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Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside...

First, to all the newbies that have found their way to KGB, WELCOME!!!


Mother Nature basically pooed on my face this morning.

Last night I sat down to go through my blog reader, and up pops and email from Boomer's school saying school was canceled. I laughed. I laughed because at that moment it was raining and part of my parking lot was flooded. Cancel school? For what I say?

Mother Nature is laughing this morning. Not I. That semi-flooded parking lot is now a skating rink. I almost busted my ass on said skating rink, trying to open my frozen shut door for Boomer this morning. Its COLD. is only going to get colder. I'm not complaining. I know I live in Ohio...but to put it into perspective...

It hasn't been this cold in Columbus in 20 YEARS.

Ohio State University closed today. I only remember them closing maybe 3 times in the 22 years I've lived here. No joke.

Last night I finally got to use my new pretty pink Clarisonic. Do you know you have to charge those bad boys for A DAY before you can use it???? All I was thinking was it better be worth the wait! Its weird because you turn it on, and it doesn't even look like its moving. Then you put it on your face and its like 'Whoa!!!' THEN...when I went to rinse my face off with some water I actually felt how smooth it was. I don't think my face has felt like that since birth. I'm also experimenting with some oils that came with it as a gift with purchase, so I'll let you know how those work for me.  I'm only going to use my Clarisonic twice a week to start, just because I feel like there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. I also bought the model that came with the sensitive brush head. Start easy and then you can always build up!

Also since the video I posted Friday got all wonky with sound, here is a pic of the nails I was so proud of. The base is OPI My Vampire is Buff with a glitter gradient of Essie Hors D'oeuvres.

Happy Monday Loves!


Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! when i first saw that image of your clarisonic, i thought: "why is she showing a picture of her vibrator? bitch is braver than me!!" hahahahaha omg i can't stop laughing.

but yes, mother nature is being a whore right now. not only did she dump a huge amount of snow on us, but she also pissed out some freezing rain to show us who's boss and temps will be dropping to -29C (and that's not even with windchill). WINTER, STOP IT ALREADY!!

Vodka and Soda

JumpingJE said...

You look so cozy and bundled up! Good luck braving the chill!

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

It was 9 degrees when I woke up today... in Memphis! We aren't used to being this cold.

Pink Pamalamma said...

Burrr! It gets down to the 50's here in Florida and we're all freaking out, haha! Stay warm and safe. Love the nails!

Kym Fox said...

It's soooooo chilly! I love your hat, you look so cute and cozy! I hope the cold isn't bringing you down too much today.

Princess Burlap said...

I remember that cold! The kind that burns your eyes and freezes your snot to your face.

Also, can you come to my house and do my nails? It's warm here.

Harija said...

Wow!!! I live in Toronto Canada and its definitely cold outside.... today my classes were cancelled!!! And tmmr the weather will be -41C and I am bit ready for all the cold weather either!!

My Lyfe ; My Story
@MyLyfeMyStory ♥ ♥

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

I looove your nails! When we go on our blate I'm going to have to make you paint mine for me. :P
Uhm, -20 wind-chill tomorrow. I'm scared. HOLD ME!

Unknown said...

I am obsessed with my Clarasonic! Unfortunately it's boring white not pretty pink :(

Gwen said...

I'm so glad I work from home and don't have to go out in this crazy cold.

I love the little bits of glitter on the ends of the nails but haven't quite mastered it yet.