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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Its how much??????

So I work part time in a mall.

Which means I am constantly inundated with things to buy.

There is a Godiva store on my floor. I love their chocolate covered strawberries. Somehow it has always escaped me how much they actually cost.

Wait for it.....

For two of their admittedly ginormous chocolate covered strawberries it costs $14!!!!

I found this truly appalling and said 'Self, we can make our own for waaaaaaaaaaaay less.'

What you don't address yourself while thinking out loud? Oh...umm...well ok.

Supplies!!!!! Chocolate Chips, Berries, wax paper

Put your chips in a double boiler......

Stick those bad boys on a fork and dip them in chocolate, set on wax paper, chill then eat!

This is seriously the easiest recipe ever. Some call for bakers wax (or some such nonsense), but these were amazing all on their own. This is a eat the day you make them sort of snack, they don't save well. I think they would be great for a party. Next time I'm thinking of making a tuxedo version with white and dark chocolate for a dinner party. Yumm :)


Style Journey said...

Oh yum! Anything chocolate covered is delicious! My friend made me chocolate covered bacon and it was surprisingly good :)


Whitney Alison said...

I've never tried that....that might be next with my left over chips :) Thank you for the comment!

Mary Ann said...

Mmmm, choco-covered strawberries! Yours look delicious!