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Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Update Vol 4

Hey Lovelies!
 So it's time for another weekend update!

Hope you guys had a great weekend. I did!

It was a crazy busy whirlwind though....

Of course we're still unpacking and settling in, and Friday night I had choir rehearsal for church. (I LOVE to sing, and Boomer comes along and Momma Boom is a member as well.)

Saturday was my Grandmother's 98th Birthday!!!!!

My mom ordered cupcakes from a local bakery in Worthington called Mrs. Goodman's. She has gotten me birthday cakes from there in the past as well. SO YUMMY. So Momma Boom, Boomer and I all went to visit My Grandma and bring her birthday cheer. If you'd like a little more perspective on the cool things that have transpired in my Grandmother's lifetime you should read THIS.

Saturday night I attended at very cool Casino Royale themed Halloween Party. There were casino games to play, and people were dressed up as everything from the King and Queen of Hearts to Cirque du Solei performers. I myself was a femme fatale. I wore my senior prom dress and donned some killer fake lashes, a bold red lip and an awesome cigarette holder.

The back of my dress.....
The kissy face...yeah I don't know. Sorry guys.

It all came out very Jessica Rabbit-esque.....which I was fine with. How often are you able to get this dolled up?

I leave you with a pic of Boomer and I on our way to school and work this morning. Like mother like daughter right? 

So how was your weekend ?


Jena Roach said...

Wow! 98?! That's awesome. Those cupcakes look delish.

Love your dress! You look awesome in it!

blue roses said...

you are so blessed and fortunate to have your grandmother with you still; i lost all of my grandparents when i was relatively young. obviously, i was very sad when they died, but frankly i often grow more sad now, thinking of how i wish i had known them better, adult to adult.

glad you had a beautiful weekend!

Unknown said...

Can I just say I am so jealous you can fit into your HS senior prom dress AND you looked amazing!

Happy 98th birthday Grandma! I will have to try out that bakery soon.

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Ohmygah! That dress! You look freaking phenomenal! You must find another reason to wear it many more times, even if you're vacuuming the house in it :) I always swore I would do that with my wedding dress - vacuum ;-)

Positively Amy said...

That sounds like such a FUN party!! : ) You look awesome!! Fake eye lashes are my favorite ever. Found you from a comment on Cookies for Breakfeast! Isn't that girl ^^^ the best???? xoxo New follower!