Thursday, June 28, 2012

Confessions of A Mommy : #parentproblems

Hello Lovelies!

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen me hashtag a few of the events with Boomer lately as #parentproblems. It all started with this one:


OK I don't do well with bodily functions. (which is odd because I spent a few years in Early Childhood Education = fancy talk for I worked in a daycare) I don't like poop, pee, vomit, blood. All of it makes me gag and run away. I also don't like loose teeth. I mean great its loose. Why do you have to come to me and wiggle it back and forth in unnatural directions. Gahhhhh!

Then to make it even worse WE WERE EATING. I just heard this POP! I knew exactly what it was and starting dry heaving immediately. Mommy of the year in the house!!

I pulled it together figured out yeah it was blood, not ketchup (we were eating hot dogs) and got her to rinse with warm water and salt. While she lamented not being able to give her tooth to the tooth fairy. I explained that I would speak to the Fairy and let them know what happened.

Then there was this little gem yesterday:



My room and bed still smell like pee. Why? Seriously?

I'm only slightly consoled by the knowledge I was planning to buy a new mattress soon anyway.

So parenting comes with its share of problems. But there are also some serious perks:

Boomer is always happy to fist pump to my music at 645am.
She always has hugs and kisses to give away freely.
She tells me I'm beautiful when I'm sick.
She is always concerned about others, and how she can help them.
She'll split a grapefruit with me.
She told me straight up the other day 'I don't play games with people Ma, its not right.'
She has her own sense of self that is AWESOME.

Have a great day!