013:

How to Properly Judge: A Hater's Guide - still my most read post EVER

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Happenings...so far.

*I started this post on Monday, but then I received some bad news and THIS post happened. Then Megyn Kelley opened her mouth so THIS post happened. So here we are.*

So last week I ended the week by telling you how crazy the next seven days would be.

I wasn't lying. So I'll write up a little post to tell you how things are going so far!

On Saturday, Boomer, her Dad, and I all headed to my office for the company Christmas party. If you remember from LAST YEAR, its a pretty legit/awesome experience. This year was no different. Boomer got her name carved in ice, made ornaments, painted, decorated a giant gingerbread house, talked to Santa, and took some awesome photos with her dad and I, and a pretty funny video too!

Sunday was the cookie exchange with my blogger turned IRL friend Shannon. She talked on her blog about how she didn't Instagram the entire event. Neither did I.

It was actually nice to just be present, meet new people, and enjoy every one's company without worrying about documenting it all. I'm pretty sure Boomer had more fun decorating cookies with me, than she would have if she was decorating and I was directing poses.

I did manage to snag this mirror selfie with Boomer when we stopped by my mom's later that evening!

Ok so that's the weekend. Whew. (Ok I realize that that doesn't seem like a lot, but most of our weekends lately have been basically the couch and day long marathons of Star Trek only interrupted to eat. So. This was a lot.)

Monday and Tuesday are kind of a blur honestly, BUT last night was not. It was our annual Columbus blogger hangout! This is the THIRD ONE!!! I can't believe that three years ago, I ventured out on a cold night to meet a bunch of girls I just read about on the internet and now I count them as real life friends! They are an awesome group of smart, funny, beautiful girls. Some of us are wives, some of us aren't. Some of us are mommas, some of us aren't. We are all women living the best life we can, and I think they're a pretty awesome bunch!

Those are the Real Housewives of Columbus ya'll!

By the way, NO, we did not take Boomer to a wine restaurant!!! What kinda mom do ya think I am? (Haha) Her dad dropped her off to me as we were finishing up our girls night, and well...that kid can't resist a photo opp.

Also...still no shopping done. Fail. Fail. FAIL.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Maybe Santa is Blue

I wasn't going to blog about this.

But everyone won't stop talking about it so...here I am.

To be clear, I'm not talking about my political feelings, leanings, the Affordable Care Act or anything else.

Megyn Kelly said something inflammatory on her show the other day. What else is new. First of all she is an anchor on FOX NEWS...so let's take most of what she says with a grain of salt. Also...she's already pissed me off once this year. (Seriously...don't ever indirectly insult my mommy ever again Fox.)

Anyway. She got on the air and based on some comments from a blogger about how every race should have a Santa, emphatically told kids everywhere "By the way, for all you kids watching at home, Santa just iswhite."  Here is the video if you just feel like watching.

And here is what I have to say.


No really. Who gives a flying you-know-what what COLOR Santa is??? Why is this important to even address on THE NEWS. I'm pretty sure there was some international conflict going on last week we could have been educated about, or financial issue here domestically OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT WAS ACTUALLY NEWS WORTHY!

The racial background of Santa is NOT newsworthy. At some point my daughter is going to realize that I am Santa. For now however I don't think it has EVER crossed her mind 'Santa's a White dude!' Because they are children!!!! They know we are all different but they don't care until you TEACH them to care.

For example, my daughter made some new friends this weekend. At one point there was some conflict as there often is. One little girl, when asked who said what, called Boomer 'the brown girl.' Do you know why? Because Boomer IS brown. There was no malice in this child's heart. She was simply describing her the best way she could in the absence of a name.

The fact that this is even an issue is BEYOND stupid. Santa is what he is alright. A fictitious character, based in part on a real person, that makes kids happy! Don't make it more than that.

Kelly then goes on to say that Jesus is White too. Further solidifying she is an idiot that probably didn't do well in Geography. I'm just saying...never seen any White people in that part of the world.

If you like Jon Stewart this is funny :) (Skip to about 3:30)

Monday, December 16, 2013


We put off a lot of things.

Things on our someday list.

Life is short. So stupidly, ridiculously short.

Tell the people you love, that you love them now.

Buy them flowers now.

Have that lunch or dinner with a friend.

The trip you're going to take 'someday'? Plan it. Go.

That art class you've always thought about? Sign up for it.

The book you'll read when you have time? Read it.

The story in your head? Write it down.

The dreams that are scary? Live them.

Fuck someday.

Do it now.

Friday, December 13, 2013

...And We Won't Stop....We Can't Stop

Hi All

I realized this morning, as I lay in bed after pressing snooze for the 8th time, that the next 7 days are going to be intense.

