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Friday, April 13, 2012

Finally Friday....

Hello lovelies!

Its Friday!!!!!!!!!!! Which means tomorrow I'll have wi-fi again.

I'm actually writing this post from my archaic desktop that is actually hard wired to the modem. I feel like I'm in the stone ages. The only thing that would be worse would be the awful soul killing sound of dial up. Yeah, yeah, I know. #firstworldproblems

Anywho since I'm writing from the ancient computer I thought Id share some pictures still living on the ancient computer. This should be fun....

So....this picture is what happens when you're a stay at home mom and you are bored out of your gourd. Boomer and I were obviously hanging out around the house. I had sent some mail, and used up all my stamps. So I took off the random sticker thingies where you fold the book of stamps and gave her cat whiskers. I took a few pictures, then took them off. I don't think this is bad parenting....she didn't cry so clearly her mother being odd didn't bother her. She actually tried to eat the camera which is why this picture is from a standing angle.

This is from a series of pictures JJ took of Boomer and I on my first official, she's out of the womb, Mother's Day. We had gone to my mother's house and the lilacs were blooming and it was gorgeous. The dress that Boomer has on was actually mine when I was a baby, which was even more special.
She was still so delightfully chunky. We called her the Michelin Baby.

Boomer received a crown and scepter when she was born. If that gives you any idea how AWESOME my family is I don't know what will. I love these pictures of her and JJ because every little girl should be Daddy's princess.

So there you have it. Boomer circa five years ago. I can't believe how much she's grown since then. Some days it feels like she was just this little tiny babbling baby. Now she is a full on mini human complete with walking, talking, and opinions galore. (Like how she keeps telling me there is a baby in my belly. No honey, mommy's just gaining weight. *sigh*)

Have a great weekend Lovelies!

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