Friday, January 31, 2014

Monthly Wrap Up: Goals for February 2014

I'm kind of loving that the last day of the month is a Friday.
I dunno...I'm weird like that.

So let's wrap up January's goals!

1. More water
This is a win. I've done a VERY good job with this lately. Yay. Go me.

2.Weekly Savings Goals
This is also a win. I'm totally on track although after reading an article about it...I'm considering going about it differently.

3. Read some non-fiction.
Umm...loss. For sure. I did read plenty o' fiction!

The Dream Theives by Maggie Stiefvater (Book2 of the Raven Boys Series)

  • Not as good as the first book, but I'll still read the next one.

Allegiant by Veronica Roth (Book 3 of the Divergent series)

  • Didn't I say don't do some Mockingjay stuff to me Veronica?!?!? This is how you end the series?!!?!?

4. Open Boomer's savings account.
WIN! We went to the bank and opened it up. We also sat with the banker and had a good age appropriate talk about the importance of savings, and how to manage our money. Yay!

3/4 ain't too shabby people. Not too shabby at all!

So, Goals for February.

Obviously I'm hoping that the saving, water, and reading habits from January and December will carry over. I think after two months they are officially habits.

1. Make healthier meal choices.
Basically I've been able to get away with eating whatever I want and not gaining large amounts of weight. Although today I looked down at my right foot and saw quite the collection of spider veins. So basically my body is saying...we might not make you fat, but your body is breaking down in other ways. So I need to get it together!

2. Involve Boomer in food prep.
I want her to start being a little more self sufficient, and I think helping me prepare meals and lunches will help her with that.

3. Exercise at least 2x per week.
This goes back to the spidery veins too. I sit at my desk ALL. DAY. LONG. I need to add in some activity. ASAP.

4. Make at least 1 phone call to out of town friends per week.
I'm woefully out of touch with my friends, which is ironic considering how much I talk about blogging friends. So I need to do better about this. Just a quick phone call reaching out and catching up.

What are your plans for February? I'd love to hear them!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sh*t Boomer Says : 'Mommy...I Love My Hair!'

Yes, that's right!


*For background THIS is where we started.*

It happened the other morning while I was combing out her hair.

Randomly. Unprompted. Out of nowhere. 'Mommy, I love my hair.'

I paused. I didn't want to ruin the moment and maybe I was just hearing things.

'You do?', I asked cautiously.

'Yeah! It can be curly, or braids, and twists, or straight! It's cool and fun. I like it.'

Angels are singing! My little experiment worked. I have to say thank you to everyone that left a sweet comment on my Instagram posts and here on the blog. She read EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. She looked at every single like. People who she has never met from all over helped her gain confidence about her own special unique curls. That's why I love blogging. It gives me chills to think about, but you guys ROCK.

As for my part of this, I've got two more weeks on my no heat challenge. I've learned I don't like being told I HAVE to do something. I really never straightened my hair that often before, but the idea that I CANNOT do it is making me obsess something fierce about my flat iron. So be prepared for the pendulum to swing the other way.

Its been fun learning about my hair, and Boomer's hair. I've gotten back into to beauty products and goodies again so I'll be posting more about that in the future. Prepare yourselves guys! I have been known all my life as a product guru with my IRL friends and family so I'm going to share the wealth with you my bloggy buddies.

Thank you all again to those who participated in #operationhelpmychildloveherhair !!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beauty Talk : Combating Winter Dryness

Hello All!!

It's no secret. This winter has been rough! So today, instead of simply complaining about the weather that is driving us all batty, I will give you some tips on how I deal with the inevitable dryness the winter brings to our life. (Especially for those of you used to a milder winter.)

1. Water.

Duh. As obvious as it sounds, when we're cold the last thing we are thinking about is water, but it is still just as important to drink as much as you can. For me, I know herbal tea helps me get my intake everyday. That way you're not over-caffeinated and you're warming yourself up with a nice hot drink. However you need to get it into your system, just make sure you drink up.

2. Exfoliate

Once the dry skin is there you've got to get rid of it. There are two ways I do this. The first is my dry brush.

