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Monday, October 3, 2011


Hey Ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday. This week is going to be a lot more chill than last weekend and I'm all for that.

So this weeks mani is brought to you by Chanel's Peridot.Let me take you down memory lane for a sec....

Back in the days of my youth (high school I think) Chanel released Vamp. It was beauteous. Everyone wanted it. And it was sold out. For. Ev. Er. I mean I was in high school, so there was no way I was buying Chanel nail polish anyway. But I wanted it. BAD.

So Chanel released their fall colors. Yummy. Aaaaand Peridot just happens to be ma birthstone. So I bought it. It was sold out online, luckily when I called the counter they held one for me. Its gorge.
Outside light, no flash
Inside with flash
Guys my photography does not do this nail polish justice. It reflects green, gold, blue, and shades of red. Its like a faceted gemstone on your nails.

And the movie....

So Boomer and I had movie night at Momma Boom's house. Shuffling through on demand we realized Boomer had never seen The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
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So I actually hadn't seen this in awhile either. Umm...this movie was a little deep for a kiddie Disney movie. I mean I'm into studying European history so I probably saw things here that most wouldn't. (People cannot watch historical movies with me. I thought Momma Boom would kill me when we were watching the Other Boleyn Girl.) There were issues of religion, class, and race in this movie that I just don't remember from my childhood. 1996? Dang I'm getting old. Aaaaaanywhos. It was a good movie for a girls night, and we enjoyed ourselves pigging out on Donato's Pizza, Momma Boom's popcorn and soda.
Here's to a great week guys!

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Monica said...

mmm that's NAIL POLISH! I'm super jealous.
I'm having a contest on my bloggy! ENTER? How are you doing?