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Monday, September 26, 2011

Movie and a Mani: Vol3

Hey guys Happy Monday!

It's very yucky, rainy, gray and just overall nasty here in C-bus today. Here's hoping my cheery attitude brightens someones day :)

OPI DS Radiance
Sorry for the crappy photo quality but I couldn't get a good pic in all the gray weather with my camera. So this is from my phone snapped in The Shoe parking lot. You don't know about The Shoe? Ok we'll talk.
This was honestly the most complimented  manicure of the summer. Everytime I wore it people were intrigued. In the sun light it looks like liquid mercury on your tips. So cool.

On to the movie part of our post...

JJ brought home Sucker Punch. Umm....he got major *side eye*. I was truly concerned for his sanity. Why are you bringing home a movie with half nakie girls for a date night?

Then I started watching...and well I changed my tune. The movie is weird. I'll just be upfront with that. Its visually stunning though. I started commenting on the makeup about four minutes into the movie. JJ was not amused. I had him pause the movie a few times so I could look closer and figure out how to reproduce the looks myself.

So there you have it guys. Have a wonderful Monday!
Rain, rain go away!

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