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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Music is Life....

Hey Guys!

I'm really sick of all the blogging drams rolling around. So today I'm posting about something that always makes me happy.


These are some songs that have been in heavy rotation for me lately.

Bad- Wale this is essentially a slut anthem, and I'm no slut, but I can't help but love this song. Some of what Wale is saying in his verses about women is deep, the hook is catchy, and anytime there is a squeaking bed in the beat I'm sold.

Radioactive- Imagine Dragons

This song is old. Its been out for about....a year and a half (with the album), and I was truly sick to death of the bands first single. But this! This song I love! Listened to it over and over yesterday at work. I realize that its used in the trailer for The Host, and also some commercials....but this is one I can't let go of. I also may or may not relate to the pink teddy bear in the video.

Pink- Give Me a Reason

Pink does no wrong. Ever. Period. I've loved her since her first album, and this song is just perfect. Its also helping me teach Boomer how to harmonize.

Rihanna- Stay

I was super irritated with her at the Grammy's, but when she sang this it reminded me of how talented she really is. Despite her personal issues, this song is haunting, and relate-able. I get it. Just sing it to someone other than Breezy boo.

Calvin Harris- Sweet Nothing ft. Florence Welch

A combo of two artists I'm crazy about. This song is on EVERY morning on my way to work. I crank it up load and it gets me pumped up for my day. The lyrics really resonate for me. 'Its not enough to tell me that you care, cuz we both know that words are empty air....' Florence is such a unique voice and artists, and Calvin has had a really great career and I love his collaborations with other artists as well.

Alright so those are my songs right now. I'm super corny and when they come on the radio I say things like 'OMG, this song is LIFE!' Yep, I'm that girl. So what is in heavy rotation for you?


Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

I love that Pink song. The whole cd is fantastic.

Karen M. Peterson said...

There's blog drama? :-)

I LOVE that Pink song. Can't get enough. And Imagine Dragons.

The Queen said...

Ugh... FYI... I believe Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine) is a professed witch. So I stay away from her stuff... I got enough to deal with in this life.