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Friday, September 30, 2011

TGIF: I Made it!!!!

This week has been insane. Because of some staffing issues I had a full time schedule at work this week. Which involved a few nights being in the store til 2 am. YIKES! Several of us are coming down with something. I think I'm next. And so this morning finds me like this:
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To make matters worse I was supposed to drop morning snack of to Boomers kindergarten class this morning. Mommy of the year over here, because I TOTALLY forgot. Ooopsie. So I hoofed it over to Giant Eagle and picked up two ginormous boxes of gold fish because the best way to fix something is over compensation. Right?
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 Anywho....I'm trying to get better at this whole blogging consistently thing. Creating the Monday Mani and Movie post means I have to have something to show you guys on Mondays....but what to do for the rest of the week? Hmm....well I do have another Boomer styled and photographed outfit post soon.

I'm off for something of a nap. Then cleaning the house. Then homework. Then getting Boomer from school because I'm actually off work today. I think I'll let her help me make her sticker chart for staying on green. I'll explain that later. Nap Nap guys!

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