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Friday, April 26, 2013

Its Friiiiiiday!

Hey Ya'll

I still can't get enough of this site!!

Since last time we were backin that ass up with Whitney I chose the song that was #1 my senior year of high school....This time I went to the #1 song when I was in 8th grade.

Find the #1 song from any day at

This song brings back many memories.

So its a little slower...but my little 13 year old mind just KNEW this song was freaky. So I was going to grind my little booty to the max.

My 15ish year old mind finally figured out what the song was about, and decided I loved it even more.

Please bear in mind that I was a virgin. Like EVERYONE knew I was. I was sainted. One guy tried to convince my friends I was sleeping with him and they all laughed at him. That's how virginy I was.

This song had really fallen off my radar, but I just listed to it again just now....and I'd like to know. When she say's she feels a little 'boo comin thru....on you' she really talking about what I think she is talking about? If so that's nasty. Like really nasty. Like I better not feel that ever when I'm dancing with you.

Its finally wedding weekend!!!!

One of my dear friends from high school is getting married and I have the absolute privilege of singing for their ceremony.

Then you bet your sweet little buns, I and my high school buddies will be backing out asses up all night long. Can't wait to show you all pictures!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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