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Friday, August 9, 2013

It's we listen to 90s Hip Hop

Hey Lovers!

First of all I want to say THANK YOU!!! For making yesterday's post the most read post ever on this here little blog. Like, whoa. You guys commented, was like a big internet hug. Woot! Awesome! Yay!

Today is Friday. Which makes me happy. I'm happy because tomorrow I'm going to go look at a new apartment. There are some exciting happenings here the KGB world. The possible new home is just one of them.
Can I confess something to go along with my Azz Backin? This morning the radio was on....and I thought I was alone in the bathroom....but as my readers know I'm never really alone. Backstory. There was a time when we didn't 'twerk'. Before Miley was doing it in internet videos. Back in the 90s when we called it 'poppin'. Poppin' the booty. So I was in the bathroom...and this song came on.

When this song came out I was in 7th grade. I had no booty. Nor could I, despite a valiant effort, figure out how to pop it.

Well, I've got a booty now. Also I finally figured out how to pop it. (I actually figured this out sometime during 9th grade.) So, I assumed, incorrectly, that Boomer was downstairs watching her morning shows. That is what she had asked permission to do. So I'm in my bathroom. In my jeans, and my bra. Singing into my hairbrush. Twerkin' (poppin') my booty to 'All About the Benjamins'. Then I hear:

'Umm...Mommy...what are you doing? Why is your bottom moving like that? Mommy get your butt out of my face. Eww.'

Oh. Good. Lord.

In my defense my butt wasn't in her face. She was a good three feet away from me. I still kind of want to die a little.

Happy Friday!


Unknown said...

Hahaha!! Thank you for the flashback Friday! I remember winning a dance contest in 6th grade because I could pop it like a champ. Mind you, I was a bean pole at the time! That $25 gift card to Old Navy was my pride and joy!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha - nothing like being judged by a 6 year old!! Congrats on learning to pop though, I got the booty but I still never quite figured it out... ;-)

Helene said...

hahahahaha that is just plain awesome . i would be doing the SAME thing

Tiffany said...

Hahahah! I keep trying to twerk and failing miserably. The fiance knows no difference though!

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

pahahahahaha cannot imagine this scenario - love it!