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Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Update : House guest and ....well thats about it

Hey Lovelies!

Once again its time for me to tell you about my weekend and link up with Sami. You know...what we lifestyle bloggers do on Mondays. Maybe I should start doing a psychic weekend post on Fridays. You know. Just to switch it up.

This weekend my 'sister' Lauren came to stay with us while she was auditioning. I say 'sister' because she has been my best friend for 21 years. Yep... she's the other part of the Amanda friendship. She moved to Columbus the year after I did and I met her at a dinner after church. I walked up, took her hand and apparently told her 'Hi, I'm Whitney and we're going to be best friends!', and so we were.

Because if you can't do break light duck face selfies with your best friend......

Anyway, she's a super talented singer and just graduated with her Master's in vocal pedagogy. (She's an opera singer.) So we hung out and caught up and introduced her friend, who also came to audition, to some great Ohio things. Like Graeter's ice cream. Jeni's ice cream., Skyline Chilli, and Donato's pizza. (There is so much more than that, but we only had a weekend.)

Saturday night we went to see the new Star Trek movie, which I'll review for you guys on Wednesday. (Yep, Mani and a Movie post coming your way folks!)

I just had to show you what Boomer wore to the movies........

All in all it was a really fun weekend. Sunday I did a little grocery shopping. I've challenged myself to not eat out at all this week. Which includes packing lunches for myself and Boomer. I haven't exactly shared with Boomer that there won't be McDonald's this week. Honestly... I'm scared to. I just know we need to eat healthier, and that starts with the adult in the house. Yes, that's me. I know sometimes its hard to tell.

Oh yeah. This happened Sunday.

I'm so sweaty that my headphones are reflected off my neck.....ewwwwww

Look who is trying to get her fit on!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Backin up da Booty.......


It's FRIDAY!!!

Which makes me super happy and it means its Back That Azz up Friday again with my girl Whitney!

This song...when it was out...would make me dance like a fool in whatever club I happened to be in at the moment. I remember one particularly wild bachelorette night this came on....and I absolutely partied like a rock star. I love this song....good Shiz.

OH! and Congrats to miss Ashley for winnin' my first ever giveaway. Holla!!!!!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Music is Life: Vol 2

Hey lovelies!

Not a whole lot on my mind so today I'll share some music I've been loving lately.

Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis 'Can't Hold Us'

I've actually been jamming out to this one for awhile, but I was reminded by starting out a crappy morning with this song. Full on Hallelujah moment in the car. #sorrynotsorry

Fall Out Boy 'Light 'Em Up' (Because I refuse to type that loooong freaking song name)

Fall Out Boy is BACK! And may I say better than ever. This song is better than anything they've done to date. To me. And I was never a huge FOB fan to begin with. Love it. Rock it out boys.

Ok those are some of my pump it up get the day going choices right now. What songs do you LOVE right now?

PS you've only got a little while longer to enter.....

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans : Happy 2nd Birthday!!!!

Hey Lovelies!

Well I had quite a fun weekend.

Mine actually started on Thursday, because my best friend Amanda was in town on a brief break from graduate school. Amanda is one of my oldest friends. We've been besties since I was 6 years old. If you follow me on instagram then you saw these pics that Boomer snapped of us.

It was so nice to catch up with her. I'm a collector of friends. I keep you for years and years and years. Some people will pass in and out of your life, but people who have known you essentially your whole life are special. Amanda truly is my sister.

Friday night I went to go hand with my old school buddies. The newlyweds! It was the bride's birthday, and really I'm always down for activities with this crew. There was plenty of wine, silly dancing, a brief moment of karaoke....and I think my hair broke a  lamp. (no joke). I lost my voice halfway through the night and woke up the next morning with lamb kabobs near my face. Awesome.

Saturday Boomer and I did a lot of cuddling and watched several Harry Potter films. I was never able to get into the books, but I love the movies and will stop whatever I am doing and watch them if they are on TV. Boomer finds this quite annoying.

Sunday morning Boomer woke me up bright and early at about 6:45 am to tell me "Happy Mother's Day Momma!!! Now go back to sleep, you can stay in bed as long as you want.'......which is sweet and all, but once I'm up, I'm up.

My mother's day card....she insisted it go to work......

Boomer's first 'cat mommy' Mother's Day card!

We did are usual pancake Sunday, and then got up and ready to go visit my mom and my grandma. We all exchanged cards and gifts. I got some awesome polka dot slippers, and a really beautiful planter with begonias! (I had to cover the poor thing last night though because we had FROST here in what the what?!?!?) My mom chose the Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner. Its an old warehouse in downtown/Franklinton that was converted to an Italian restaurant. Its pretty neat, and I used to go there a lot as a child. This was Boomer's first trip, so that was a cool full circle moment. Mom's day pictures because my mom doesn't want me posting her on the bloggy. Which I totally respect.

