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Monday, February 24, 2014

Just Another Manic Monday...

I wish it was Sunday...

Go ahead, sing the song, you know you want to/are.

So first of all thank you to everyone that left a sweet, supportive, and even helpful comment on my post Thursday. I love all of you reader people so much. It's crazy, but 90% of the people that read my blog, I've never met and don't really 'know', but still you guys show up and read and support me from all over the place. That is the coolest part of blogging.

So cool.

Anyway this weekend. I didn't take a single picture of stuff! Can you believe it. I ate. I ate so much. When the Queen comes to visit we go to restaurants a lot more than usual. Friday, it was BJs where I ate ALL the food, including a pizookie. If you haven't had a pizookie, you are not living.

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That's what I got. OH. EMM. NOMS.

Saturday we went to Olive Garden. Which isn't high class eats, I know, but its comfort food in it's own commercialized Italian way.

Yesterday it was our favorite Indian restaurant Udipi. I'm going to eat that for lunch today. Channa Massala, Samosas, and Poori. Also I don't know why I'm capitalizing all the food names, but they really are just that important.

I did a little reading this weekend. I finished The Last Queen by C.W. Gortner. So I'm not back to non fiction yet, but at least I've taken several steps away from teen romance dystopian novels. The Last Queen is about Juana, or as history remembers her Juana La Loca. She was the daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain and Catherine of Aragon's older sister. It brings up some interesting questions about what exactly is 'madness' or crazy. History belongs to men, and victors my friends. Great read though, I definitely recommend it!

It was so nice to have family in town, even for a short visit. The Queen is more like my sister than my cousin. We talk everyday via the interwebs, but its so awesome to have her up close and in person. She and her husband have always been super supportive of me, and Boomer and are all around awesome people. I want a marriage like theirs someday. The Queen is also one of the few people in this world who really gets me. All of me. Not only does she get me, she accepts me. She also can make me laugh until I cry, which Boomer find 'totally weirdo mom.'

I ran into Ulta this weekend to redeem my reward, and also check out more about their new rewards system. I think I like the new system from what I've read. I'll let you know once it's time to redeem my points. Speaking of beauty tomorrow will be another Beauty Talk post! Get excited! I know I am.


Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

People can talk bad about Olive Garden all day, but I'll be sitting over here eating all their breadsticks.

JumpingJE said...

Pizookies and their happy hour specials are serious motivation to eat at BJ's. It's a delicacy.