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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Must Haves

Hello Lovelies!

So here are my five MUST HAVES for Spring.

1) Claritin
Or really any sort of readily available, over the counter anti-histamine. When I moved to Ohio, from the desert that is Phoenix, my mother and I quickly discovered that first Spring that I was allergic to EVERYTHING that grew in Ohio. I mean everything. I got sent home with pink-eye from first grade. I didn't have pink-eye. I had simply rubbed my eyes so long and so hard that they were almost swollen shut. All the pollen had me oozing from the eyeballs and nose. It was gross. I am allergic to: grass, ragweed, trees, flowers....yeah everything. If I haven't gotten my daily drug fix and I come home to open windows enjoying the breeze...JJ is in TROUBLE.
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2) Pedicures

We had an early run of warm Spring weather here in central Ohio and people got carried away. We're talking short shorts and summer dresses in MARCH. Then...there were the feet. Good Lord ladies. If you're going to take your tootsies out of hibernation and throw on open toed shoes, please, please, please make sure your feet are looking right. Go get a starter pedicure. At the very least take off the polish you put on this winter and slap on some lotion. Nivea cream is great for this. I'm asking nicely. Men folks this applies to you as well. If you must wear sandals please moisturize.
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3) Pastel Polish

I used to shy away from pastels of any kind because I automatically thought of shades of pink and my mother's nails. I NEVER wanted to emulate my mother's manicures. (Yeah I had some rebellion issues.) So I tended towards brights (read: neon), glitters, darks, and any shade my mother said looked like 'post mortem'. The polishes out now however are gorgeous, and I can assure you that Momma Boom would never be caught dead in a pastel blue or green. Don't be afraid to experiment with these shades, there is something out there flattering for EVERY skin tone. My personal quest this Spring if for a great pastel blue.
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4) Cardigans

Remember how I said we had an early run of warm weather this Spring. Well this morning it was 33 degrees out. Gotta love Ohio. I do! I also love cardigans. I have at last count.....around 10. They are wonderful for layering over a sleeveless, or short sleeve shirt, or a sundress. Cardigans are lifesavers in the office too. Overzealous AC-users I'm talking to you! A cute cardi with a ruffle trim or embellishment can add extra ooomph to a jeans and tee-shirt ensemble. Don't even get me started on boyfriend cardis. They cover the booty, which is great, and they are just so cozy. You can find a great cardi anywhere from Nordstrom to Target. So go get some. Now.
I realize there is snow on the ground in this pic....but its a Buckeye colors Cardi!!

5) A camera

I don't care if its your phone, a point and shoot or a fancy DSLR. My picture taking tendencies tend to increase in the warmer weather. Whether its pictures of Boomer at the park, dining al fresco with girlfriends, or just pictures of the beauty that surrounds C-bus in Springtime I love to document it. Now that Instagram is out for Android users I'm documenting even more. (If you gram, come find me. katygoesboom)

Yep....I'm posting this on the internet.

This may or may not be something I posted over here last week.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post - I've been lucky enough to not get hayfever/or allergies (praying that I don't develop them) in spring/summertime - honestly I can't imagine how horrible that would be!
I really need more cardigans - my winter wardrobe isn't that great - I think as soon as it hits winter I just want to hide out in my room under the covers, not buy clothes :P

Brie Bemis @ Sophistifunk said...

i love that blue nail polish!

ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! i dont go anywhere without my claritin! LoL i would DIE without it!! New Follower via email :-)

Cee said...

I can completely sympathise with Claritin being a spring essential! Like you, I am allergic to everything that grows, well, anywhere. Plus animals. And citrus fruits. And scented soap. I often think I should have taken out shares in the company that makes Benadryl :)