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Monday, January 27, 2014

Whitney's Thoughts on the Grammy's

First of all, I may have oversold the 'earth shattering' posts on Friday.

When will you guys learn to not take me so seriously?

Did you all watch the Grammy's last night?

I didn't. I decided to conduct an experiment and only get my Grammy info from social media. So I switched back and forth between Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. I mean...I think I got all the info I needed. You guys tell me if I missed anything ok?


Lorde is so awkward. The interwebs seemed confused as to whether or not this awkwardness was adorable, or not ok.

Macklemore won everything. And then everyone threw twitter shade. The funniest part...even white folks were mad he won.

Pink performed.

One of these performances is from 2010 and the other is from last night. If, like me, you didn't watch, you have no clue which is which. I mean. Come on girl I love you...but this is literally so 4 years ago.

Also. I realize this makes me a terrible person, but this is funny.

Yup. Taylor lost.

I have to say. Relying on only social media for an award show made is SO MUCH BETTER. Seriously. Tumblr had links to Youtube videos of the performance about 5 mins after they happened, plus I got to skip all the weird stuff and commercials. I might start doing this for all music awards. I doubt this will work as well for the Oscars.


Whitney Ellen said...

You're welcome for this research.
You know, because I'm assuming the title of this post is in reference to me Whitney, not you Whitney.

Setarra said...

Thank you for laying out my exact feelings on everything that happened last night :)

Pink Pamalamma said...

One thing you missed/may not know about - the best part of the Macklemore/Ryan Lewis performance was the 33 marriages that Queen Latifa officiated while they performed Same Love. A mix of both same sex couples and hetero couples were married. It brought a tear to my eyes and many celebs were shown crying. It was an emotional moment. One couple was even Ryan Lewis's sister and her new hubby. Then Madonna joined the performance and it went downhill.

Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

i hate to say it but i hate Taylor Swift and i was glad she lost. i guess she also expected to win because her face was all OHNOYOUDIDNT!!

-kathy | Vodka and Soda

JumpingJE said...

Excellent recap for me who didn't watch!

Gwen said...

In general I like Beyonce a lot, but I wasn't a fan of that performance, and I hated her hair.

I don't get why Daft Punk won so many of the "big" awards. I like "Get Lucky" as much as the next person but again, I just don't get it. And because they won all those, Macklemore did NOT win some that they were expected to, so then I think people voted for them for the rap awards. So my thinking is that some Daft Punk brainwashing had a ripple effect.

I know which Pink pic is from which year and I agree. I loved it when she did it the first time for "Glitter in the Air" and while I'm damn impressed by her acrobatics, it felt like a rerun.

Unknown said...

I really wish I would've just wait to read your blog today! LOL! But real talk, go watch that Beyonce performance - mind blowing!

Rachel said...

Nice. I didn't see it, but I feel like this was probably the best recap I can find. ;)

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Gahhhh! Beyoncé is so damn SEXY!

MarlaJan said...

I loved Beyonce's performance, mainly because you could see the chemistry bw her and Jay-Z. It was palpable!
Sorry, Pink can do no wrong in my eyes. To SING while doing all sorts of circus flying shit, and sound amazing and on key?? Yep, she's the bomb dot com.
T-Swifty thinking she won was my favorite part of the night.
Not sure about this shade on Macklemore. Why is it a race thing?
I dont get Lourdes. Vomit. Fiona Apple called, she wants her teenage angst back.

Tiffany said...

Oh I loved fast-fowarding through the awards to see the things that everyone was tweeting about!

I think a lot of people forget that Lorde is only 17! Probably because her music is so much more mature than that Taylor Swift beast. I CANNOT WITH HER.

Beyonce looked AMAZING. I think I like her better when she is dancing more, rather than gyrating (is that even the right word?!?). Not that I'm ever going to stop listening to that song though!