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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mommy Confessions: And then Boomer got a nicer gift than I did....

Today I'm linking up with Heather and Megan for another Mommy Confessions!

So some of you follow me on Instagram (katygoesboom), and you saw when I posted these pictures.

Yes, dear readers, that is what my sweet baby got for Valentine's Day. From a 6 year old boy.

I'm not gonna lie. When she came running up to me that day full of joy and excitement that K had gotten her a necklace, my world literally stopped.

She was clearly sooooooo happy, and I didn't want to stomp on that. But mommy was in panic mode. I thought I had a few more years for this stuff.

I bustled her to the car and then I sped quickly to Momma Boom's house. I needed to hash this out with another mommy. (PS JJ had already determined that it HAD to go back)

This same little boy gave Boomer a felt rose last year with Hershey kisses inside for Valentine's day. So he's consistent at least, even if he did majorly up his game this year.

I sat down and talked it out with my mom....she calmed me down and then I sat down and talked with Boomer.

I explained to her that its very sweet and nice that he did this for her. However, neither one of them is emotionally mature enough for a 'boyfriend/girlfriend' relationship.

Boomer: 'Its TOO nice, isn't it momma?'
Me: 'Yeah. kind of kiddo.'
Boomer: 'Are you mad at ME?'
Me: 'Absolutely not!'
Boomer: 'Can I keep it?'
Me: 'Yes you may keep the necklace.'

Yes, I decided that she may keep it, because in all honesty I think it was a sweet gesture and she was already so excited about it. I did call the boys mother though, because the price tag on the bottom gave me a heart attack. She assured me it was on sale.

Then she told me that K talks about Boomer all the time, even though they are no longer in the same class and only see each other at recess.

That K was the one that said 'Mom, I want to get Boomer a necklace.'

That K used money he earns by doing chores around the house to buy this necklace for her.

That he is often late to be picked up by his mom, because he walks Boomer to latchkey in the afternoons.

The gift became even more sweet then. K tells everyone that Boomer is his best friend, and he goes out of his way to do these nice things for her. If anything he's showing her how a boy SHOULD act. K has always been very sweet and respectful to me, so if these are her first boy/girl interactions I'll take it.

Also my cousin said: 'Boomer needs to keep him on the back burner, he might graduate to diamonds and Godiva by high school!'


Rhonda said...

Oh goodness, that is precious! What a sweet boy!

Unknown said...

I think you handled that rather well... I may have stroked! HA. ;)

Bees_Circus said...

That I the sweetest thing! Yet, at the same time, pretty scary! You handled that amazingly well! Xxx

Shellsea said...

I would probably freak out too, but then again how sweet. My son gives special treats to all his friends so I could see this "graduating" to gifts especially when he seems my husband get me gifts. My sister knew a boy in Kinder who gave/made her something every year for Valentine's- sweetest boy ever!

Karen M. Peterson said...

This is just so sweet. That boy is being raised right...even if he is a little ahead of the game.

Unknown said...

OOOOOOHHHHH he sounds so sweet! I want him as a best friend!!
Megan @

noel bressler said...

That is just the sweetest thing!! I'm terrified of my daughter's first boyfriend, but dang, I hope he likes gifting her at least! I remember a boy proposed to me with a gumball machine ring in second grade...I didn't accept the proposal, but I accepted the ring! :))

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Oh my goodness - do you know how I have tears in my eyes at the end of this post, reading how sweet this little boy is?! OMG. I'm dying. Dying, dying, dying - that is so sweet! And adorable! And oh sh**, I dread the day I have to call up another parent - hahaha! ;-)

Nikki Mitchell said...

Such a cute story! Im not sure how I would have is pretty crazy for a 6 year old to be buying gifts like that. But so cute that Boomer is his best friend!