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Friday, September 30, 2011

TGIF: I Made it!!!!

This week has been insane. Because of some staffing issues I had a full time schedule at work this week. Which involved a few nights being in the store til 2 am. YIKES! Several of us are coming down with something. I think I'm next. And so this morning finds me like this:
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To make matters worse I was supposed to drop morning snack of to Boomers kindergarten class this morning. Mommy of the year over here, because I TOTALLY forgot. Ooopsie. So I hoofed it over to Giant Eagle and picked up two ginormous boxes of gold fish because the best way to fix something is over compensation. Right?
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 Anywho....I'm trying to get better at this whole blogging consistently thing. Creating the Monday Mani and Movie post means I have to have something to show you guys on Mondays....but what to do for the rest of the week? Hmm....well I do have another Boomer styled and photographed outfit post soon.

I'm off for something of a nap. Then cleaning the house. Then homework. Then getting Boomer from school because I'm actually off work today. I think I'll let her help me make her sticker chart for staying on green. I'll explain that later. Nap Nap guys!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Movie and a Mani: Vol3

Hey guys Happy Monday!

It's very yucky, rainy, gray and just overall nasty here in C-bus today. Here's hoping my cheery attitude brightens someones day :)

OPI DS Radiance
Sorry for the crappy photo quality but I couldn't get a good pic in all the gray weather with my camera. So this is from my phone snapped in The Shoe parking lot. You don't know about The Shoe? Ok we'll talk.
This was honestly the most complimented  manicure of the summer. Everytime I wore it people were intrigued. In the sun light it looks like liquid mercury on your tips. So cool.

On to the movie part of our post...

JJ brought home Sucker Punch. Umm....he got major *side eye*. I was truly concerned for his sanity. Why are you bringing home a movie with half nakie girls for a date night?

Then I started watching...and well I changed my tune. The movie is weird. I'll just be upfront with that. Its visually stunning though. I started commenting on the makeup about four minutes into the movie. JJ was not amused. I had him pause the movie a few times so I could look closer and figure out how to reproduce the looks myself.

So there you have it guys. Have a wonderful Monday!
Rain, rain go away!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Its how much??????

So I work part time in a mall.

Which means I am constantly inundated with things to buy.

There is a Godiva store on my floor. I love their chocolate covered strawberries. Somehow it has always escaped me how much they actually cost.

Wait for it.....

For two of their admittedly ginormous chocolate covered strawberries it costs $14!!!!

I found this truly appalling and said 'Self, we can make our own for waaaaaaaaaaaay less.'

What you don't address yourself while thinking out loud? Oh...umm...well ok.

Supplies!!!!! Chocolate Chips, Berries, wax paper

Put your chips in a double boiler......

Stick those bad boys on a fork and dip them in chocolate, set on wax paper, chill then eat!

This is seriously the easiest recipe ever. Some call for bakers wax (or some such nonsense), but these were amazing all on their own. This is a eat the day you make them sort of snack, they don't save well. I think they would be great for a party. Next time I'm thinking of making a tuxedo version with white and dark chocolate for a dinner party. Yumm :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

When you give a five year old a camera….

When you give a five year old a camera and she reads fashion blogs with you this is what happens.
Shirt: Pink Jeans: Express Shoes: Old Navy

Nails: OPI DS Radiance

Lips: Mac Girl About Town....yes it matches my shoes PERFECTLY!

Outfit: Girlfriends Shoes: Stride Rite

I’m ashamed to say I fell back into my mommy-rific jeans and tee shirt routine. Oh well, Boomer made it incredibly fun. First I had to pose in front of the wood because, ‘It makes it look cool Momma.’ Then I needed to pose. Then I needed to climb a tree. Then I needed to take pictures with Baby Lizzie. Because apparently its not a fashion post without a baby doll in it. Then we needed pictures of makeup, accessories, and jewelry because, ‘That’s what the other blogger girls do Momma.’ Then I told Boomer I wanted to take her picture too. And do ya know what she said to me? ‘Oh yeah good Momma, because I’m mixing prints.’ Color me speechless.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mani and a Movie Vol.2

Hello and Happy Monday again guys!

Today I actually have a two movies to review, I had Indy in town visiting and we had a movie night. Plus I promised Boomer a trip to Lion King if she stayed on green all week. She did it! Momma's proud. But first the mani.

OPI Gargantuan Green Grape

I know its almost officially fall, and here in Ohio its already plenty cold. I actually had to turn my heat on the other day. It was 48 degrees out. So I wanted to paint my nails something a little brighter to combat the cold. This color needs three coats to be truly opaque, but I think that its worth it because its just so pretty.

Now for the movies.
Thor. God of Thunder. Chris Hemsworth. YUM! I'm kind of a sucker for comic book movies, but this was actually a pretty decent movie on its own merits. And I mean......
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Yeah....he's adorable. That smile could melt anyone.

Image Via

Boomer was really excited to go have a movie night with me. We got our snacks and settled into our seats. As that iconic opening music started I started to sing along. Definitely got the stink eye from my five year old. When Mufasa died I teared up (as I do every time I watch it), and Boomer turned around and said, "Momma, its ok. Its just pretend."
This movie will never get old. It was so beautiful to see on a large screen again. I opted not to see the 3D version because Boomer is not a fan, and I felt like maybe it would take away from the movie. I mean does everything need to be in 3D?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Two Too Many?

