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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday far.

*I started this post on Monday, but then I received some bad news and THIS post happened. Then Megyn Kelley opened her mouth so THIS post happened. So here we are.*

So last week I ended the week by telling you how crazy the next seven days would be.

I wasn't lying. So I'll write up a little post to tell you how things are going so far!

On Saturday, Boomer, her Dad, and I all headed to my office for the company Christmas party. If you remember from LAST YEAR, its a pretty legit/awesome experience. This year was no different. Boomer got her name carved in ice, made ornaments, painted, decorated a giant gingerbread house, talked to Santa, and took some awesome photos with her dad and I, and a pretty funny video too!

Sunday was the cookie exchange with my blogger turned IRL friend Shannon. She talked on her blog about how she didn't Instagram the entire event. Neither did I.

It was actually nice to just be present, meet new people, and enjoy every one's company without worrying about documenting it all. I'm pretty sure Boomer had more fun decorating cookies with me, than she would have if she was decorating and I was directing poses.

I did manage to snag this mirror selfie with Boomer when we stopped by my mom's later that evening!

Ok so that's the weekend. Whew. (Ok I realize that that doesn't seem like a lot, but most of our weekends lately have been basically the couch and day long marathons of Star Trek only interrupted to eat. So. This was a lot.)

Monday and Tuesday are kind of a blur honestly, BUT last night was not. It was our annual Columbus blogger hangout! This is the THIRD ONE!!! I can't believe that three years ago, I ventured out on a cold night to meet a bunch of girls I just read about on the internet and now I count them as real life friends! They are an awesome group of smart, funny, beautiful girls. Some of us are wives, some of us aren't. Some of us are mommas, some of us aren't. We are all women living the best life we can, and I think they're a pretty awesome bunch!

Those are the Real Housewives of Columbus ya'll!

By the way, NO, we did not take Boomer to a wine restaurant!!! What kinda mom do ya think I am? (Haha) Her dad dropped her off to me as we were finishing up our girls night, and well...that kid can't resist a photo opp.

Also...still no shopping done. Fail. Fail. FAIL.


Rachel said...

What an awesome holiday party! Her name carved in ice? Rad. And I love the dress you're wearing in the mirror selfie with Boomer.
- Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

It's awesome that the holiday party had so many fun things for the kids to do too, so it could be a family event. :) The pictures of her with Santa are so cute!! That first one is my favorite. :)

Princess Burlap said...

Blogger Hangout? Whaaaaat? That's so cool. Why must I be all the way down here in Florida?

jackie jade said...

ahh the blogger hangout sounds so fun! I've met up with a few local bloggers but need to try to organize/invite myself to a group meetup!
-- jackie @ jade and oak