Guess what guys?!?!?!

Today is the blog's 2nd birthday, and if you made it through all that, and the past two years you deserve a prize!

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Let's Talk Met Gala 2013!

Hey Lovelies!

Usually Tuesday is reserved for Mommy Confessions...who knows you might get two posts out of me today....

But first can we PLEASE talk about the Met Gala?

I love this event EVERY year. I dream about wearing one of those insane couture gowns. I love seeing what everyone decides to wear, because this is the ONE fashion even where you really can step outside the box and be CRAZY. Fashion really is about self expression as this is THE event to BRING IT!

That being said last nights gala was in honor of the exhibition 'Punk: Chaos to Couture'. This should have been the time when people really pushed that envelope....and for the most part I was SEVERELY let down.

In my own personal fashion odyssey, I've discovered that I like to dress lady like with an edge. When I'm really trying and being my true self my friends describe my look as 'Audrey with an edge', so punk couture is right up my alley. I love leather, and studs, and black, mixed with my lace, and classic silhouettes.

Here are my hits and misses.

Image Via
Before I get into it, let me just say, I have been pregnant. I have been huge, uncomfortable pregnant. I also wore high stiletto heels when I was huge and uncomfortable pregnant. I did not however wear items of clothing that made me look like my grandmother's couch. I also didn't match my heels, and gloves to the grandma fabric. If there was EVER a time for Kim K to OWN her black clothing sexpot look it was this event. What you can't see in this picture are the cool details of her dress. The slit has these awesome silver grommets that would have been amazing on a black dress, with maybe a little leather lace up tie. The gloves also have a cool lace-up detail that once again COULD have been amazing in BLACK, not this awful floral mess. For her first met foray this is a fail, of proportions almost as epic as her belly. And Kanye, shame on you for letting your woman leave the house like that. (Sidenote: I actually love the whole Kardashian klan.....I'm ashamed.)

Image Via

Anne. Bitch WERK!!!!!!!

She is redeemed from her truly awful Oscars appearance.

Her body! That hair! She is serving all kinds of fierce and I LOVE it!

Miley's whole thing now is punk, and this look works. Fishnet over flesh tone gown, punked out hair. Its a polarizing look, which is what punk is/should be.

This landed her on a lot of worst dressed lists.....and I wish she had done something a little more with her hair and make-up. At least this girl tried though. I mean leather-like fabric and laser cut outs. This was custom made as well which is the height of couture. That clutch KILLS me though.

No. No no non no no no no.

You are the 'gatekeeper' of fashion. You are the CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF CONDE NAST !

You wore a floral pink Chanel mess to a gala about punk. I read on Wendy Brandes' blog, that when someone asked her why she wore this she said something about the museum curator telling her that pink was the color of punk.

I just can't.

Ok....Gavin wore plaid.

Sorry Gwennie....I expected more from you.

I love Lilly Collins, and at least she tried with the whole theme, but this is too much. Either lose the jacket or wear it with something much simpler.....nice eye makeup though.

This is more goth princess, than punk...but again she tried. I'm also so happy to see her out of her usual conservative grandma dresses. This is age appropriate. I would love some extra drama with the makeup or hair though.

I love me some Nina, and she continues to kill it on the red carpets lately. Brava!

I'm gonna throw on a studded jacket over this dress I already had. Oh and that crazy studded headband I bought at the flee market last weekend. Her date however is pretty cool.

She's the girl with the freakin Dragon she gets a pass.

If you really know me, you know how I feel about Taylor. This isn't punk, but it ain't 'pretty' either. Good job Taylor. ( That was painful.)

Yes. She isn't orange tan anymore, and she looks fierce! Bitch werk!

The original pop-punk princess. I don't like the outfit, but home girl went for it. Diva.

I also don't care for Ms. Jones much, but I dig that eye makeup....I may have to try that for a night out.

You will notice that there are a lot of girls and dresses missing from my list. I refuse to post pictures of all the 'pretty' dresses. You could have worn that mess to any old red carpet of the year. I'm only talking about people on my list that actually went for the theme. And Anna and Kim because it was just SO WRONG. Clearly I'm gravitating towards should see my own recent purchases.

Just to prove that there was indeed color on the carpet last night.....but if you're both gonna wear plaid make sure it doesn't clash.

In honor, I wore leather and studs, and dark lipstick to work today. Good thing I work in a 'creative' field!

So what did you think of the Met Gala this year? I can't wait for Misty's post!