 A few weeks ago Monica of Ask the Duplex posted an outfit post concerning two identical shirts that she had purchased. She asked the roommates (because that’s what she calls us…isn’t that cute?) if we thought having two identical things was acceptable. I commented that OF COURSE it was acceptable. Downright necessary.  I mean let’s face it, sometimes it’s ridiculously hard to find things that fit and flatter. So if you find one and they make it in other colors, patterns, etcetera I say buy ‘em both.
So here are my identical dressed that I purchased way back when my second year of college. (Circa….2004ish) They were on the rack at Marshall’s and I just couldn’t walk away. My roomie made fun of me, but I stuck by the purchase. This is kind of a big deal. I’m a notorious returner. Seriously. I asked JJ if we could return my first car the day after I bought it.
My Dress: Donna Ricco Shoes: Connie Bag: Elizabeth Arden (From my Grandma)
Boomer's Dress: Bonnie Jean Shoes: Stride Rite

Dress: Donna Ricco Shoes: Hand-me-Down Bandolino Bag: Vintage from The Swanky Abode Jewelry: Watch- Bulova graduation gift Earrings-Mother's Day gift from Boomer

I have to tell you guys Boomer took these pictures. I think she’s pretty awesome for a five year old with a crappy point and shoot. Not that I’s give her a DSR….or that I’d give myself one for that matter.
So now I have a question for you guys? How would you style these dresses? Transition the black and cream into fall? Add accessories? Wear one as a shirt? I guess the possibilities are endless, but my mornings getting ready for church aren’t. Catch you guys next time!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday: A Mani and a Movie

Hey all! Happy Monday!

I actually like Mondays. I'm notorious for sending out mass Happy Monday text messages to all my friends at 9am. They are not always appreciative.

So this Monday I wanted to share with you a recent manicure I gave myself. I am obsessed with nailpolish and I'm always finding new shades. So after reading through Grit and Glamour's archives one day I found this entry and reeeeeaaaallly wanted that Essie Pink Parka. Alas when I went to Beauty First the informed me that their location did not carry Essie polish. They directed me to Zoya instead. I've heard of Zoya before but had never actually bought one of their polishes. This was the result!

Zoya Ali, accent OPI Teenage Dream
I love glitter...and an accent nail. What do you guys think? The Zoya polish didn't really stand up like my OPI polishes did, but I'm assuming that's because of the formulation differences. I'm not totally sold on Zoya, but I'm willing to give them another try because they have so many beautiful colors.

On to the movie. This weekend I rented The Conspirator from Redbox. Disclaimer: I'm a history NERD. Its my major. I want to be a historian when I grow up...if that ever happens. Anyway, this movie is about the trial of Mary Surratt, the first woman executed by the federal government for her role in the conspiracy to murder President Lincoln. Of course as with all historical movies there is a little creative juggling with the truth, which as a student of history I've never understood. The truth of history is much stranger than fiction. Oh and did I mention this cutie is the lead.

Image Via
Yeah....lurve him. The verdict on the movie: It's interesting. It makes you think, and in light of September 11th and legislation that followed those attacks, I drew some interesting parallels. One of the characters says at the end 'In times of war, the law falls silent.'

Anywho...that's a Mani and a Movie. We'll do this again next week :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget.....

No one will ever forget where they were when those horrible events happened.

I was 16 years old. We were in between classes. I remember one of my friends coming down the hallway while I was at my locker and telling us a plane had hit the World Trade Center. I assumed it was a small commuter plane. Things like that happened sometimes. I went ahead on to class, where my teacher turned on the TV. We sat in shocked silence as the second plane struck. The rest of the morning just unfolded as something more and more horrible flashed across our screen. I called my mother and begged her to take me home. I just didn't feel safe.

Last year, as I drove home from church, Boomer, who was then four, saw a memorial service involving our local fire department. She asked what they were doing and I told her honoring those that died on September 11th. I did my best to explain to her in age appropriate terms what happened that day. She of course didn't understand. "But Mommy, what did the people in the building do?" I told her they didn't do anything, and that sometimes people just do bad things to people who don't deserve it. This year she is a little older and saw some pictures of the buildings burning, and caught me tearing up while names were read at the memorial. I still find it difficult to explain something to my child, that now even ten years later I don't fully understand.

I pray for those that were lost, I pray for those who lost family and loved ones, I pray for our country as we continue to heal, and the rest of the world as well.

We will never forget.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's That Time Again...

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I'm a HUGE Sons of Anarchy fan, and tonight was the season premiere. Ever since the finale of last season I have been eagerly awaiting the premiere. My love of SOA kind of annoys some of my other girlfriends that just don't get it. I not so secretly want to be some one's old lady from the show.....yeah....It's that serious.

Well the season opener did not disappoint. The boys are home from their jail stint and my the times they are a changing in Charming. Why they even got themselves a black sheriff. I'm tellin' ya it's the rainbow coalition over there. Let's see....there was gratuitous 'Honey I'm home from federal lock up!' sex, and Jacks showed his bum like he does every blessed season. There was a proposal, a wedding, and of course the Sons handled their business as always. The coming season looks really exciting now that the Russians have been dispatched, Jemma knows about Maureen's letters, and what? They're running drugs for the cartel too. I can hardly wait!

See you next Tuesday boys!