I'm sure you've seen people around the blogosphere talking about the wonderful benefits of dry brushing. So you should definitely try it for that. It's also GREAT for getting rid of dead skin. The second way to rid yourself is of course a scrub. My absolute hands down favorite of all time is the Lush Ocean Salt scrub. Its amazing. I've written about it a few times. There are also some wonderful one's made by Bath and Body Works. The Orange Ginger is my favorite! If you're in a DIY mood there are plenty of recipes on pinterest using plain old sugar and oils around your home.

3. Don't be afraid of oils!

I received a vial of this, as a gift when I purchases my clarisonic.

After I wash and moisturize my face I put a few drops on top to help seal in moisture. Sometimes after I wash my face at night I'll put a layer of coconut oil on my face. When I wake up my skin feels so smooth and soft. I will say that I am prone to getting breakouts here and there from hormones and stress, and the oils don't negatively affect my skin at all. As always you should experiment to find what works best for you, but definitely try it out. Coconut oil is not just for your face. You can slather that coconut goodness all over your body. It's an amazing natural moisturizer.

I personally love to use it on my hair as a deep conditioner or just as a moisturizer. Of course I have curly 'ethnic' hair, so my straight haired readers will need to rinse it out. If you leave it in like I do, you'll end up a hot stringy mess.

4. Deep Condition

If coconut oil isn't your thing, then add some much needed moisture back to your hair with good old fashioned deep conditioner. My current favorite is this one!

Also a good leave in conditioner goes a long way!

5. No Poo....or Less Poo

Since it's been colder I've been using a cleansing conditioner. I use a clarifying shampoo once every few washes too because I'm still pretty attached to the clean feeling of lather, but once my clarifying poo is all gone I'm going to experiment with one with no sulfates.

6. Moisturize

This is another duh, but don't forget to moisturize. Put on your face moisturizer. Get some shea butter and slather your footsies up. (Then put on some socks to help lock it in.)

Keep some hand cream at your desk and put it on throughout the day. Grab some cuticle oil and put a few drops on your nails at night and give yourself a quick hand massage.

7. Don't overheat!

Don't use too much hot water. Limit your use of heat styling tools. The gentler you are on your body, face and hair, the better it will be able to weather...well, the weather.

These are my tips. Do you guys have any good ones?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Whitney's Thoughts on the Grammy's

First of all, I may have oversold the 'earth shattering' posts on Friday.

When will you guys learn to not take me so seriously?

Did you all watch the Grammy's last night?

I didn't. I decided to conduct an experiment and only get my Grammy info from social media. So I switched back and forth between Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. I mean...I think I got all the info I needed. You guys tell me if I missed anything ok?


Lorde is so awkward. The interwebs seemed confused as to whether or not this awkwardness was adorable, or not ok.

Macklemore won everything. And then everyone threw twitter shade. The funniest part...even white folks were mad he won.

Pink performed.

One of these performances is from 2010 and the other is from last night. If, like me, you didn't watch, you have no clue which is which. I mean. Come on girl I love you...but this is literally so 4 years ago.

Also. I realize this makes me a terrible person, but this is funny.

Yup. Taylor lost.

I have to say. Relying on only social media for an award show made is SO MUCH BETTER. Seriously. Tumblr had links to Youtube videos of the performance about 5 mins after they happened, plus I got to skip all the weird stuff and commercials. I might start doing this for all music awards. I doubt this will work as well for the Oscars.

Friday, January 24, 2014

To Whom it May Concern: Friday

So I'm linking up with my favorite Whitney besides myself today.

I freely admit I have been off my blog game this week. I have been on my work and parenting game, so I'm ok with that trade off. Much like Boomer will be spending her Sunday doing homework, I will be spending my Sunday typing up some killer ideas bouncing around in my head. They need to be shared with the internet. It's brilliant earth shattering stuff.

So next week we will talk about how I landed on monthly goals, the awesome revelation that Boomer came to (seriously parenting WIN), some beauty shiz, and I'll throw this out there: Is there anything you would like to see me talk about? Any questions you've been dying to ask me? I'm an open book!

