Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mommy Has Road Rage Issues

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Hey Lovelies!

I hope everyone had an AWESOME holiday. I had a pretty lazy one and I will fill you in on all the deets....just not today.

Today I am linking up with Heather and Megan and confessing that when I drive I am like crazy Hulk lady. Its awful.

I'm going to get shot one day I swear....because I just get soooooooo angry with people.

And I am very vocal. My hand gestures are kept to a minimum because like I said I'm afraid I'll get shot, but booooy do I mouth off.

For example....this one time I was driving back from Tennessee (ALONE) and this guy was tailgating me. ON AN OPEN ROAD. So I brake checked him. Hard. All while cursing and throwing my hands up in the air.

He then sped off away from me. I drive on cruise control on long trips, and so not 30 minutes later I pull up behind tailgater in heavier traffic....so I return the tailgating favor...then sped to get around him and smiled as I passed. (I may have waved......) MISTAKE. Dude followed me for the next hour.(No matter how fast or slow I went) He even got off the same exit as me. I ran into Cracker Barrel cuz nothing says safety like the Country Store in the middle of nowhere Kentucky. Did I mention that he was a Gators fan and I was CLEARLY wearing my OSU gear.....

The point of this confession is that I TRY...I mean really try to contain myself when Boomer is in the car with me. I come up with very creative ways of cussing people. Example:

Me: (While merging with traffic) OMG!!! Watch where you're going!
Boomer: Mommy....woo-sah.....
Me: (Talking to Momma Boom) Seriously? Did these fools pay for the drivers ed?
Boomer: (In a horrified voice) You talk to your mommy like that?

.....so I had to explain that no, I was not calling Momma Boom a dinkle-fink, but rather the idiot woman that ignored the yield sign. And yes my daughter tells me to woo-sah while driving. I also have her convinced that I am the best driver in Columbus and everyone else just should get off the road.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Crazies....and Being Thankful

Hi Lovelies!

So I'm totally MIA in blog world this week. Sorry....some of you know I work in corporate retail and well....this is one of the busiest weeks of the year for us. Plus I work in e-commerce so its Black Friday and Cyber Monday craziness for me!

I just wanted to share a quick story with you all:

Last night I stopped into Kroger with Boomer to get things for Thanksgiving dinner (yes y'all...I'm cooking the whole she-bang). When we got into line to check out I noticed the mom two spots ahead. She was wearing slightly tattered clothes, and the kids in her cart were both so ready to leave. I realized she didn't have enough to pay for everything she had and was trying to decide what she could do without. The items she had purchased weren't extras for a Thanksgiving feast. We're talking milk, eggs, and bread. The woman in front of me didn't say a word but handed the cashier some cash for the woman's items. The look on her face was utter shock. She thanked the woman over and over, and the woman in front of me shrugged and simply said 'Pay it forward.'

I know its totally cliche to talk about what we're thankful for around this time of year....but watching that exchange really made me think. Boomer and I don't have it easy, but we have. We have a tiny one bedroom apartment, but we have a warm place to sleep every night. I have a working car. I have a job. We don't always eat out, but we always eat. We don't have all the clothes that we want, but we leave the house looking put together everyday. Boomer might not have all the toys in every commercial, but she has fun things and knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is loved.

So I'm thankful.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

On Drive and Ambition

Hello lovelies!

It's not often that I come to life realizations while watching Bravo. Well let's get real. It never happens.

Saturday though I was being super lazy on my couch and Start Ups- Silicon Valley was on. I started watching and one of the characters (The blonde British chic), was talking about how she worked her butt off to get where she is, but isn't where she wants to be yet. I don't know why this resonated with me so much.....

The blondie in the middle.... Image Via

At the end of my time at Ohio State University I worked my butt of to get into my field. I stalked recruiters (I mean I was sending emails out daily), I sent my resume out all the time, I took a sales associate job just to get my foot in ANY door. And it totally paid off. I got the position I have now and I feel SOOOOO blessed.

Lately though with everything that's been going on in my personal life I feel like I've lost my drive. I'm not at all where I want to be. Even with my blog, I get to the end of my day and I have this massive overwhelming relief that I made it without a mental breakdown. I just don't have that ambition right now and I want it back.

I want my drive back. I want goals. I want to learn more about the business I work in because I want to my career to grow and progress. I want to get better at this blog, I want to reach people and grow and be even more a part of this great community that is out there. There are so many things I'm drawn too and I'm interested in, and isn't this the best time to reinvent myself and reinvigorate my life anyway?

Well if you made it through that crazy stream of consciousness thanks. Here's to me....moving forward with a new drive.

Oh by the way....Lindsay has planned a blogger meetup this Saturday! Are my Columbus peeps coming? You should RSVP HERE if you are. Can't wait to see you all this weekend!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

MMM vol 17: Deep Red Nails, and Half Naked Men

Hey Lovelies!

Today's MMM is brought to you by Shawna who blogs over at Doe Loves Buck. She made a comment that she was excited to use darker reds moving into fall. Now my collection is severely lacking in red polishes of any sort. I think I have one....so I need to fix that. However Momma Boom is the QUEEN of red polishes, and she had one in particular that I knew would be perfect. So I went across the street and around the corner and asked to borrow this beauty.

