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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's That Time Again...

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I'm a HUGE Sons of Anarchy fan, and tonight was the season premiere. Ever since the finale of last season I have been eagerly awaiting the premiere. My love of SOA kind of annoys some of my other girlfriends that just don't get it. I not so secretly want to be some one's old lady from the show.....yeah....It's that serious.

Well the season opener did not disappoint. The boys are home from their jail stint and my the times they are a changing in Charming. Why they even got themselves a black sheriff. I'm tellin' ya it's the rainbow coalition over there. Let's see....there was gratuitous 'Honey I'm home from federal lock up!' sex, and Jacks showed his bum like he does every blessed season. There was a proposal, a wedding, and of course the Sons handled their business as always. The coming season looks really exciting now that the Russians have been dispatched, Jemma knows about Maureen's letters, and what? They're running drugs for the cartel too. I can hardly wait!

See you next Tuesday boys!

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