And just in case you missed any of this weeks gems:

I really missed vlogging today, but I was out living life last night! Can't blog about it, if you don't live one :)
Catch all you lovely people on the flip side!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Do We Hate Happy?

This song is delightful.

When it plays in Despicable Me 2, I dance around the living room.

Boomer is usually not amused.

When they played it on our local pop station, one of the DJs commented that it wouldn't be a successful single because it was too happy and cheesy.


We do think that though. We question relationships that seem 'too happy'. We question the co-worker who is 'too happy'. That friend that is just always too damn happy.


I think there are situations where it is just too much; you know, the person who is trying too hard to cover up some underlying unhappiness. That said. I'm happy.

I'm gonna dance now.  Press play, and dance with me.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

CAUTION: Millennial Raising A Child

I don't know why but I've been coming up with the most random posts lately.

Bear with me guys.

Yesterday I read this post by Nadine at Back East Blonde, and it got me thinking.

According to pretty much EVERY article out there on the interwebs, as a millennial I really shouldn't be allowed to raise a child. No, think about it. We are selfish, lazy, entitled, the 'Peter Pan' generation. We expect to have our dream job, with our dream paycheck right out of college. Oh, with two months paid vacation! We were raised that we are all winners. We want instant gratification and have the attention span of a fruit fly. We are unicorns!

I'm sorry none of that good parenting material to me.

Yet here I am. Seven and a half years in.

In many ways I totally a millennial. I've taken my mom to my job. I read her my performance review last year because I wanted her to clap and tell me how awesome I am. (She did not disappoint.) I think I'm pretty awesome. I acknowledge I have to try hard to not be selfish.On the other hand I'm very much not. I knew going in I'd be on the bottom level of my chosen career path and that I would have to work VERY hard to get ahead. I know that my way isn't always better or the best. Be wise and listen to instruction kiddos. I don't expect insane work perks. In fact I was pleasantly surprised by the ones I got. I don't live with my parents. (Anymore :-P) Basically most of the time I try my damnedest to be lumped in with the tail end of generation Y. Hell...having Boomer aged me up at least 5 years right???

All that said there is a lot of stuff that we had growing up that Boomer doesn't.

Home Phones
Dial Up Internet
Cell Phones used to call people
Road trips that required maps
Nickelodeon that had good shows
Justin Timberlake in the band N'Sync
Floppy Discs

Basically. What I'm getting at is.

World if you think WE'RE bad.... wait until Boomer and her friends grow up.

Grow up? Cuz why?

Also...I'm pretty sure everyone hated the Baby Boom generation at one point.

Oh, and I still have a home phone...for what reason I'm not sure.

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Past : The difference between understanding it, and not letting it go.

Today is Martin Luther King Day.

The day when we, collectively as a country, remember the actions of a great man.

Do you know that all 50 states didn't celebrate this holiday until 1993? That's right. Just 11 years ago there were still people that didn't think it was a day worth celebrating. (Sadly my home state of Arizona was always reluctant.)

I read a very interesting article on FB this morning about Dr. King's contribution to black people in the South. What he really did for them. You can read it HERE. The basic premise of the article though, is that Dr. King helped end the mental terrorism of BEING black in this country. I would listen to stories from my grandparents, who moved to Ohio before WWII. The places you didn't go. The hotels you couldn't stay in. The people you avoided. The way you spoke to white people. All based on the fear that one wrong move, or statement, or perceived slight towards a white person could leave you arrested at best, beaten or hanging from a tree at worst. These were real, legitimate fears.

Over the years I've heard many people say things along the lines of 'Black people should get over it', or 'That was a long time ago. Why are we still talking about this?'

To be clear. I don't hate white people. I don't walk around with some secret seething anger over what 'the man' has done to me and my people. That would be foolish, and a waste of energy. In college a white classmate once apologized to me for slavery and I looked at him like he was nuts. I asked him, 'Did you own slaves? Did your family?' His response was of course no. 'So what exactly are you apologizing for?'

