Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Humpday Confessions : 4.27.16

Good Lord I haven't done a link up in why not today!?

  • The federal government decided to increase my student loan payments and my immediate knee jerk reaction was. Eff you all I'm never going to pay it back!!!! I mean I am going to pay it back, but now my whole monthly budget has to be re-tweaked. YAY ADULTING

  • Boomer and I have had pizza and salad for dinner the past two nights.

  • I haven't listened to, or watched Lemonade. I don't care who Becky is. Bey just wants ya'lls money. But at the same time, Hey #blackgirlmagic!

  • Sometimes I am a petty chick. I don't know why, but its funny and I enjoy it and the Lord and I are working on it. 

  • I can't wait for this weekend, because I'm going to a party and there is an open bar.
  • This may be the worst post I've ever written.....

More Coffee Less Talky

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Girl's Night : Roller SK80s

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I have been lucky enough to make some truly amazing friendships through blogging. I have a group of girls that I know consider dear friends, and when people as us how we met, we get to say... the internet!

(That conversation is less weird than it used to be, trust me.)

Anyway, this group of girls has a yearly tradition of attending a local party called Roller Sk80s. Which is exactly what it sounds like. A roller skate party dedicated to the great decade that also brought me into the world. (1985 thank you very much.) Usually this event takes place in February around that time my family comes to visit so I haven't been able to attend with my girls. Until....this year!!!!

The theme this year was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When I told Boomer this involved an explanation that, NO, TMNT is not new. YES, I know all about them. We had to have a very similar conversation about Care Bears and My Little Pony.

A few of the girls wanted to dress up as the turtles, but I had purchased a fully sequined tunic months ago at the sample sale at work and I just HAD to wear it. (Sorry girls) I also couldn't find green leggings to save my life, so there is that.

I stopped over at my mother's for some 80s finery. An awesome belt, so fierce (read huge) earrings, and some advice on makeup. (Bold brows and lots of blush.)

Then it was time to party!

It was a truly epic night.

And even though I had more blush on than I've ever worn in my told me it still wasn't enough. Oh the 80s.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Goals Check in February/March and New Goals for April

Just realized I haven't updated this blog since the end of January.

Fail, Whit. Fail so hard!

Here is a cute picture of Boomer and I from Easter Weekend to make up for it!

Anyway these were the goals I set for myself:

  • Read 4 books - I started The Prince Lestat last night and it seems pretty good so far. 
    • PASS!!! - The Prince Lestat,The Fifth Gospel, Rosemary, The Oregon Trail, The Wise King, The Taming of the Queen, and Outlander...again. 
  • File taxes. Just do it Whitney. Also, send refund straight to savings.
    • PASS - filed, got  the refund back, saved most of it!
  • Start looking for/buy a dresser. Stop living like a college student.
    • Sort of PASS - I know which one I want and I've almost saved the amount I need. 
  • Keep up with the budgeting. - so far so good, just need to stay consistent.
    • FAIL - I have not kept up with my budget as I should. Getting back on track this month.
  • No food purchases at work. Yes this is a repeat, but its a HUGE money saver. Also its a lot healthier for me since I tend to choose burgers and fries at work. (Also cake, cookies, pies, you get the idea.)
    • Super FAIL - I have got to get a handle on this. I will do so well for a week...and then fall off the wagon hard. 
  • Save $300 - also a repeat, but I've got weddings to go to, trips to take, and concerts to attend!
    • PASS - I'm really quite proud of how on top of it I've been with the savings game. 
Alright, so moving on to April goals.

  • Sign up Boomer for Summer Camp
  • Clean up Budget
  • Finally actually buy the dresser
  • Read 3 books
  • Save $300
  • Raise 401k contribution 1% (trying to reach my company match percentage by November!)
  • Work out 3x per week.
Yes the Queen of "I don't work out" finally ready too. I haven't been sleeping well, and I'm just generally unhappy with my current skinnyfat situation. I may still fit in a size 4/6 BUT, I am most definitely out of shape. I had to run maybe 300ft yesterday to not get rained on and I thought I was dying. Can't breath, chest pains dying. That isn't ok. 

What are you up to for April?