L'Oreal Haute Couture Red

I've never used L'Oreal's polishes before. I really liked the formula and the brush. This polish also lasts pretty well. This is the second time I did this manicure. I used the OPI base coat and my trusty Seche Vite top coat and the first mani lasted a solid week. (I forgot to get a picture which is why I'm repeating this week.) The picture above is obviously in direct sunlight, but when you're indoors it is a deep deep vampy red.

Onto the movie.

So I tweeted that I was watching Magic Mike and Shawna tweeted me back about it.

We both came to the same conclusions...while I love all the actors in this movie (Except Alex Pettyfer), this movie just didn't do it for me. I'm no prude( like, at all), but something about male strippers just makes me hella uncomfortable..... I may or may not have covered my face with a blanket a few times. The 'storyline' of the movie. I mean.... what exactly was the point. Watching the characters interact with each other....was painful sometimes. I get where the filmmakers were going in that they tried to make the relationships 'real', but this is definitely not one of those watch again and again movies.

Just......because. Image Via

So I won't be spending money on the sequel that they say is coming, but I don't feel awful about the $1.30 I spent at redbox.

So that's MMM for the week. Thanks Shawna for the inspiration and the conversation!

P.S. Thanks to everyone for all the sweet comments on yesterday's post. I was having A DAY when I wrote that, but your sweet words just filled me up with happy yesterday so THANK YOU....and Anonymous can you PLEASE start writing a blog already. You'd be AWESOME!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Confessions of a Mommy : Being a Mommy is Hard

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Hi Lovelies!

Linking up with Heather and Megan again for mommy confessions.
So the past two weeks I've linked up with funny stories about the love of my life Boomer.

This week, I had something a little more serious weighing on my mind.

I'm sure you looked at my post title and though 'Yeah Duh Whitney. Of course being a mommy is hard!'

When Boomer came into my life I was 20 years old.

On my 21st birthday I was nursing a baby under a blanket at Cheesecake Factory.

While the rest of my friends were living abroad, and looking at graduate schools, I was struggling with online classes and a new born.

When my friends were going out to parties, meeting new people, and making drunken mistakes, I was at home giving baths, feeding solids, and getting really excited about things like Boomer being able to hold her own head up.

Being a mommy is hard. For me it has been hard. I didn't graduate with my undergrad degree until I was 26. Some of my friends have their PhDs right now. Its hard not to feel like not only did I screw up my own life, but sometimes I wonder if I'm screwing her up too.

My friends all see if differently oddly enough. They tell me how lucky I am that I have my family. How I'm such a strong person and cool mom. Which is nice to hear. But being a mommy is still hard.

I don't ever resent Boomer. How could I? She's amazing and she didn't force herself on me. I made choices that brought her into this world, and she is the most AMAZING, WONDERFUL, PERFECT thing in my life.

But it's still hard. Right now its crazy hard. I was the exact same age as Boomer when my parents got divorced. I sat her down on the exact same bed my mother sat me down on. I told her the same exact thing my mom told me. Now I have to arrange for her to 'talk to someone', hell I need to 'talk to someone'......

So that's my confession. Everyday comes with it's own set of challenges, and being a mommy is hard.

P.S. Even though Momma Boom RARELY reads this ol blog....I appreciate her so much more now that I am a mommy. She moved across the country on her own with a six year old. (Heck I just moved down the street.) She sent me to great schools, provided me with great opportunities from voice lessons, to dance, to trips ect. She pursued  (and GOT) advanced degrees (Yeah my mommy is super smart.) All while battling serious health problems, helping her own elderly mommy, and then supporting me and Boomer. If I turn out to be even half the woman that my mommy is, I think I'll be ok.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Confessions of a Mommy: Sh*t Boomer Says

Hey Lovelies!

I'm linking up with Heather and Megan again for another Mommy Confessions.
This week I'd just like to share a few gems from the mouth of Boomer.

*While curling her hair for picture day*

Boomer: Mommy don't burn my brain!!!

Me: I can't baby. Your brain is covered by your skull which is covered by skin, so if I burn anything it'll be that, but I have my hand between the curling iron and you.

Boomer: Does your brain have a heart?

Me: o_0 ....Ummm....it has like the heart in your chest.

Boomer: Oh...

Me: Do you mean like a soul?

Boomer: Yeah a soul!

Me: Well your brain is your soul I guess. Its where all your thoughts and feelings come from.

Boomer: Mommy everyone knows your soul looks like a pickle. Or a cucumber which is like the cousin of a pickle.


I had no words after that. Literally none. Just tried to keep from dying of laughter and also to not burn anyone.

After I finished her hair I snapped this picture of her being silly:

Sorry it's blurry but that kid never sits still. (I'm so in love with her vest!) Anyway as soon as I snapped the picture she asked me:

Boomer: Mommy I totally looked like a fashion blogger right?

Me: o_0

Me: Uh yes I guess so.

Boomer: Put this picture up on your blog. Can I start a blog?

Me: NO!

*While getting ready this morning*

Boomer: Mommy you're so pretty.

Me: Thank you baby girl. You are very pretty too.

Boomer: Mommy who is prettier? Me or you?

Me: I think you're prettier.

Boomer: Mommy I think you're smokin'! (Which she pronounced Smoke-ann) You're like so cute that all the boys in the city want to take you out!

Me: Ummm....thank you. Please don't say anything like that in front of your Mimi. (My mother)

Boomer: Oh no I wouldn't. Mimi doesn't like stuff like that. But Momma, she's kinda smokin too.

There you have it. Clearly my daughter is....quite a character.