I'm not looking for apologies. I'm not looking for reparations. I mean what would I do with 40 acres and a mule? It is important though, to remember what happened in this country. While movies like '12 Years A Slave' may make you uncomfortable, you should see it, or read about what happened to people like Solomon Northup. Read the stories of what it was like for people living in the South under Jim Crow laws. Read the history of the Harlem Renaissance, the Civil Rights movement, the Antebellum period of the South. No matter how uncomfortable it makes you, it is a part of our collective American history and we need to know what happened.

I teach Boomer about American history when I can. I teach her about Black history when I can. She needs to understand that she can go to school wherever I send her, and that she is allowed to read, because someone before her fought for that right. Her great-great-great grandmother could read. It was illegal, because she was a slave, but someone taught her. Her great grandfather was the most brilliant man I know, but he wasn't able to go to college. He made sure all his children did, and then in turn made sure I did. We have to know our past. We have to.

So there is a difference between understanding what happened in our past, and not being willing to let it go. That being said, if anyone reading this is under the illusion that race is no longer an issue in this country. Go search the tweets about Richard Sherman last night. Especially those with the hashtag #nigger.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Operation Get Fit: Feeling my age

Hello Loves!

So let's talk about my getting fit journey.

I've managed to incorporate a few more fruits and veggies into my diet without having the awful mouth burning allergic reactions. YAY!!! I'm still sticking mostly with citrus, and an apple hear and there. I can eat bananas and strawberries, but apparently only blended up in a smoothie. Whatevs, I'm ingesting them right?

I went out and purchased the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD and some free weights! They had a really great sale at Target, and I happened to have a gift card so once again, YAY. I did this workout video for a few weeks at work last summer and it was VERY affective. I'm not sure why we stopped  doing it, but its simple enough for me to do for 30 minutes every morning.

Ok so the feeling my age part. Friday night was a friend's birthday party. As I've mentioned before I attended a small high school and many of us are still close and see each other often. All grades were very intermixed including each other's siblings. Let me tell you, there is nothing like dancing and drinking 21 year olds to remind you that you aren't.

It used to be I could go dancing, and all that would hurt the next day were my feet. Maybe my head. It's Sunday, and I'm sore. Like started a new intense workout routine at Crossfit sore. I feel my age. I think maybe if I was in better shape I wouldn't. I mean...what good is looking like I'm 20, if I feel like I' 60 after a night out.

I didn't have a raging hangover though, so here is to small victories.

Venus Trapped in Mars

Friday, January 17, 2014

Vlogging Like A Boss : Sh*t Boomer Says

Hello All!

As promised today I'm Vlogging Like A Boss with BOOMER!

I'm posting a little late because we had parent teacher conferences this morning. Who schedules a conference at 8:15am on their day off? This genius right here!

We're keeping it short and sweet, because 7 year olds are unpredictable and we are unscripted one take wonders over here. (Her little bit at the end was unprompted and pretty cute I think.)

Anyway enjoy! I'm sure Boomer will make another vlog appearance soon!

Always Ashten

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stopping By...

Hello lovers!

Just stopping in for a quick hello.

This week has been insanely busy at work, and with Boomer's school stuff so I haven't had the chance to post the fun stuff I've wanted to. Sad face all around.

I will tease that I'll be linking up with Ashten tomorrow for another AWESOME Vlog Like A Boss. This time someone will be making a special guest appearance.

Ok ok...I can't keep it to myself.

BOOMER is going to Vlog Like a Boss with me!!!!

A combo Vlog Like A Boss/ Sh*t Boomer Says! What more could the blogiverse ask for?!?!?

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sh*t Men Say...and the Completely Irrational Thoughts That Follow

Lately men have said something to me, and then my brain went somewhere else completely. So I thought I'd share.

'You should model!'

That's sweet...he thinks I'm pretty. If he knew how much makeup, lighting, and airbrushing went into how those girls look! Oh! That means he things I'm 'model' pretty in the real world. Well that's a super compliment. Wait no....I can't model. In model standards my perfectly acceptable size 4/6 frame is practically obese. Also I'm ancient. I'm 28. That's like. An octogenarian in model years. Ick. Why couldn't he just say I'm pretty. Not cute though. I freaking hate 'cute'.

