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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MMM vol 15 : Spider Web Nails

Hello Lovlies!

And a special Hi to my new followers. Please introduce yourselves and your blog if you have one. I'd love to check it out!

So its time for another Halloween Mani.

This week I only used China Glaze Liquid Leather, Color Club Art Club Nail Art Duo Pen in Black, and Seche Vite. (So basically black and clear!)

And this is what I came up with.

Sorry no step by step pictures this week, I sort of just threw this together while I watched TV. But its pretty simple. Paint black tips on your nails over a clear base coat. Then using either the pen tip or the paint tip, on whichever nail you chose three diagonal lines. 

The top is the brush tip, the bottom shows the pen.

Then connect each of the lines. Make a drop of either top coat, or nail glue on your chosen nail. Take a small black gemstone (or simply make a dot with your polish), and then add legs. There is your spider. Then do a clear coat on top. Voila.

This manicure isn't that difficult and would be a lot of fun with a pop of color or even over a white base. Or an inverse of white webs over a black base. The possibilities with color combinations is kind of endless.


I decided to rent the last two Harry Potter movies. They seemed Halloween-ie.

And then I watched them and cried my eyes out. Like what in the world. Why was it so sad? 

Confession I never finished the series of books, I was never really able to get into them, so I didn't even know what was coming in the movie. Boomer was not very understanding of my crying...." should I call you mommy for you?"


Heather said...

How perfect for Halloween!

Pearls & Paws

Cee said...

Another fabulous Halloween nail project - you are so creative, lady! And that little spider is adorable :)

J and A said...

Those nails are so cute!! Nice work!