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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Operation Get Fit: Feeling my age

Hello Loves!

So let's talk about my getting fit journey.

I've managed to incorporate a few more fruits and veggies into my diet without having the awful mouth burning allergic reactions. YAY!!! I'm still sticking mostly with citrus, and an apple hear and there. I can eat bananas and strawberries, but apparently only blended up in a smoothie. Whatevs, I'm ingesting them right?

I went out and purchased the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD and some free weights! They had a really great sale at Target, and I happened to have a gift card so once again, YAY. I did this workout video for a few weeks at work last summer and it was VERY affective. I'm not sure why we stopped  doing it, but its simple enough for me to do for 30 minutes every morning.

Ok so the feeling my age part. Friday night was a friend's birthday party. As I've mentioned before I attended a small high school and many of us are still close and see each other often. All grades were very intermixed including each other's siblings. Let me tell you, there is nothing like dancing and drinking 21 year olds to remind you that you aren't.

It used to be I could go dancing, and all that would hurt the next day were my feet. Maybe my head. It's Sunday, and I'm sore. Like started a new intense workout routine at Crossfit sore. I feel my age. I think maybe if I was in better shape I wouldn't. I mean...what good is looking like I'm 20, if I feel like I' 60 after a night out.

I didn't have a raging hangover though, so here is to small victories.

Venus Trapped in Mars


Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

omg the young whippersnappers at the bars. how do they do it? how did *i* do it back then? i can't even stay up past 930pm and if i'm out past 12am? i feel like DEATH FOR DAYS.

what was awesome though, was during tough mudder, those young whippersnappers were dying up the hills and across the terrain...while me and my late 30-something team were running past them happy and not tired. that was the best. i'll take that over any night of bar-hopping and drinking!

and yay for the 30DS and weights! that's a good program; i also liked ripped in 30.

Vodka and Soda

Allison said...

Jillian's Dvds are great. I'm doing ripped in 30 right now and really like it.

Pink Pamalamma said...

Sucks getting old, eh? But it sounds like you're kicking butt in the getting fit department, you go girl! Can't wait til my injured ankle heals so I can get back to working out myself!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

It takes me about 150% longer to recover these days.

emily marie said...

I LOVE 30DS!! I did it one summer nearly every day and the results were just AMAZING. Definitely need to get back to using this on a regular basis.

MarlaJan said...

My friends and I all went out Friday night, I didn't get drunk and I still felt like hell all of yesterday! Getting old sucks! Bit hey, kudos to you for getting all healthy! Your body will thank you and you'll soon be dancing circles around all the 21 year olds!

Kailagh Anne said...

She is so great! She will definitely work you out. Good luck, coming over from the link up today with Sarah.

xo. Kailagh

Shannon Dew said...

1. love love loving the new blog design!

2. amen sister! i went out with my girlfriends friday and had a wine flight and woke up with a headache!? i mean, for real? and one of my girlfriends wanted to go "downtown" for her bday, like Brothers, Park Street, scene. no bueno. mama is too old for that ish.

Kelly Louise said...

ugh i always feel 60 too!
i have that 30 day shred but i never made it to day 30. every time i restarted it, i wouldn't make it past level 1 because she annoyed me so much lol. BUT i did feel amazing after, and my biceps would start showing again. props for being able to do it in the morning! i wish i could get up earlier and work out.

Venus Trapped In Mars said...

On another note, feeling sore afterwards means you got a great workout right? I would rather workout like that than workout at the gym. Just my opinion :) And not having a raging hangover is a large victory!! Whoooo hoo!!

Tiffany said...

I walked mayyyyybe 4 blocks in heels downtown this weekend and oh my god my calfs and shins felt like I ran a marathon! I need some grandma heels, stat.

I've heard great things about 30 day shred! Good luck!