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Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans and stuff

Hey all!

How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty uneventful.

Friday I left work early to have and EMG test, which is basically this nifty test they do to make sure your nerves work right. They stick a needle in your arm in a bunch of different place, that is an electrode. Then they make you move the different parts of your arm, or whichever body part they are testing. The doctor said it would feel like a bug bit I just wasn't expecting. Which is exactly like that time I was in labor, and the doctor told me I would feel a little pressure. Basically all doctors are liars when it comes to pain.

Bright side though, my nerves are all fine. Which is a relief.

Then I went to a friends birthday happy hour, which then turned into dinner. I deserved a treat after being stuck with electrified needles. I'm just saying.

We went De Novo, which is a really cool restaurant here in downtown Columbus. The decor is kind of out there, but it a really interesting way and the food was amazing. Our server's name was Nicki and she was awesome! This was my desert. (Tiramisu)


Saturday I was pretty lazy with the Booms. Like we are most Saturdays that I don't gather the gumption to make it to church.....

Sunday, I promised Boomer a movie because she had a stellar week of behavior at school. She picked G.I Joe, and she wanted to see it in 3D. Which by the way is freakishly expensive! Like really? I also lost interest in the movie soon after they killed Channing. Sorrynotsorry.

Then I came home and cleaned. And cleaned. And washed clothes. And cleaned some more. My cleaning moods don't come often, (I'm messy....not nasty), so I take advantage when they do.

Then it was off to bed for Boomer and I got to live tweet all the goodness (or lack there of), that was the MTV movie awards. Here are my final thoughts.

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Rebel: Ok...she's funny. In a really awkward way....that doesn't translate well to live TV. Also...continually making jokes about your anatomy...male or female just isn't funny after awhile.

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Mackelmore: Thank you for performing Can't Hold Us. That has been my go to morning anthem for awhile now, and I'm so glad you're showing the world you aren't a one trick pony. Here's to another successful hit.

Attractive White Males: Chris, Liam, Tom, Bradley, I thanked God for you all last night. No seriously. Wow.

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Attractive Black Females: Ok... really just Kerry Washington for this one. I want to be you when I grow up. I am not a fan of this dress could have just done a short yellow skirt....just saying.

Jamie Fox: You somehow manage to reach Hulk Hogan levels of awkwardness with your daughter last night. Stop it. Really.

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Selena: Ok. You sang live. Pink does that too....and she sounds waaaaaaay better. Just saying.

Did you guys watch? What were your thoughts?

Off to blog hop now!


Ashley said...

Desert looks good!

Channing dies may be the only reason to see the movie haha

I need to watch the awards show.

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

Selena sounded awful. I love Macklemore!!!