'You look great/amazing/awesome/nice today!'

Oh wow. That's so sweet. He noticed I put in some extra effort today. Wait. He said I look nice TODAY. What do I look like every other day.

*For fellas and ladies, I have learned it is better to compliment something specific because I am not the only crazy pants out there. I like what you did with your hair today, I like those shoes, did you do something different with your makeup, I love that lipstick ect.*

'I'm not a mind reader!'

No, no you aren't. You are however an IDIOT, because I specifically told you my thoughts on this issue. You either chose to ignore them, or your brain double as a sieve. Neither option looks good for you.


This is by far the absolute worst thing you can say to me or any woman while in the midst of a discussion. If I have laid out my argument with points and counter points and taken time to explain myself and my stance and you come back with 'ok', I'm literally killing you 7 different ways in my mind.

Voyage of the Mee Mee

Monday, January 13, 2014

Queen of Cleantopia

Good Monday morning peeps.

This morning, I have fought the battle of Showersburgh.

The Princess of Showersburgh screamed, and cried, and screamed some more.

I however, Queen of Cleantopia, prevailed. I will not tolerate uncleanliness about my borders.

Throughout this battle there were casualties. The princess got soap in her eye. I the queen had to change my vestments (clothing) after several run ins with the hot springs. The soap was lost. The soap was found. Hair was made wet. The adjoining kingdoms of floorville, toiletopilis, and bathroomia general were laid waste. Jack, King of....Catlandia (?), was not amused.

Queen of Cleantopia, I prevailed. I will always prevail. I wish the Princess of Showersburgh would just accept this.

So once the battle was complete, I looked askance at her and asked:

'Who runs this?!'

Begrudingly the princess replied:

'You do do.'


I promise to post something tomorrow that doesn't showcase my crazy, but as you can imagine the battle of Showersburgh was physically and mentally exhausting. Good day.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Vloggin, Backin It Up, And Celebrating

If you're looking around right now and think you're lost...YOU AREN'T!

How insanely gorgeous is this new design?!?!?! I'm so in love with it I stared for a solid hour. It's perfect. A million thanks to the creative genius Whitney that designed it. (This Whitney...not me...yes we've covered this before.)

In honor of my second favorite Whitney we are backin' up our asses all over blog land today with the first Back That Azz Up Link Up of the year!

Also linking up with Ashten today to Vlog Like A Boss!

Always Ashten

Guys. This has been a pretty epic blog weeks for me. I blogged about learning to love me, my budget, how effing cold it got in Columbus and Mr. Jack. That's right! This girl blogged erry-day this week!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Jack is a Loud Mouth

I know. That is a weird title for a post.


I had a cat when I was younger. His name was Frosty, and he was the most beautiful Russian Blue. He was fat, my mother preferred to say well loved, and chill. I used to joke I wanted to marry a man like Frosty. He was quietly affectionate, loved Jazz, enjoyed a good cuddle, and was just an all around sweetie.

First of all, he talks. All. The. Time. I literally did not have any idea that cats could be so damn talkative. First thing in the morning, before I've had any coffee or even gone to the bathroom there he is having a completely one-sided conversation with me through meows. When we get home at night, there he is bounding down there stairs meowing in such a way, that it seems like we are being scolded for letting in cold air, or leaving him alone so long. When Boomer does her homework, he lays down on whatever piece of paper she isn't writing on at the moment and proceeds to 'talk' to her for 10 minutes.

Secondly he is a licker. He licks us all the time. If there is an extremity near his mouth he will lick you. If it is not near his mouth he will move until it is, and then lick you. I suppose this is sweet. It's his way of claiming us.
'Dis human mine. I bath dis human. Dis human so stinky. Why dis human never lick herself clean?'
He will hold your arm in his paws if you try to move away from his loving bath. I think we all know that cat tongues feel like sandpaper. If we sit together on the couch to watch Star Trek I have to eventually hide my hands under a blanket. Undeterred he will then head for my chin.

