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Friday, September 16, 2011

Two Too Many?

 A few weeks ago Monica of Ask the Duplex posted an outfit post concerning two identical shirts that she had purchased. She asked the roommates (because that’s what she calls us…isn’t that cute?) if we thought having two identical things was acceptable. I commented that OF COURSE it was acceptable. Downright necessary.  I mean let’s face it, sometimes it’s ridiculously hard to find things that fit and flatter. So if you find one and they make it in other colors, patterns, etcetera I say buy ‘em both.
So here are my identical dressed that I purchased way back when my second year of college. (Circa….2004ish) They were on the rack at Marshall’s and I just couldn’t walk away. My roomie made fun of me, but I stuck by the purchase. This is kind of a big deal. I’m a notorious returner. Seriously. I asked JJ if we could return my first car the day after I bought it.
My Dress: Donna Ricco Shoes: Connie Bag: Elizabeth Arden (From my Grandma)
Boomer's Dress: Bonnie Jean Shoes: Stride Rite

Dress: Donna Ricco Shoes: Hand-me-Down Bandolino Bag: Vintage from The Swanky Abode Jewelry: Watch- Bulova graduation gift Earrings-Mother's Day gift from Boomer

I have to tell you guys Boomer took these pictures. I think she’s pretty awesome for a five year old with a crappy point and shoot. Not that I’s give her a DSR….or that I’d give myself one for that matter.
So now I have a question for you guys? How would you style these dresses? Transition the black and cream into fall? Add accessories? Wear one as a shirt? I guess the possibilities are endless, but my mornings getting ready for church aren’t. Catch you guys next time!


Anonymous said...

Are those my shoes? They work perfectly!

Monica and Whitney said...

I LOVE these two dresses (and Marshalls). But seriously, that is the most perfect fall dress... and it looks great on you

Whitney Alison said...

Yes anonymous those are your shoes :)
And Duplexies: Thank you for the comment. I'm pretty sold on my dresses too :)