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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

When you give a five year old a camera….

When you give a five year old a camera and she reads fashion blogs with you this is what happens.
Shirt: Pink Jeans: Express Shoes: Old Navy

Nails: OPI DS Radiance

Lips: Mac Girl About Town....yes it matches my shoes PERFECTLY!

Outfit: Girlfriends Shoes: Stride Rite

I’m ashamed to say I fell back into my mommy-rific jeans and tee shirt routine. Oh well, Boomer made it incredibly fun. First I had to pose in front of the wood because, ‘It makes it look cool Momma.’ Then I needed to pose. Then I needed to climb a tree. Then I needed to take pictures with Baby Lizzie. Because apparently its not a fashion post without a baby doll in it. Then we needed pictures of makeup, accessories, and jewelry because, ‘That’s what the other blogger girls do Momma.’ Then I told Boomer I wanted to take her picture too. And do ya know what she said to me? ‘Oh yeah good Momma, because I’m mixing prints.’ Color me speechless.


Mary Ann said...

Your little girl styled and took all the pictures? Haha, how cute - and I do like her print mixing!

Whitney Alison said...

Yes she did. She's very good with the camera, and she enjoys it so I oblige her. Thanks for the comment :)