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Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend Update: There's a New Man in my Life

Linkin up for another weekend update with Sami before I get to my new man friend, I will tell you about my weekend.

Saturday was the Holiday party at my company and it was EPIC. They decorate our buildings and have fun activities throughout. Boomer and I made snow, and went to elf training, met Santa, and stuffed bears. (One was for Boomer to keep and one was donated to the local children's hospital.)

JJ came a little later and we went to the photo booth and took some silly photos, made sugar scrubs, made more snow, and then went riding in a horse drawn sleigh. Complete with jingle bells. There were also lots of treats. Fried mac and cheese, corn dogs, cookies, and hot chocolate. (You could make your hot chocolate and 'adult' beverage in a separate area for the older peeps.)

Chatting with Santa about Bieber.

Practicing her new skills in Elf Training

Checking the temp of her freshly made snow....I love how ALL her pictures are blurry. She never sits still.


Boomer had a really great time, so I was satisfied.'m in love guys. There is a new man in my life.

I know, I know. A lot of you are like 'Whitney....this is really sudden...' And that's true, it is sudden.

You know what they say though, when you know you know.

He's so sweet, and loves me and Boomer. He's affectionate and loving.

He moved in on Saturday.

I know you all think I'm nuts now. 'Whitney, you live in a one bedroom with your kiddo and you just let this new guy move in?!?!?!?!?'

I can feel the judgement coming through the screen right now.

Yeah. You. You're judging. 

But I love him. And he loves me. And he loves Boomer.

And I know that you all want Boomer and I to be happy right?

His name is Jack.

He has the most beautiful green eyes that I could stare into forever, and he's so handsome.

And he just makes me so happy. Jack.


Love ya'll.


Shawna said...

Jack sure is handsome!! ;-)

Unknown said...

Bahaha, I had a feeling it was going to be some kind of animal, but I still had this nervous anticipation before I scrolled to his picture. And oh my gosh...that looks like the most amazing work party!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Haha well I'm glad you and Jack are happy :) And what a cool Christmas event! Looks like so much fun!

Thanks for linking up with us

Kiki said...

Love all the pictures too cute! And i think jack is a stud!

Unknown said...

Dawwww - your new man is super cute, hehe! That work party really does sound EPIC, HA - sounds like you all had a blast! ;)

Ashley said...

Love your new man!

Looks like an awesome santa place!

Kym said...

LOL!!! You tricky, tricky girl :) You totally had me fooled. Jack is adorable and I think I love him too :)


Cee said...

Jack sounds - and looks - like just the kind of man every girl needs in her life. You're a lucky gal ;) And the elf training photos of Boomer are too cute!

noel bressler said...

Ahh-so cute! I was like, dang it's gonna be tight in that apartment-maybe he's rich and can buy a house....but, jack looks like he'll fit just fine. lol

Christine AKA Girl Versus Kitchen said...

YESSSS!!! The best kind of man. LOL!!! Gorgeous! Congrats!