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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I meant to recap my weekend....

Hey Lovers,

I meant to do a recap of my awesome birthday weekend.....and then I got sleepy and lazy. (OMG guys I wrote this on TUESDAY!!!)

So here goes!

Thursday I came into work to this!

My co-worker/work wife had adorned my desk with pink and glitter. Two things that make me very, very happy. There was also a happy bday print out from my White Boy Hubs Adam Levine....yes I know he's engaged. I'm not worried.

Lol I can't show the other wall of my desk because its covered in product samples and that's a corporate no no, but its all birthdayed out too. (No apparently that isn't a word.)

My birthday was also awesome because you can now shop H&M online! This is great, because I hate going into the store. Its loud. Boomer touches everything. No thank you.

Also, it was Greek platter day for lunch which makes me feel all warm and tingly inside. (No pictures, I inhaled it.)

Then I got to leave work and hour earlier than the early I'd planned because Mom locked her and Boomer out of the car. Woot. Mom and Boomer gifted me up!

My baby girl knows you can never go wrong giving mommy something rubber ducky!

We then skedaddled to Cheesecake Factory which is my go to birthday dinner. Don't judge me.

Then I got all dressed up to hit Ladies 80s with my girls and did not take 1 single picture. Not one. It was interesting anyway. Very loud, and they played all the 80s emo no one had ever heard. Except maybe the 40 year olds in the bar. (No judgement, do you.) We made our way to the patio where you could hear yourself think and just sipped our beverages, and talked. Which to my old self is preferable these days.

Sidebar, I'm kind of over going to bars and clubs and dancing and being drunk and crazy until 3am. Paying for parking, cabs, ect. Can I just have ya'll over for a dinner party...that involves several bottles of wine and dancing and being crazy until 2am in my living room? In the suburbs? Where there is plentiful parking, and you can just sleep on my couch?

Anywho....I was home by 1am, and back to work by 830am.

Funny story, we kind of make a big deal about birthdays here at my office. Desks are decorated and large amounts of food are brought in and consumed. boss forgot my birthday. (Which I wasn't really bummed about because I'm an adult, not a 6 year old.) However, when I came in on Friday there were some BEAUTIFUL orchids AND daisies at my desk. Along with a lovely card, and a super cute bumblebee cookie. (Sorry no pictures, I devoured it.) If you read this, then you know flowers are the quickest way to my heart.

I also thought my dad had forgotten my birthday. No call. No card. Sad Whit.

He called me Friday night, a little concerned because he hadn't heard from me. He asked if I got his message.


Well did I get his cards.


Well I sent it to the ____ address., I haven't lived there for almost a year.

Cue dad/stepmom FREAKOUT.

Well I called the 999-999-9999 number.

Um...that's not my number anymore...the number you're calling me on now is.

Well this is under 'work' in my phone.

I'd just like to point out this convo was at 11pm at clearly this isn't my work # dad :)

So we got it all cleared up. My parents love me. I feel better. Though they apparently are still feeling really awful about it.

Saturday, Mom, Boomer and I had a Cracker Barrel craving, so we drove up to Sunbury to get some. (Its only a 20 minute drive.) Then Boomer and I vegged out for the next day and a half, until I decided we needed groceries. Do not go shopping even kinda sorta hungry. You will spend two weeks worth of your food budget....all bad. I will be eating PB&Js for the next week at least.


Tuesday....wasn't much better.

Today. Today will be fine!


Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

Girl I love Cheesecake Factory! Haven't been in forever, but it's delicious. I love Greek food, too. I would have inhaled it myself.

Sounds like your birthday outing was really fun! But I am like you, I would rather have a dinner party with lots of wine.

Have a great day!

Tiffany said...

Looks like an amazing birthday celebration! Those flowers are gorgeous!

Cheesecake factoryyyyy. YUM. No judging, ever!