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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The rest of the journey

Hello Lovelies!

I meant to post this Monday night, but alas after driving 9 hours with Boomer I was just too insanely tired to finish the recap of our awesome Easter weekend. (And then my internet went HAYWIRE...they won't fix it until SATURDAY!!!!)

After the passion play at Southern we went back to D's house and took a little nap. (It was warm out there and we walked A LOT) Then D being the awesome friend that she is had set up an Easter Egg hunt for Boomer, knowing she'd miss the ones back here in Ohio. Boomer enjoyed finding all the eggs quite a bit!
I love that this is so blurry, because she really was flying around the house!

Sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast with some of my old college buddies and then we were off to ATL to visit my brother and sister. (Sidenote: Aaron is actually my cousin, but he decided a few years back that I was more sisterly than cousinly so I went with it. Additionally Lauren is not my sister, but we've been dear friends for over 20 years now and our Mommies were the best of friends. So we just say that we are.) You get all that?

So Aaron, Lauren, Boomer and I all trekked to the Cheesecake Factory in Buckhead for Easter dinner. (Let me tell you, they had some evening services I guess and folks in ATL take their Easter outfits VERY seriously. This is why I love and miss the South.)
Boomer and my baby bro having a staring contest....Boomer won.
My sis and I! We wear our sunglasses at night...and sing the song.

The next morning Boomer slept in for what seemed like hours so Lauren and I decided to get into some Violent Lip, lip tattoos. 
Yeah.....I'm not sure about the tongue either.....

My sis is sooooo beautiful!

So these are actually pretty cool once you actually get the hang of the application and get over how weird your lips feel. I'd definitely rock them for a night out. Lauren actually wore them to rehearsal. But she's an opera she can do DIVA in public and get away with it.

Boomer and I hopped in the car and were off back to Ohio!!!!!

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, I noticed my Boomie just wasn't quite herself. I reached back to hold her hand for a minute and she was BURNING up! I switched into mommy high alert. Her nose had been running, but so had mine. (I mean have you been to TN, GA area....its like the pollen breeds pollen.) But between the lengthy sleeping and now obvious fever I knew something wasn't right. Luckily truck stops carry Triaminic.I also grabbed some OJ, water, and I happened to have a bajillion boxes of tissues in my trunk. (When I stopped in Lexington, KY that child had filled up the ENTIRE back seat with dirty tissues. Yum.)

Anyway, we're back safe and sound in the land of Buckeyes now.

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Brie Bemis @ Sophistifunk said...

i am seriously digging that gold lipstick! you can totally pull it off!