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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Tuesday?

Hey Lovelies!

I couldn't think of anything more compelling or creative than happy Tuesday. Sorry.

Today I am featured on this lovely ladies blog. 

It's Lauren from Pink on The Cheek!

She offered a few awesome twitter followers the chance to have ad spots for freesies on her blog this week. You guys know I stalk my twitter like my life depends on it so I jumped at the opportunity and appreciate it so much. She provided us with some very cool questions to answer about our childhood years.

So you should totally check it out!!!!

I'll be back tomorrow with this weeks Halloween Mani. I actually really like this one and it's so simple.

P.S. If you're here because you saw Lauren's feature on me today you should check out THIS post that provides all sorts of cool links where you can learn more about me and my adventures with Boomer (My daughter). Happy Reading.

Happy Tuesday!

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