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Thursday, June 14, 2012

On Dreams and J.Lo

Hello Lovelies!  
So....confession. I am a HUGE Jennifer Lopez fan. Her music comes on and I can't help but dance. Back in the late 90s....I wanted that velour short outfit she wore in the I'm Real video with Ja Rule. (Btw...dude fell off HARD) I wanted her forces and those crazy huge gold hoops. And to brush out my baby hairs. J.Lo fanhood aside....nothing explains last nights dream. As soon as I woke up, I wrote it ALL down because it was just too crazy.  In my dream J.Lo is making a special order dog.
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In a test tube. No that does not seem all that far fetched to me. Except ALL of her exs were there. They all gave a drop of blood to go in with the doggy mix. (I know....bear with me.)  Some of her co-stars were there as well. Alex O'loughlin (the dream boat from Hawaii Five-0) was actually the scientist cooking up the dog for her.  She asked him 'Is there enough sunshine in this dog?'
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To which he replied, 'Enough to brighten your day.'  
Yeah....I'm not on drugs. I didn't drink anything before bed. Although I did eat Chinese. So here are the men that appeared in my dream: Diddy, 
Ben Afleck, 
Chris Judd, Marc Anthony, the Caspar dude she's dating now,
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Ralph Fiennes (WTH), 
and Alex O'Laughlin. Notably absent was Matthew McConaughey (yeah subconscious what's that about?)  Anyway....I said I'd be blogging more...and I felt like this would be a perfect time to share with you all just how nutty I really am.  Bye kiddos!

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Ashley said...

this is HI-larious!! i love jessica simpson like you love jlo. don't hate me but i don't like Jlo...HOWEVER i just saw her in what to expect when you're expecting and dang, she is FLAWLESS....seriously, i have to hand it to her, one of the prettiest women EVER!!!