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Monday, September 19, 2011

Mani and a Movie Vol.2

Hello and Happy Monday again guys!

Today I actually have a two movies to review, I had Indy in town visiting and we had a movie night. Plus I promised Boomer a trip to Lion King if she stayed on green all week. She did it! Momma's proud. But first the mani.

OPI Gargantuan Green Grape

I know its almost officially fall, and here in Ohio its already plenty cold. I actually had to turn my heat on the other day. It was 48 degrees out. So I wanted to paint my nails something a little brighter to combat the cold. This color needs three coats to be truly opaque, but I think that its worth it because its just so pretty.

Now for the movies.
Thor. God of Thunder. Chris Hemsworth. YUM! I'm kind of a sucker for comic book movies, but this was actually a pretty decent movie on its own merits. And I mean......
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Yeah....he's adorable. That smile could melt anyone.

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Boomer was really excited to go have a movie night with me. We got our snacks and settled into our seats. As that iconic opening music started I started to sing along. Definitely got the stink eye from my five year old. When Mufasa died I teared up (as I do every time I watch it), and Boomer turned around and said, "Momma, its ok. Its just pretend."
This movie will never get old. It was so beautiful to see on a large screen again. I opted not to see the 3D version because Boomer is not a fan, and I felt like maybe it would take away from the movie. I mean does everything need to be in 3D?

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