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Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday: A Mani and a Movie

Hey all! Happy Monday!

I actually like Mondays. I'm notorious for sending out mass Happy Monday text messages to all my friends at 9am. They are not always appreciative.

So this Monday I wanted to share with you a recent manicure I gave myself. I am obsessed with nailpolish and I'm always finding new shades. So after reading through Grit and Glamour's archives one day I found this entry and reeeeeaaaallly wanted that Essie Pink Parka. Alas when I went to Beauty First the informed me that their location did not carry Essie polish. They directed me to Zoya instead. I've heard of Zoya before but had never actually bought one of their polishes. This was the result!

Zoya Ali, accent OPI Teenage Dream
I love glitter...and an accent nail. What do you guys think? The Zoya polish didn't really stand up like my OPI polishes did, but I'm assuming that's because of the formulation differences. I'm not totally sold on Zoya, but I'm willing to give them another try because they have so many beautiful colors.

On to the movie. This weekend I rented The Conspirator from Redbox. Disclaimer: I'm a history NERD. Its my major. I want to be a historian when I grow up...if that ever happens. Anyway, this movie is about the trial of Mary Surratt, the first woman executed by the federal government for her role in the conspiracy to murder President Lincoln. Of course as with all historical movies there is a little creative juggling with the truth, which as a student of history I've never understood. The truth of history is much stranger than fiction. Oh and did I mention this cutie is the lead.

Image Via
Yeah....lurve him. The verdict on the movie: It's interesting. It makes you think, and in light of September 11th and legislation that followed those attacks, I drew some interesting parallels. One of the characters says at the end 'In times of war, the law falls silent.'

Anywho...that's a Mani and a Movie. We'll do this again next week :)



Mani and a movie...that's a great idea! Thanks for the mention. The Zoya pink you found is gorgeous, as is the mani!

Whitney Alison said...

Thank you for the compliment and the comment :)