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Friday, June 22, 2012

Dear Friday: Vol4

Dear Lebron James (and by proxy Heat fans in general),

Congrats on your win. I've lived in Ohio for 20+ years now, but I was never a Cavs fan. I did not feel betrayed by your leaving Cleveland. Didn't care to be honest. Here's the thing though...Call me a 'Hater' if you want. I just don't like you. Its not because you left, or because you're a bad player, I just don't like you. Now D.Wade on the other hand....Gabrielle Union better watch her man.

Dear Boomer,

You still think Mommy dancing in the car is cool. You join in. I hope this doesn't stop!

Dear Car,

I'm sorry I don't clean you out like I should. Its fun on days like today though, when I find buried treasure in the form of my The Script CD. (Yummy ear goodness)

Dear First Weekend of the Summer,

Have babysitter. Will own it.

Dear Blog, and the lovelies that read it,

There are some really cool changes coming and I'm so excited for you to see them!



★ JASMINE ★ said...

Love your letters miss! Found your blog from Ashelys page and wanted to say hello!

Happy to be your newest bloggy friend & follower :)!

Say hi back sometime?

Unknown said...

cant wait to see the new changes :) super cute blog by the way girl and great list! have a great friday! xo