Oh yeah. He likes Star Trek. I have finally trained him to sit in my lap, and not the coffee table when it's on, but he loves that shit.

He will play fetch. I'm not sure why, but he will play fetch with one hot pink feathered toy with Boomer.

Jack is my boy though. At night, when Boomer has gone to bed, he will sit with me while I read or while we watch Star Trek. He sits next to the tub while I soak, every once in awhile testing the water temp with his paw, or 'talking' to me to make sure I'm alive. He is happy to see me when I come home. He is happy to see me when I wake up. He's even happy to see me when I return from taking out the trash. I know a lot of people are down on cat's because they don't seem to be as blindly loving and loyal to their owners as dogs. I think maybe you just haven't met the right kitty boy yet.

Yes. We call him kitty boy. In baby talk. Whatever.

Karly Kim

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Girl and Her Money : A Budget That Works For Me

Hello All!

How many of you get to the end of the month and wonder 'Where did all my money go???' Maybe some of you don't even make it to the end of the month. I hear a lot of my friends laugh when people talk about living pay check to paycheck. More like paycheck to 5 days before next paycheck. Does this sound like you? It surely was me. I couldn't figure out how I was technically making more than I ever had in my life, but I was still broke.

I was also living in a land called DENIAL about my student loans. Do you know I had never once throughout my collegiate years stopped to add up how much debt I was taking on. I didn't once I graduated either. It wasn't until I realized that they were coming due, and I had no way to pay them that I finally pulled my head out of the sand and added it all up.

It was depressing. Sobering. Terrifying. How on earth was I ever going to pay off that kind of debt? I mean serious debt. Including my car, all totaled up, we were dangerously close to six-figure range. Add that kind of debt, to a single mom making a modest salary recovering from divorce, and have a recipe for a weekend of depressed Netflix binging and not getting off the couch. After all was said and done with the divorce I was months behind on pretty much every bill you can imagine. I was robbing Peter to pay Paul, negotiating payment plans and then renegotiating...I knew I couldn't keep going like that.

I spent several days complaining about my debt to income ration to my cousin. She listened patiently and then once again gently suggested I use a program she'd been using with great success for awhile. She'd mentioned it a few times, but I kind of laughed her off. I thought in my head, 'Oh she's older than I am, and way more established in her career, of COURSE budgeting and debt payoff comes easy to here!' This time though I was desperate. I was willing to do ANYTHING to stop the bleeding. (I've also learned no matter what your age or financial status, personal finance is a tricky thing for everyone.)

Image Via

So I downloaded the free trial of YNAB. Loaded it up to my computer and my iphone and started the budgeting thing. YNAB is a lot like envelope system. I knew envelopes with cash in them wouldn't work for me, and I'd tried Mint once before, but this looked interesting.At first I did it all wrong. I didn't understand the 4 rules, I was sporadically recording my spending and it was a mess. Then I took some of their free classes, and it totally clicked. I actually ended up winning a copy of the software in the class I was taking. (It was meant to be I tell ya!)

A little bit about YNAB. It's based on the principles of 4 rules:

Image Via

  1.  Give every dollar a job - anytime you receive any kind of income, enter it into your budget and give it a job. Every. Single. Dollar. Dollars floating around with no purpose aren't working for you, and it's an easy way to lose track of you money. Resulting in those 'Where did my paycheck go?!' moments.
  2.  Save for a rainy day -  Those yearly/quarterly expenses that come up like insurance, oil changes, memberships ect? Save for them every month. By saving a little bit at a time, you eliminate those 'surprises' where you suddenly have to come up with $500. This is also where your emergency fund goes for any other unexpected things that always pop up.
  3.  Roll with the punches -  This is my favorite rule. Your life changes, and your budget needs to be flexible too. Does this mean you can take your rent money to buy shoes? No, but if you need to take $20 out of your gas funds for an impromptu girls night that's ok! Your budget has to work with you and for you, otherwise you won't stick with it.
  4.  Live on last months income - Eventually the idea is that you will save up a 'buffer' equal to your monthly income. This will eliminate the stress of waiting for your next paycheck to come so you can pay bills. The money will already be there and it's replenished each month.
Another great thing about YNAB is all the support that comes with it! There is a blog that is updated often with budget breakdowns/critiques, information about finances, and pod casts. There are also the support forums which I love. The YNAB staff frequents them, as well as the other users. The community there is very hands on and helpful. Its kind of like anonymous finance blogging! YNAB also offers MANY free live online classes about how to use the software and make it work for you!

