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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So someone had a case of the Mondays

Hey Lovelies!

So I have to tell you all about my Monday, because it was soooo fun. {insert heavy sarcasm here}

I woke up Monday morning and the back part of my jaw was sore. I went about my business and went to work. By the time lunch rolled around it was hurting. After lunch we were to this point.

Yes that is me...with a swollen face, and using iced tea as an ice pack for the other side of my face. I sent this picture to JJ to fully illustrate my misery. Because let's face it, after having a baby pain is relative. I was NOT a happy camper. So I waited until 1:30pm, when my dentists office would be back from lunch. I called and they said I could get in at 2:30pm. 

So I worked steadily for another hour and then left to see the dentist. I sat in the scary little chair and they asked where it hurt. I told them both sides in the very back of my mouth. Which apparently told them nothing. So X-rays were in order. WHICH SUCKED!!!! My teeth hurt. It hurt to eat. Now I have to hold some HUGE contraption in my mouth so you can look at my teeth. Grrrr.....

The first picture didn't show enough root. Apparently I have really long roots. The second picture didn't show the back. Because said roots also tilt. Three tries later they finally saw that there was nothing wrong with my tooth. Yay!

The next thing they did was have me bite down on a colored piece of paper to see my bite pattern. Et Voila!!!! We discovered the problem. So basically the pointy part of the top molar was driving into the flat part of my bottom molars, which is why there was pain on both sides.

So when you grow, your jaw grows too. So when my braces came off, my pretty little teeth shifted. I was a little disheartened at this point thinking the only way to fix my pain was more orthodontia. The dentist informed me that he would just make a little bite adjustment. Uh...ok dude.

Then he comes at my mouth WITH A DRILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoa!!!! Slow ya roll, mr. dentist man. He clearly forgot that when he gave me a filling he had to sedate me and give me headphones so I would freak.

So I hear the drill turn on and clamp my mouth shut and wimper like the small child I am inside.

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He quickly remembered my cray cray, and explained that he couldn't just get me a Valium. He could however give me the headphones. So I closed my eyes and listened to some classical. Basically they drilled a little tooth of here and there to give me some relief. In the meantime I cannot eat: Hot Tomales (my favorite candy), Bagels (my favorite breakfast food), and gum (meh).

Hopefully my mouth will get to feeling better soon.

Bye lovelies!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Camelia said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! I hate the dentist. Hate him! I hope my teeth don't shift after I get my braces off :( Anyways, you're funny :)