Saturday 12/14
 Company Christmas Party Extravaganza- we went last year, its pretty epic and Boomer LOVED it.
Sunday 12/15
 Cookie exchange and get together with local friends.
Monday 12/16
 Work and then teaching voice after work.
Tuesday 12/17
 Work and then alumni association meeting in the evening.
Wednesday 12/18
 Work and Blogger friends holiday meetup!
Thursday 12/19
 Work, and then department holiday dinner.
Friday 12/20
 No work, Boomer half day of school, and taking Momm to hospital for out patient procedure.


Did I mention that I haven't bought a single Christmas present for anyone yet? Or that our tree isn't up? I'm sleepy just looking at that list of things going on. I'm also excited though. To see friends, to come up with ideas for the Alumni association, and also to have fun with Boomer. Its been a rough year for her, so I'm hoping the holidays have been and will be a bright spot of fun for her.

I'm going to do my best to prepare some sweet content over the weekend so you'll have some goodies to read. All bets are off the week of Christmas though.

Just because pictures are required...and I'm cold as hell.

Also its Friday, so we back it UPPPPP with Whitters!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I think Jack's Been Reading My Blog

Guys before we talk about my kitty boy for this awesomesauce linkup, we need to take a moment.

THIS IS MY 200th POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a weird kind of milestone. I should be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay further than that if you subscribe to the 5 posts a week school, but I'm still kinda a little bit proud.

Anyway, linking up again today with Karly and Jackie to talk about my boy Jackson.
Jade and Oak

I'm pretty sure he read my last post, because ever since I published it he has gone above and beyond to prove his love for Boomer. I woke up this morning to find him sleeping on her tummy. The other day he sat by her feet while she was sick in the bathroom. Then there was this....

I mean...nothing says I love you like a cat bath right?

Also I caught Jack licking the shower curtain. This is new. I'm used to him licking the tiles and the tub, but the shower curtain is new...

He continues to wait for me to get out of the shower everyday.

Is it just me or is he getting fat?

Yes, I'm cool.

Thanks for sticking with me for 200 posts guys. The good, the bad, and the downright awful. How cool would it be if by this time next year I was up to 400 post????

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

And then ODOT sucked!

Hi Guys.

It took me 3 hours to get Boomer to school and me to work this morning.

I just sat. Not moving. In my car. For the better part of 3 hours.

Therefor I have nothing meaningful to share with you all today on my lunch break.

I will try again tomorrow.

Screw you ODOT, and also the school boards for canceling school on FRIDAY when the roads were clear, and not TODAY!!!

I'm gonna go now.

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Blogmopolitan Quiz

Hey All!

So Erin posted this on her blog today and I though...'That's cool, you should fill that out.'

Then I downloaded it, and proceeded to fill it out...which was difficult...because I suck and Microsoft Paint, and computers in general. So whatever...don't judge. I seriously deserve a cookie for getting this far!

See ya'll tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Goals: November roundup and December Goals

Hey All-

Slowly but surely I am climbing out of the coma induced by Thanksgivukkah. I have eaten so much food since last Wednesday night I can't even think straight. So...let's ease back into blogging with a recap of November goals.

November Goals 

1. Read More

I count this as a WIN!

I read :

Something Borrowed (Good, but I'd already seen the movie)
The Butler (Meh)
Divergent (Liked this a lot)
A Thousand Splendid Suns (This book was awesome)

Boomer read:

The Betsy Tacy Tib collection (4 chapter stories)
Started reading The Secret Garden with me, complete with British/UK accents.

2. Stay On Budget

I'm counting this as a WIN also. I was able to DRASTICALLY cut back on money spent on eating out, while maintaining a reasonable grocery budget. The financial aftermath of a divorce is NO FUN, but I feel like there is light at the end of this tunnel. If you guys would like me to blog more about budgeting and money stuff just let me know. I'll tell you right now I'm not getting into exactly how much money I bring home, but I'd love to discuss my budget, and debt goals if you're interested!

3. Exercise 1x a week.

Umm...this is a LOSS for sure. I dance around the house a lot, so does that count?

4. Get 2/3rds of Holiday Shopping Done

This is....a win? I mean I got Hanukkah shopping done...and one Christmas gift done. I still need to get Christmas gifts for Momm, Boomer, and Jack though. Yes the cat is getting a gift, I already told you I'm a crazy cat lady.

Ok so goals for December!

1. Keep reading.

Its been nice ending my day quietly curled up on my broken couch turning actual pages in my books. Also I'd really like to finish the Divergent series. I'm a sucker for distopian novels apparently.

2. Drink More Water

Since I failed miserably at the work out goal...maybe I should start small by upping my water intake.

3. Finish Christmas Shopping.

Duh. I have to.

4. Continue to stay on budget...and put away $50 into rebuilding my emergency fund.

I think it's better for me to start small with my financial goals...especially considering how much student loan debt I'm carrying...