So there you have it. My brief sermon on the budgeting system and software that works for me. With the YNAB app on my phone I'm able to quickly glance at my category balances and determine how much I have to spend, as well as enter transactions quickly and easily on the go so I can track and stay on top of my spending. I was able to see just in the first month I was spending WAY too much on fast food and snacks and curb my spending accordingly. I'm no YNAB expert like some of the people you will meet on the forums, but I'm liking the changes I've seen in my financial health just in a few months.

I've gotten feedback from a few readers that they'd like to hear about my financial journey, and its absolutely a work in progress, but if there is anything you'd like me to talk about in future posts or questions you have please let me know!

*I was not compensated to write this post, all opinions are my own.*

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This Is My Current Single Status

My declaration of independence...

If you're singing along with the Natasha Bedingfield song in your head right now, give yourself a cookie. No really. Go get a cookie! It's ok. I'll wait.

Single by Natasha Bedingfield on Grooveshark

Alright now that that is out of the way...

I've been single now for the longest stretch of time since I was 12. Basically since I discovered boys don't have cooties. I'm what my friends like to refer to as a serial monogamist. I don't think this description is entirely accurate considering I didn't start sleeping with boys until JJ, but its true I have in the past gone from relationship to relationship with barely a breather. I also have a habit of recycling ex-boyfriends, or dating people that I've known FOREVER. They weren't all serious relationships. I mean how serious can you really be at 12? Nonetheless I have always had a boy on my arm, one waiting in the wings, and a follow up prospect to him too. I was a shameless flirt all through high school, but all the boys knew it was a game. You could look, but you couldn't touch.

 The idea of being forever alone was terrifying a year ago. I moved out on my own in October of 2012, and went into a bit of a 'thing' with an old friend. It was silly and pointless and going no where despite our 'feelings' for each other. That January I met a nice guy at a friends party and we went out a few times. We were watching TV one night when it hit me. I didn't really want this. I wasn't ready to date. I didn't want to get to know anyone when I barely knew myself.

That's right. 27 years old. A degree, a career, a child, and no flipping clue who I was. That's scary. Frightening. I'm supposed to be raising a child, helping her to figure out her way in life, but I don't know my own? My mother had told me for years, 'stop hopping from relationship to relationship. Slow down. Take some time to get to know you!' I dismissed her. She was my mom. She didn't know what she was talking about and just wanted to run  my life. I finally realized she had just been trying to help me. In all that man hopping I hadn't found love or security. I'd found a lot of trouble. The older boy who was just trying to get one thing. The emotionally abusive boy, who convinced me I was a crazy pill head. The bad boy that I could save. The elusive boy I could chase. The perfect boy I could be a trophy for. The project. The rebel. The saint.

I'll be the first to admit, I have some Daddy/abandonment issues. I remember relaying the following to a therapist once:

My birth father gave me up for adoption. My adopted father left the marriage. My grandfather died. Then my uncle disowned me instead of dealing with the pain of his loss. I've been abandoned by every man that was supposed to stick by me and support me.

She was ridiculously impressed with my self awareness. I wish I'd known about this gif then.

I spent the last 12 months getting to know Whitney. Really getting to know her. Enjoying the quiet and the solitude. Enjoying the underwear dance parties with Boomer. Enjoying answering to no one, but God. Learning that I like classic movies, and documentaries. That I actually can't stand a lot of shows that I spent hours of my life watching so I could have something to talk about with some guy. I actually don't like boy shorts, especially one's with seems up the front (atomic wedgies anyone?) and threw out every pair I'd bought to make a guy happy. I like my hair wild and crazy. I like it straight too, but it's my hair not to be tamed and cajoled to make another person more comfortable. I like wearing too much makeup sometimes. I like wearing heels even though they make me 6ft tall. I like singing in the shower, and the car, and the kitchen, and pretty much every where else. I like being goofy and silly. I like spending hours looking at expensive shit I can't afford. Yet. I like thinking deeply. I like reading books quietly to myself. I like my face. I like my body. I like my spirit. I like my temper. I like my heart. I LIKE EVERYTHING ABOUT ME.

