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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

MMM: Vol 13 Candy Corn Nails

Hey Lovelies!

I finally decided to revive MMM....of course now its Mid-Week Mani and a Movie...and not Monday, but whatever right?

So this week I decided in theme with October and fall to do a Candy Corn Mani.

This has got to be the easiest manicure ever! Anyone could do this :)

These are the colors I used.

Color Club Sparkle and Soar, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, and I'm not sure what the yellow is.

So first paint your nails white....

Then go back in with your orange shade.....

Then paint your yellow. Side note: I ended up using a lighter shade of yellow than pictured here.(OPI Banana Bandanna, a pastel yellow and it showed up better over the orange.)

Tada!!!! Candy corn nails! See told you this was super easy.

So because it's Halloween season...I thought for the movie portion I'd tell you about some of my favorite Halloween movies. Starting with Hocus Pocus of course. 

Because what kid growing up in the 90s didn't LOVE that movie. (Although I was also terrified of it at the same time.) I didn't even realize that the 'hot' sister witch was Sarah Jessica Parker until YEARS later. (I can be a little slow sometimes.)

What are some of your favorite Halloween movies?


Unknown said...

sooo cute! I love that movie and I watched it with O&G just for the first time last year- a must see!

Desirae said...

Love the way your nails turned out! I love that pastel yellow. I have a pastel yellow, and its probably my favorite polish, along with my mint green. Found your blog on I Wore Yoga Pants to Work, and I look forward to following you. If you want to check my blog out, you can visit, :]