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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sh*t Boomer Says : "Mommy...I hate my hair."

Hey all.

Its been awhile since we had a Sh*t Boomer Says around here. Unfortunately today's addition to this series isn't a funny one.

See a few weeks ago as I was doing Boomer's hair for school, she told me that she hated her hair. That she wished she was born with her hair straight like the other girls in class.

I was stunned. Standing there with my halo of wild curls, that I have come to deeply love, that my kiddo didn't feel the same love for her own hair. That she didn't think it was cool to be able to have crazy, fun curls, but also flat iron it to be sleek and straight.

'But what about Mommy's hair Boomer? Isn't Mommy's hair cool?'



So. I decided right then and there we were nipping this in the bud. I was going to help this child love her locks if it killed me!

I went and requested a bunch of books from the library for her to read.

Then I put away my flat iron, and personally committed to not straightening my hair for the rest of the year.

In Boomer's defense, I've been kind of lazy with her on the hair styling front. I've been quick to just put it in a few boring braids and call it a day. So I've been getting inspiration from pinterest and trying it out on myself first.

 I've been reading different natural hair blogs too, to get ideas for children's hairstyles.

Some of them Boomer really likes. (The left, and top right). Others she isn't so sure about. (Bottom right.)

I've also been able to experiment with some new ways of styling and products!

I have also learned...that by day twist out just needs to be retired. (Last pic)

And that Instagram has seen far too many selfie shots from my bathroom lately. Speaking of Instagram, I sort of created my own hash tag in this whole process. #operationhelpmychildloveherhair If you want to follow along you can find my Insta HERE. Boomer has really enjoyed seeing everyone 'like' her different hairstyles and loves reading all your lovely comments too! So a big THANK YOU!!!! I think its definitely helping her.

So far so good I think. I've gotten a few smiles, and one hair style she actually said 'Mommy I like it!'. Now I know it took me a long time to get to the point that I LOVED my hair, but I'd like to save her some angst if I can. I want her to feel special. Unique.

Guys I miss my flat iron.

So how far would you go to help your kiddos love themselves?


Unknown said...

Aww my heart broke a little!! If I ever have a daughter....I dread that day she tells me she hates her hair!!! But I will be right there to stand help her realize her hair is beautiful the way it grows out of her head!! Her hair is BEAUTIFUL...and curls are more fun anyway!!

jackie jade said...

I think your hair is gorgeous! since I have pretty straight/limp hair, I always wanted big curly hair. I guess we always want what we don't have though! I love that you're helping to show your daughter that having different hair makes her special and awesome :)
-- jackie @ jade and oak

The Queen said...

You know the Queen and her sister grew up wearing the Twist as shown in Boomer's 2nd picture. I love those better than braids.

Proud of you for seeking out different ways for BOTH of you wearing your hair.

LG @ said...

What a great mom you are!!! The instagram idea is genius btw!

Gwen said...

My oldest niece had the most gorgeous head of curly hair when she was little but then she got it straightened and never looked back. It makes me sad! I hope Boomer comes to love her curls - they really are awesome!

Tiffany said...

I saw your IG posts and hashtags and my heart broke for little boomer! I hope that she is learning to love her new styles :-) Your hair looks amazing as always and I think it is SO SWEET that you are staying curly for her. Such a great example!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Poor thing... being a kid is ROUGH. I only WISH my hair looked like yours. I've always loved curls and yours are so thick! Beautiful! :)