The funny thing is now that I've learned all this, I'm not sure I want to share it with anyone. I'm not sure I want to lay it all out there for someone to say 'Yes! I like you!'...or "Nah...not my thing.' There is a part of my that wants to cook for someone, to get dressed up and be on someone's arm, to share my life again...

But there's no rush.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside...

First, to all the newbies that have found their way to KGB, WELCOME!!!


Mother Nature basically pooed on my face this morning.

Last night I sat down to go through my blog reader, and up pops and email from Boomer's school saying school was canceled. I laughed. I laughed because at that moment it was raining and part of my parking lot was flooded. Cancel school? For what I say?

Mother Nature is laughing this morning. Not I. That semi-flooded parking lot is now a skating rink. I almost busted my ass on said skating rink, trying to open my frozen shut door for Boomer this morning. Its COLD. is only going to get colder. I'm not complaining. I know I live in Ohio...but to put it into perspective...

It hasn't been this cold in Columbus in 20 YEARS.

Ohio State University closed today. I only remember them closing maybe 3 times in the 22 years I've lived here. No joke.

Last night I finally got to use my new pretty pink Clarisonic. Do you know you have to charge those bad boys for A DAY before you can use it???? All I was thinking was it better be worth the wait! Its weird because you turn it on, and it doesn't even look like its moving. Then you put it on your face and its like 'Whoa!!!' THEN...when I went to rinse my face off with some water I actually felt how smooth it was. I don't think my face has felt like that since birth. I'm also experimenting with some oils that came with it as a gift with purchase, so I'll let you know how those work for me.  I'm only going to use my Clarisonic twice a week to start, just because I feel like there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. I also bought the model that came with the sensitive brush head. Start easy and then you can always build up!

Also since the video I posted Friday got all wonky with sound, here is a pic of the nails I was so proud of. The base is OPI My Vampire is Buff with a glitter gradient of Essie Hors D'oeuvres.

Happy Monday Loves!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Operation Get Fit: Getting Started

Hi All!

I've been reading along with Sarah of Venus Trapped In Mars and her Operation Get Fit posts. Did you all know home girl is down 12 pounds. I think that is so fantastic!

Now I'm sure some of you will look at pictures of me on the blog, and thing...umm Whitney? You? You're trying to lose weight?

Well yes and no. I don't really have an issue with my weight. I have an issue with my fitness level. I am the worst kind of skinny. I am 'skinny-fat'. My clothes still fit, for the most part, but they are getting a little uncomfortable. I still look slender, but things are wobbling and jiggling all over the place where they never used to. Even Boomer has been kind enough to point out my wobbly bits.

Thanks kid.

My issue is the getting started. I pin all these great bodies on pinterest, and I reblog all these amazing fit women on tumblr...but how do I get there.

I know I eat a lot of crap, but on the flip side of that, I'm allergic to a crazy amount of fruits and some veggies. I also just really love bread guys. And fried things. And cheese.

I also have access to a gym at my complex, as well as at my job... I just have no clue where to start!!!

I mean I can hop onto the elliptical at work for 30 minutes of my lunch...but what is that really going to improve if I want to get a really toned body. I know I need to lift, but how much and how????? I really just want a trainer to yell at me and tell me what to do.

This is turning into a ramble.

Well this week I'm going to try and start small. I'm going grocery shopping and I'll buy the fruits I KNOW I'm not allergic too and work on some breakfast smoothies and snacks for work. (Mid afternoon snacks are killer for me.) I'm also going to work on packing lunch everyday so I'm not tempted by the yummy offerings at the work cafeteria. I will also try the elliptical a few days this week....I mean. I have to start somewhere right?
Venus Trapped in Mars