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Friday, January 17, 2014

Vlogging Like A Boss : Sh*t Boomer Says

Hello All!

As promised today I'm Vlogging Like A Boss with BOOMER!

I'm posting a little late because we had parent teacher conferences this morning. Who schedules a conference at 8:15am on their day off? This genius right here!

We're keeping it short and sweet, because 7 year olds are unpredictable and we are unscripted one take wonders over here. (Her little bit at the end was unprompted and pretty cute I think.)

Anyway enjoy! I'm sure Boomer will make another vlog appearance soon!

Always Ashten


Lena Le said...

She's TOO cute. We have SO many things that have random names for as well. Sometimes, some of the things from childhood just stay with us!

Margaret said...

Oh my gosh- that is seriously the cutest thing ever!! Especially at the end...Vlogging like a Boss BOOM!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Oh my word... she is SO damn cute! I love you two laughing together at the end... precious. :)
Hanitizer... I might start using that word! haha

Princess Burlap said...

I think you two are to be inducted into the Vlogging Hall of Fame.

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

Chips n joy! I love it!!

MarlaJan said...

She had me at Chips and Joy! LOVE! Pretty cute. Vlogging like a boss!!!

Kelly Louise said...

sprinkle drink!!!!! chips and joy, well cookies are joyful so what a smart kid.
omg her close out. hahaha! i love this so much!

Gwen said...

She is the cutest! You know, you could have something there with "hanitizer." It really is efficient.

Also, I love how patient Jack was -- for a while, anyway!