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Friday, March 29, 2013

I remember why I love blogging....


This week has restored my blogging faith/love/mojo you name it.

It started a little rough with some fall out from Blissdom.....and then it just got magical.

I posted about my dinner experience on Wednesday. I wrote that post Tuesday night as soon as I got home and I stared at the publish button FOREVER. I contemplated just leaving it a draft. I wondered is this the 'me' my readers want to see? Do they just want the light funny stuff about Boomer? Or beauty posts? Link ups? How about this scary thought....the majority of you, my followers, are White. If I post about my experience as a Black/biracial woman will you get it? Will you care? Will you ignore it?

I published it anyway. I've written my whole life. Journals, articles, papers, blurbs. I've always been the most honest in my writing. The most unafraid. In my core I am a lover of the written word. I love to read the expressions of others and share my own. So I did.

Then you all made me remember why I love this medium. Not only did you care, but you talked about it. You shared it. You commented on the blog, Facebook, twitter and some of you literally made me cry. You told me that I made you think. You told me about similar experiences. I felt so engaged with you all because I was my real authentic self, not in spite of it.

Then yesterday Christina posted this piece on her blog. I commented and then kind of forgot about it. I then saw this tweet love between two of my favorite bloggers and I posted a screen cap of it on Instagram.

I love seeing women support each other and build each other up. To see it between two of my blog crushes just made me have even more warm fuzzies. I decided to check out what Vhani's comment actually was, and then I was blown away again.

Christina's comment section had become a full on discussion, and it was amazing. There were all these smart, articulate ladies sharing their ideas in this mini forum. They did not all agree by any means, but there they were putting there thoughts out for the world. Having discussion without being hateful. Without being 'trolls'.


Connection. Sharing. Growth. Thought.

I want to be challenged and provoked. I want to challenge and provoke. I want to share my stories and reach out to the people that touch me.

I want to extend out of my bubble. Yes, I'm a mommy/lifestyle blogger. Vhani is a fashion blogger and so is Christina. They also blog about their lives and experiences. That doesn't mean that I can't learn something from them, or vice versa because we are in two 'different' blogging communities. Whitney is a childless, lifestyle blogger. She doesn't have or want kids right now. She still reads my posts about my struggles with becoming a single parent. I'm divorcing now, I haven't stopped reading all the happily married bloggers. My IRL best friend Michael is a globe trotting photographer and because I read his blog, I've met other amazing bloggers, artists and people that are WAY outside of my circle. I think I'm better for that. His blog has also encouraged me back to my love of music and the experience that comes along with not only seeing live music, but creating my own.

All these blogs and the writers behind them are different. Some of us believe different things. Some are conservative. Some are liberal. Some of them can afford Louboutin's and some can afford ramen. I'm getting something from EVERY SINGLE ONE. I go back and read their posts because I get something there. Whether its a laugh, or a recipe, an outfit inspiration, or thoughts on parenting. There are amazing girls right here in Columbus that I would have NEVER known had I not started this space almost 2 years ago. (I know that's a lot of links, but you should check them all out when you have time.)

With all the mess in my own personal life it's been hard to blog. Its been hard to engage. I don't want to comment. I don't want to write. Sometimes I barely make it through my day successfully. It requires every bit of mental strength just to do the basic everyday for Boomer and I. However in the past 3 days, I feel like I've almost been reawakened. I know that seems silly. A few good posts and suddenly I feel alive again? But I do. I feel like I have something to say. I have something to contribute.

I'm not saying I'm fixed/cured. Or that I'm suddenly going to become the happiest and most prolific blogger in the world. But I remember why this space was so important to me. Why I created it.

So this is the longest thank you letter I've ever written. Thank you for reading. Thank you for writing. Thank you for sharing. Thank you.



Yay! You know, there are lots of haters out there, but lots of good people too, IRL and in the blogosphere. I've made some amazing connections through blogging, and my blogging buddies are all so very different. The beauty of that is we respect each other's differences and don't try to change anyone into something they are not.

I'm really glad that you shared your story in such a wise and eloquent way. TACT and vulnerability is how people learn, not through picking fights and hate mail/tweets/posts. Not that you'd ever take that approach, but some people do. You are a bright, beautiful, sweet lady, and I hope you continue to let your positive, Christian outlook guide you as a woman and mother.

And hey, HAPPY FRIDAY! Woooo hooo!

Kaitlyn - said...

I am so happy you felt so supported, it is so important that this world has more honest and open people like you, willing to share their experiences from the heart and without hate. It is wonderful that you are bringing up a little girl that I am sure will share those same values, I hope my own daughter will appreciate the differences between her and her friends and find it as exciting as I do when I get to learn more about a different culture.

I often debate the same thing sometimes when publishing a post. I originally started my blog as place to share my experiences and opinions. I love to share my tips and write about fashion, food, health and parenting but it is nice to just be straight up honest about life sometimes. Well done!

Unknown said...

Awe girl, I'm so glad you were able to have an uplifting past 3 days so you could get back in your writing groove. I LOVE reading everything you have to offer- funny, honest, fashion, anything! I do hope you continue to keep coming back to share the good AND the bad. I hope this community was able to give you an added bonus to start your weekend off right girl- you deserve it!

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

This is awesome! You are awesome!